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Reader Redesign: Paint & Paper = Wow

Amanda’s bathroom makeover is a huge reminder that paint can not only transform the walls of a boring old bathroom, it can also spiff up a seen-better-days wood vanity. And decorative drawer liners can be the icing on the cake. Here’s her letter:

I just wanted to share the before and after we just completed in Brian’s master bath. You guys have been very inspirational and have become quite the household name- “Brian, you should see over on YHL, they have such and such in their house and it looks awesome!” or “You should see what they just did over at YHL- we could do that!!” So, thank YOU for opening your home to us and the many, many others to share your thoughts, ideas, and successful projects. I know that I specifically thought about what I loved so much about your house when we started on this project. The cool colors, natural elements that you bring in with decor, and all of the bright white! I also love how you heightened your bathroom with the shower curtain being raised to 95″, so I’m sure we’ll be tackling that project sometime in the near future. Thanks for helping to empower and inspire us to really tackle something that wasn’t so great and turn it into something that we think is just awesome. We love that we did it on a budget and in just a short period of time, probably less than 20 total hours I would estimate. Thanks again- keep on posting because I’ll certainly keep on reading! -Amanda

Here’s the bland builder before bathroom shot:

And here’s the chic and classic after thanks to a little Amanda and Brian elbow grease:

Isn’t this a great reminder that paint is the number one way to cheaply tranfrorm almost anything? Just don’t paint the dog! And isn’t that fresh chocolate vanity even lovelier with those gorgeous patterned shelf liners? Yummy. What do you guys think of Amanda’s stunning bathroom update? Oh and be sure to drop in on her blog for more photos and info. Thanks so much for sending your awesome makeover our way Amanda!



Ashley’s Design Dilemma

Ashley’s über excited to transform her living room. Here’s her letter:

We are so thrilled to get a Youngsters mood board! We need help with our living room. We have had a hard time trying to figure out a furniture layout that works. The fireplace is huge and off-center. It definitely needs a mantel (we recently painted it after seeing your tutorial- that’s how we found you). To the right of the fireplace is a french door that leads outside. We don’t really know what style we are but we love all things YHL! Clean, crisp, light & airy is what we’d like to move towards. We are interested in getting some streamlined modern furniture and we would like a brown leather sofa or sectional. We have 3 young kiddos, so we’d love a chair with a washable slipcover too . There’s nothing in the room that we want to keep. We are looking to eventually get a big flat-screened TV and would like to find something to hide it (similar to the armoire we have, but bigger) . We’re actually about to install wood floors so we would prefer a wall color that adds a light feel to the space. A paint color that is neutral would be great, but hopefully something that flows into the new yellow in the kitchen. Although we generally prefer neutrals, I would love to add pops of color in artwork or pillows. We look forward to seeing any and all of your ideas! Thanks so much. -Ashley

This space is primed for a major makeover. Here’s the plan:

And now for the mood board breakdown.

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