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Window Shopping: It’s Target Time

We’re back with another fun virtual shopping trip to Target (like this one and this one of yore). We slipped through and snapped all the purrrty holiday and non-holiday themed things that tickled our fancy and John even got a chance to make fun of my Twilight obsession. Sure it felt a little soon for all the Christmas things, but there was so much good stuff to be found that we just kept clicking away. Let the fun begin…

In those impossible-to-resist decorative rows up near the front of the store there was suddenly lots of chic holiday paraphernalia to be discovered. And I was all over these amazing faux-bois silver vases (the picture doesn’t do them justice) and these gorgeous candelabras (one lays low with chunky pillar candles on it and the other stands tall with smaller tea lights glittering among the metal branches). They would both add so much festive sparkle and would even work well for the entire winter season (can’t you imagine them gleaming at New Year’s too?).

We also loved their take on holiday pillows. Not a big red santa in sight, but lots of silvery and icy blue patterns that would pair super well with the white cable knit sweater pillow beside them for a snowy winter feeling. And at $19.99 a pop, the price is right. Sigh.

And speaking of $19.99, this massive gold platter would be quite the statement piece no matter the season, but it sure would look festive full of metallic ornaments in the center of the table or even full of white taper candles glowing (gotta love instant ambiance that’s easier than lugging in logs and starting a fire).

And to continue the gold theme, we also gravitated straight to these gorgeous $15 and $20 amber-gold hurricanes (which can be filled with everything from a flickering candle or gold spray painted pinecones to festive mixed nuts (wouldn’t large walnuts and chestnuts turn them into great Thanksgiving centerpieces?). We also drooled over this lovely-in-any-season glass based lamp (we’re a little obsessed with glass lamps in general) and it’s just $39.99. Delish.

And we’re calling it. Warm goldy-green is going to be THE Christmas color this year. At least it will in our house, where we plan to add pops of soft leafy lime to our collection of glittering silver & glass ornaments. It’s fun yet sophisticated at the same time- and it’s definitely a way to wake up metallics and give them a fresh new look. And these pretty little trees in varying heights would make such a fun little accent on a mantel or the center of a table (sort of like last year’s dining room feather tree grouping).

We also loved this intricate china with modern little holiday prints on them (especially the ones with subtle silver snowflakes lining the rim). And at $12.99 each there’s no pressure to grab a full set of eight or ten- just snag one or two for laying out dessert (cookies? pastries? biscotti? brownies?) and they’ll instantly earn more attention than the sweet stuff itself. Well, maybe it’ll be a tie.

We also checked out the holiday vase filler options and walked away with two DIY ideas. Why not collect your own pinecones and spray them gold, silver, bronze or any other color you’d like (white? that always works for us). And likewise, we loved the idea of using cinnamon sticks to add texture and seasonal scent to a room (coffee beans also make for some cozy vase filler around the holidays).

We also made our way to the actual holiday decorating section in the back of the store, and although most of the stuff wasn’t set up yet, we did get a taste of some of this year’s ornaments- and we liked what we saw. All three of these awesome $9.99 ornament collections feel modern, crisp and super festive. So whether you’re planning to dress up your tree like a blue and silver ice princess, keep things white on cream or go festive and colorful… you’re covered.

We also made our way over to the holiday lighting section (which was set up, although the trees and most of the ornaments had yet to arrive) and we noticed that they had plenty of LED lights to choose from. They’re definitely an appealing option for their amazing energy efficiency. They even come in “warm white” and the crisp almost-blue “bright white” so you can choose the look you’re going for. And just to be thorough, we made our way over to the regular backyard aisle (you know, the one with the solar lights and the all-season-long string lights?). And there we saw pretty round bulb lights (exactly like the ones we used for our backyard wedding) which we think would also be super festive for the holidays. We just love those big round globes gleaming in the night…

Now this picture probably has you questioning my taste level, but these super cheap bows (10 for $4.99) are actually what we snagged in bulk last year to stick around our tree in lieu of traditional “garland.” And we loved the outcome! Just picture them all fluffed up among gleaming silver and glass ornaments as opposed to flattened on a red piece of cardboard (you can actually catch a glimpse of them in action right here).

