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Beachy Keen

After months of meaning to hang some curtains in our all glass sunroom to soften things up, John and I finally made the move yesterday. We took white $5 cotton panels (gotta love Ikea) and hung them in all four corners of the sunroom to block minimum light but give it a clean beachy vibe. And we didn’t even have to go to Lowe’s for hanging supplies. John just used twine and nails to secure them right under the molding for maximum height. Very MacGuyver of him, huh?

Here’s a before shot for reference:

Sunroom Corner - Before

And the easy breezy after shot:

Sunroom Corner - After

And more of a wide shot to see them in context:

Sunroom Corner - After Full 2



‘N Sink

Making over the kitchen meant that we had to say bye bye bye to our old farmhouse sink in favor of a sleeker undermount stainless steel model. We loved our old one for its depth (9″ is more than enough space to hide loads of dirty dishes) but this new double bowl undermount stainless version (also 9″ deep) will look fantastic with our swank granite countertops and the heck-of-a-deal faucet I won on eBay yesterday.

stainless kitchen sink

Similar models sell for about $250+ at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot, but thanks to my new superpower (finding great deals online) I scored it for $163 on (with free shipping!). I even hit up Google for a coupon code which ended up saving me an additional five beans. Hey, every little bit counts.