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Feeling Resolute

Happeeeeeeee New Year!!!

And now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, on to the topic of the day: New Year’s Resolutions. Do you make them? Do you loathe them? John and I have embraced the tradition for a while now (here’s our New Year’s post from last year, and thankfully we each accomplished our goal in the last 365 days). We’ll spare you all of the new personal “improvements” that we’re planning to tackle in twenty-ten, but we do have a couple of home/blog related resolutions on our list this year.

I, for one, want to simplify day to day life. From replacing three store bought products with one homemade cleaner that does it all to adjusting to life with a little one by streamlining the way our house functions, I’m all about easy upgrades and smart switcheroos for the next twelve months. John on the other hand has resolved to seriously supe up the site. Nothing too techie and weird, just improved function and usability so you guys can find things more easily and click around to your heart’s content. He’s such a guy isn’t he? But I guess in our own way we want to add function and ease.

Anyway, enough about us. We wanna know what you’re setting your mind to this year- especially if it’s home related. And who knows, maybe commenting here for all to see will help you stick to your guns and accomplish your goals in record time. Here’s hoping it works for us…

Psst- Wanna know what we were up to on New Year’s Day two years ago? Spoiler alert: we were on our way to Ikea. Here’s the full scoop.



Courtney’s Design Dilemma

Courtney’s living and dining room is ready to be transformed. Here’s her letter:

I received a mood board as a Christmas gift and I’m super excited! I read your blog almost every day and love your style (and budget-conscious ideas!). Anyway, my boyfriend and I just moved in together and we really need help with our living room/dining room (with focus on the living room). Our style is much more casual as opposed to formal and we like more traditional styles. We are definitely open to some fun touches though! If we had to pick a store that best reflected our desired aesthetic, it would be Crate and Barrel. We DEFINITELY need some color in the space- everything right now is pretty brown. Most of the furniture needs to stay but we are willing to get rid of the dining room chairs, the hutch near the front door, and the lamps. The TV and stand will not be staying and we need a new wall color. There aren’t any particular colors or patterns that we hate but we tend to lean towards more natural colors (and Eric would kill me if the walls ended up pink). Thanks for all of your help and we are looking forward to what you all come up with! – Courtney (and Eric)

Here’s the plan:

An here’s our newly proposed layout:

And now for the mood board breakdown.

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