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Budget Blooms: Take Two

Remember I shared my first of the year flowers a little while back (a sweet monthly gift from the hubs)? You may recall that they had a bit of New Year’s sparkle thanks to a cake stand full of gleaming silver ornaments…

… but I mentioned that in a week or so I’d retire those and fill the pedestal with something a bit less holiday-focused. In all honestly I figured it would be something naughty (cupcakes, cookies, brownies?) but somehow we resisted that tooth-rotting stuff (maybe it’s the whole we-regret-our-holiday-gluttony syndrome that hits each January) and filled our clam shell fruit bowl nearby to the brim with apples, oranges, pears, avocados and other healthy fare. Which freed up the cake stand for something else. So I’m back to share my remixed little $4 blooms (all of which are still going strong) with their new is-it-spring-yet? spin.

Actually the blooms are in the very same mercury glass votive holders but the pedestal is sporting a quirky little collection of faux fruit. From white ceramic pears (which were also there amid the ornaments) to a big glossy green one… and even a gleaming bunch of grapes and one non edible item just for a shot of pale purple (an urchin I got for 25 cents at the beach a while back)- we seemed to have a surprising abundance of non-edible fruit laying around. So I grouped it together on the pedestal and called it a day.

It certainly adds a shot of bright and cheerful color to our usually soft and subdued kitchen. And it’s the best kind of color- the no commitment kind. Instead of painting the walls a bright yellow tone, try plopping some punchy flowers/accessories on the counter and see how much of a room-brightener they can be! Now if only sunnier skies would blow in. Soon…

What are you guys whipping out to replace all of that holiday decor? Anyone reaching for cheerful spring stuff even though it’s still January? Do tell.

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Susan’s Second Design Dilemma

Of course we were excited when Susan contacted us for a second mood board makeover (her living room is still in progress, but you can check out that mood board right here). Here’s her letter:

I’m so happy to be working with you guys again! My office is in need of a makeover and it’s one of the first rooms you see when you enter the house. Our style is mainly traditional, but we do like a touch of color. We don’t like things to look too traditional though. We love Pottery Barn, Target, IKEA, JC Penney, and West Elm. Everything in this room can go! The paint can also be changed if you feel it is necessary. We want to hang a lot of photos of our family and friends in this room. I would also like to find something I can use to display my son’s schoolwork, etc. We also need some type of shelving system for our books/pictures. Any organizational ideas for our desk would be very helpful. I would love to have a chair in here so people can sit down (I like the printed chairs from Target). I would also love an area rug suggestion for the nearby foyer (which could tie into our office). Thank you sooo much!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. – Susan

Here’s the plan:

And here’s our new suggested layout:

Now for the mood board breakdown.

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