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Blast From The Past: Part 3

We’ve returned from our Christmas in West Virginia just in time to grace you with the third and final part of our “Places We Used to Live” video series. This time it’s a new city (Richmond, VA) and a new arrangement (cohabitation). Ooh la la.

Our First Apartment Together in Richmond was a pretty cookie-cutter one-bedroom in a pretty cookie-cutter suburban apartment complex. That didn’t stop us from being over the moon about finally sharing a home together AND getting way more space for less than half of our combined rent in NYC.

Here are the goodies to watch for this time:

Click HERE to enjoy the tour on YouTube.

Ok, we now promise to return our attention to the present day. Some fun posts to look forward to: gifts we gave each other, booty we received from others, and stuff we scored during all those fabulous post-holiday sales.



Blast From The Past: Part 1

First things first – Merry Christmas everyone! We’re busy enjoying some quality family time in WV, so here’s a pre-prepared post for everyone to enjoy in the meantime:

The other day we set out to clean up our poor little iBook’s overloaded hard-drive. It quickly turned from a mass-file-deleting to a mass-let’s-reminisce-about-this-and- then-keep-it-for-the-memories. So, the bad news is that the hard-drive didn’t get much relief. The good news is that we found fun things to share.

The best of our re-discoveries was a series of video clips. Between the many clips of puppy-sized Burger we actually found a few home-related ones. Our favorites being video tours of some of our old NYC apartments that Sherry had shot to send to her best friend who lived in Iowa. Now they’re here for your viewing pleasure.

The first of our three Pre-Young House videos is Sherry’s Studio Apartment in Greenwich Village, New York City. Keep your eyes and ears peeled (ears peeled??) for these fun things:

View the tour HERE on YouTube.