And now for the non-holiday finds we were drawn to like moths to a flame. This brightly patterned green bedding was super fun, and of course would look lovely any time of the year- especially in a room that needs a hit of color and pattern to wake things up (read: a room with white or tan walls, matching wood furnishings, and not much else going on). Bam. Instant style.

And this oversized wire basket from Smith & Hawken (on clearance for just $17) was another lucky find. For the holidays it would look so pretty with evergreen branches and ornaments in it, and for the rest of the year it can hold anything from fluffy towels or TP in the bathroom to shoes, leashes, gloves and hats by the door in a laundry room or mudroom (or any makeshift organizational corner that you throw together).

And I finally got to “meet” these pillows in person after recommending them for many a mood board. We just love the chic circular graphics and the colors are perfectly neutral so they’ll work in nearly any room (oh and they’re just $25 a pop).

Last but certainly not least, John couldn’t resist an impromptu photoshoot in the art aisle. He loves to point and laugh at me for devouring four teenage vampire novels earlier this year and I can’t really say I blame him (but in my defense, they were very good). Just don’t hang this poster in your house. Ever.

So that’s what fried our bacon at Target this season. What about you guys? Any favorite items above that you’ll be dashing out to make yours? Any other Tarjay finds that you’re coveting these days? What did we miss? Let’s talk shop.

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Oh and p.s. – We have no affiliation with Target nor were we paid or otherwise rewarded for this post by the fine folks at Tarjay. We just love sharing things that tickle our fancy and we hope that you enjoy our little window shopping excursions.


Calling All Experts: Critter Control?

When Rebekah emailed us with a doozie of a question we were pretty much left scratching our heads. Here’s it is:

Q: I’ve become an addict of your blog – just ask my husband! I can’t help but check it multiple times a day. Your posts are always so informative and they keep me motivated to keep working on our 1960′s home. Anyway, my husband and I purchased the brick ranch with a lovely yard about four months ago. My only problem is that we’re starting to see more pests (i.e. roaches… ewww!) due to the weather getting colder here in Georgia. I can’t live in a house and accept that the pests will always be there. We woke up at 4am last night because one crawled up my husband’s arm. Help! I was hoping you or your readers had some recommendations for in-house pest control. I know that pests might come with the territory of living in an older home, but I have to believe there’s a cure out there. I’m an uber-clean person (vacuuming & dusting once a week) plus we don’t leave food out and we keep everything off of the floor as much as possible. I hope my only option is NOT to hire a pest control company but if it is then so be it. Any advice? – Rebekah

A: Yup, we were stumped. Luckily (knock on wood, oops that spooked the dog and now he’s barking) we’ve never had to deal with roaches or other pests like (shiver) mice as of yet. But we did suggest that Rebekah try google-ing around for “natural pest remedies” or “getting rid of roaches” or even hanging out in the pest control aisle at her local home improvement store to see what she can find (maybe even asking an expert there what they recommend). We’re thinking there are little things like roach motels that can poison them or trap those creepy little buggers, so they might be nice to hide behind things and in corners- but Rebekah would definitely have to be careful that pets and kids don’t get into them!

In short, we tossed out a few paltry common sense ideas but wondered if any of our lovely readers had more tried and true advice to share. After all you guys were so helpful when it came to our annoying bathroom drain debacle (which we gleefully solved here), so we’re hoping that a few of you have some great ideas to toss out for Rebekah. Any natural remedies or not so natural cures that work like a charm? Any specific products or treatments that did the trick for you? Any ideas for finding the root of the problem (ie: holes? cracks?) and sealing things up at the source? Feel free to chime in and save the day. We’re hoping that regular “Calling All Experts” posts like these will become a great resource for anyone with common issues like clogged drains and pesky pets- and we definitely plan to rely on them whenever we need help right along with the rest of you!