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Backyard Update: Growing Some Green Grass

Eons ago we promised you updated photos of the new grass-tastic backyard after the Craigslist success story. Well, the grass has FINALLY decided to grow, so instead of sitting around and waiting we can post these pics for you.

Here’s the before- which was perfect for our backyard wedding, but waaaay too much work to maintain:

Original Backyard

So we put an ad for free bushes and gravel on Criagslist, and this is what we were left with:

Backyard Destoryed

Now that the grass has finally filled in, we have a wide-open (and super easy to maintain) yard that’s perfect for Burger’s bug hunting expeditions:

Backyard All Done Up

It’s not exactly “lush” but it’s getting there, and by next spring it’ll be denser than Jessica Simpson. Our dream would be to have giant stepping stones that lead from the patio (which you see in the foreground) to the woods in the back (where we have a fun little fire pit along with a hammock for two). The best thing about big slate or bluestone stepping stones is that if you dig them into established grass, you can mow right over them so there’s no need to edge or use a weedwacker. And by this point I think you get that we’re all about easy maintenance. Life’s too short to spend it wielding a weedwacker.

But we’ll have to wait until spring to get down and dirty in the backyard again. Until then we’ll leave the getting-dirty-in-the-backyard up to Burger.



Soy To The World

Every once in a great while some amazing product comes along and shoots me with cupid’s arrow. Swiffer duster pads (they grab every dust particle instead of pushing ‘em around). The Diva jeans by Old Navy (I swear they’re better than Sevens- I own three pairs). Life cereal (is there crack in there?). And now there’s a new product to shower with affection: Method Holiday Aroma Soy Candles.

Method soy candle

Love, love, love the streamlined curves. Worship, worship, worship the yummy peppermint vanilla and cinnamon bark scents. Adore, adore, adore the fact that they’re made from eco-friendly (and health-friendly) soy. So don’t walk, run to the nearest Target and snatch up as many as you can. At under seven dollars a pop, they’re a total steal (and they last longer than most other under-ten-dollar varieties). And because they’re only available in these cute shapes and scents over the holidays, it’s time to make ample room in your closet for enough to last you til next November.

Image courtesy of Method