A Little Less Conversation, A Little More…

After much deliberation, our laundry area is finally seeing some action. Well hello there, washer…. shall we take this to the bedroom?

No literally, we took it to the bedroom. JEALOUS?

Seriously though – it has been a busy week around here (mostly with unrelated book stuff) but we’ve managed to get some dust flying upstairs too. Long story short, thanks to a lot of thought (and a lot of encouraging comments from you guys) we’ve decided to do more ourselves, while managing some pro sub-contractors directly.

Our second contractor estimate (after the initial $5,000 one) came in at $3,300, which was a more digestible number, but he had an impending vacation – and actually encouraged us to do a lot of it ourselves. So we called some people we’ve worked with in the past – the framer who helped in our sunroom, our go-to electrician, the plumber we worked with for the showhouse, etc. – and many of them were able to come out this week! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a team. Sherry wanted me to add some Team Sonja joke here about mystics and dog psychics but I REFUSE TO WATCH REAL HOUSEWIVES (ok, the leg scene made me look up for a second, but that’s it).

With the pros lined up, it was time to kick off demo. WITH MY BARE HANDS. Okay, not really, but a few walls have come tumbling down.

In an attempt to keep things moving (there’s work going on up there right now) we thought we’d break down what (and how) we demoed on Monday, along with everything else we manage to accomplish by then (fingers crossed that also includes framing, plumbing, and electrical updates). We didn’t want a week to go by without a quick laundry update, so my apologies for the brief check-in today, but we hope it means more progress to share on Monday. Speaking of brief, this house is on an underwear ration until further notice. #nolaundryproblems


    • Karin Bunton says

      I want to like your like button idea! :D LOL! Maybe a “thumbs up” button if the like button is proprietorial?

  1. says

    Ooh, can’t wait to see what you accomplish this weekend! Is there really a significant savings by you being the general contractors yourselves? Not that I have any doubt in your skills or management experience, I’m sure you’ll have everything under control. :)

    • says

      YES! I can’t wait to get things done and start paying people so we can share the budget breakdown. It has been an awesome cost comparison for us because we had those initial contractors break things down as line items, so comparing those from the bids of sub-contractors is so simple!


  2. Vanessa says

    John’s FEISTY this morning! Or whenever this post was written up…

    I’m excited to see your progress. We’re attempting a mostly DIY kitchen redo right now and I’m gleaning much information from you guys, per usual. Thank you for giving us the courage to tear down some stuff and get messy with some paint!! Though, I’m still trying to figure out how you paint kitchen cabinets in a week when we’re on two months and counting… #localrestaurantsknowusbyname

    • Emily says

      Good luck!!!

      We’re doing a full kitchen gut and put back together by ourselves (yikes!) in the fall and I have a feeling that the Chinese place down the street will be hosting our Thanksgiving (and possibly Christmas and New Year’s) dinner.

  3. Krista says

    Woooot!!! nothing more satisfying than breaking into a project that you thought was too big. I recently built my own deck and remember your struggles and then satisfaction with your own deck project.

    Best of luck!!!

  4. Christine says

    Glad that you guys are going for it. On a totally unrelated note– Sherry, the beard looks very handsome on your husband! #teamkeepthebeardJohn

    • Karen says

      I agree with this sentiment whole-heartedly. Scruffy beards are the best. I’m make sad faces at my hubby every time he trims his super short. He hasn’t shaved completely in a really long time, which means the sad faces are working. haha.

    • Leah says

      A condition of marrying me was that my husband never shave his facial hair. He’s had it the whole time we’ve been together. I’ve seen pics – without he looks like a teenager. With, super handsome!

    • says

      I’m thinking that there is something beardy in the water, because my husband has been keeping the scruff as well and I like it.

    • Jennifer G. says

      I sooo agree with the beard!! My husband is in he military so beards are a no go around here unless we are transferring and he gets 30 days off which he just had and we have a drivers license with a beard picture :)

      I love y’alls blog and look forward to the time when we can own our own home again so we can start DIY upgrading again!

    • Krista says

      scruffy beards might be hot… but they might also be unsafe.

      I don’t mean to critisize but just want to educate. Those disposible masks are intended to be worn with both straps around the head (the bottom one near the neck and the top one at the highest point). Additionally they are meant to be worn CLEAN SHAVEN. A scruffy beard is really just a whole lot of spaces where nasty particles can sneak into your mask.

      Again, not trying to be critical just looking out for the health of my fav bloggers!!!

  5. Becca says

    Did you guys decide to keep the washer and dryer along the same (side) wall for ease of plumbing/wiring issues or did it not end up making a difference in the cost to rotate them onto the back wall? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • says

      Rotation, baby! We’re going full-monty with this one, and gaining a clear-shot view of the window in the future bunkroom from the hall and an actual laundry room. Wahoo! (says the lady with a washer & dryer in the bedroom)


    • Becca says

      I meant that it seemed like it would’ve been easier (while still creating the “option 4” laundry room and still extending the hallway to catch the light from the bonus room window) to simply move the laundry hookups a few feet over on the same wall, rather than moving them to the entirely separate new wall and drilling through studs and such. Whatever way you guys do it though, I’m sure it will turn out amazing!

    • says

      Oh yes, we considered that too – thanks for the tip! We actually asked the plumber and electrician about that and they both said that moving them either way (just over, or over and across) was going to be around the same cost, so we thought walking into the room and seeing them on the back wall would be nicest.


  6. Jamie D says

    I cracked up and was loving every bit of this hilarious post!! GET R DONE Sherry and John! Can Clara swing a hammer yet? #toddlerdemo

    • heyruthie says

      Lowes has this awesome “tool belt” for kids with these teeny, tiny, real tools, including this adorable little hammer. I got it for my 4 yr. old daughter, and she loves it. It’s amazingly high quality too. I think the brand is Build and Grow. She can even wield the littler hammer quite well!

  7. jeannette says

    you guys’ ability to entertain five or 10 solutions to a problem, and to listen to 1000 really bad ideas from readers like us in order to get the one brilliant one — line up laundry door with store room window — is the kind of open-mindedness that peace negotiators and mediators use. it’s powerful. you should write about it — as someone who practices gratitude, as sherry does, i’m sure the tolerance for ambiguity and diversity is related. y’all rock.

    and btw, did you go with the laundry-door-lines-up-with-storeroom-window solution? i thought that was elegant, and squared with the idea that the most elegant solution is always the simplest. (well, not in terms of re-plumbing washing machines, and so on, but in terms of y’all’s stated problem, darkness at the end of the tunnel.)

    • says

      Yes! We are so excited! Momma gets her window view from the hall and we end up with a bonafide laundry room – and the coolest thing about this sub-contractor method so far is that we have been SO HAPPY with their expertise and their bids have been amazing! The idea of managing a bunch of people and doing things in this perfect domino-effect order had me nervous that I’d be without a laundry room forever, but it seems to be falling right into place. Off to knock on wood (maybe I’ll use a laundry stud…).


  8. Lacey says

    “The only thing artificial or fake about this house is this!” *Sherry throws a ceramic animal on the table and then to the ground*
    *Everyone gasps*