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Blogiversary 6: How We Make Money Blogging

Consider the next part of this post as an update to this one from two years ago where we first broke out a few pie-charts to generally illustrate how we spend our time and how we make money as bloggers (because even our parents get confused about that sometimes). Things have changed over the last couple of years – not dramatically – but enough that we felt it was time for an update. So let’s kick this charty goodness off. Behold, a very simplified / approximated breakdown (all the pie charts in this post are very general guesses, btw)…

First, we should point out that this is not a complete representation of our waking hours – it’s just our “work” time. So you can see yesterday’s “Day In The Life” post for a better sense of how things like parenting, cooking, and running errands fit into the mix. That being said, the interesting thing to note here is that the majority of our work time is spent running a website (blogging, interacting, and managing a business) not doing DIY projects, as some might assume.

We always describe our job as a mostly-desk job. We might get to paint or build something while Clara’s in bed for the night (which is when we used to do projects when we both had day-jobs anyway), but between the hours of 8am and 6pm we’re most likely found on the computer sizing photos, writing posts, organizing giveaways, emailing about our book or the showhouse, answering comments, doing our expenses, or coding something. But let’s dive in a bit deeper to get a closer look.

When we look at how some of these areas break out, there are two changes that are most notable to us:

Obviously this isn’t a perfect model of time management or how to run a blog. We’re constantly trying to improve our processes so that we can put the most time into activities that invigorate us, help and entertain you, and – let’s be honest – put money in Clara’s college fund. One thing some people suggest is “why don’t you spend less time responding to comments?” or set them to auto approve for repeat commenters, but the reason we keep comments in moderation is so we don’t miss questions. If we auto approve some or all of them, questions will slip through (they not only roll in on current posts, but old ones as well). And since we believe connecting with you guys and offering additional info is a big part of what got us here, we’d never want to phase that out.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time for our next chart:

Unlike last time we did this chart, we’ve now collapsed all of our advertising – private sponsors, ad networks, and Google – into one chunk. That’s partially because those slices of the pie are rapidly shifting while we’re in this sponsor program transition (you may notice over 25 fewer ads on our sidebar by the time it’s done). But it’s also to make it crystal clear that the majority of our income comes straight from sidebar ads. Much like how magazines or newspapers keep their doors open thanks to advertisers, blogging seems to follow that model as well, at least for us – especially since we don’t do other things like sponsored posts to make additional income. Although that red affiliate slice of the pie is from sharing some things we love on the sidebar (clearly marked as affiliates, under the “We’re Digging” header). Generally we like to keep all of the money-making stuff relegated to the sidebar, so our content is clearly just us talking about what we like/use/buy with no other reason than we genuinely like it.

Another interesting distinction is that as much as things like writing a book and having a lighting line might sound like cash-cows, they’re not things that we have experienced as high earners, as demonstrated by our chart above. But they’re a really big deal for us personally and professionally, so they’re well worth the effort and the experience. For those wondering, we still haven’t reached our royalty point on the book (more on that here) but we did hear from a publisher in China who bought the book rights from our American publisher for a nominal fee and is re-publishing it there in Chinese (which is really exciting to see – the cover’s going to be different and everything). So since we get a small percent of that fee for being the authors, that’s what that sliver represents. Admittedly the proportions represented above are a bit rough, since the goal was just to generally illustrate the point. So as long as we’re talking non-specifics, let’s move on to our third graphic.

After a couple of attempts to make a useful pie-chart, I gave up (these fluctuate so much that trying to quantify them just wasn’t working). But the point we wanted to illustrate was that some people think that blogging is a “zero overhead” profession, but if your readership grows, your business costs definitely rise with them. Here are some of the notable places that our earnings go:

And now let’s lighten up this numberfest a bit, shall we? Like previous years we thought we’d throw some random stats and facts your way, but this year I’ve spiced things up a bit visually. You know I love a good infographic…


P.S. – You can check out our original pie charts from 2011 here, and look back at our past by-the-numbers posts for our last five blogiversaries here: 2012 2011, 20102009 and 2008.



Fab Freebie: Who Loves A Trip?

We knew it’d be pretty tough to top last blogiversary’s prize of $2,500 worth of swag, but this year we somehow wrangled an adventure and luxury filled Virginia vacation worth an estimated $3,000 for you guys! Virginia is for Lovers, the fine folks who promote tourism in our home state, just started a new series featuring real Virginians… and they actually asked to profile us for it! We had so much fun during our day trip to Virginia’s Eastern Shore – complete with beach time, antiquing, fresh seafood, and even paddling in kayaks to a vineyard. And now, for one lucky winner and a guest from anywhere in the world, they’re recreating that trip with a ton of bonuses like airfare, charming bed & breakfast stays, a car rental, and extra adventures… like hang gliding!

In addition to covering round-trip airfare and a car rental, this weekend prize pack includes one night each in two historic and charming bed & breakfasts: The Inn at Onancock and Cape Charles House.

After days chilling on the uncrowded beaches or perusing the quaint towns, you’ll need to eat right? So the package also includes a meal at three waterfront restaurants that have fresh seafood-stocked menus: Shanty, Mallards, and The Island House Restaurant.

Taking it easy is the main name of the game on the Eastern Shore, but this package does include a couple of activities to get your adrenaline pumping and the wine flowing. There’s a Wine Kayak Tour where the guides from SouthEastern Expeditions will help lead you through some peaceful waterways to a wine experience and tasting at Chatham Vineyards. And if that doesn’t get your heart racing, how about hang gliding for two with Virginia Hang Gliding?

We’re so excited that one of you is going to win such a fun-filled trip to our home state. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). This prize is available to anyone in the world 18 years or older and can be redeemed anytime in the next year (since the activities are seasonally dependent, you may wish to come in the warmer months). And for anyone who misses the freebie bonus question, we started one over here in Forums so you can sound off and see what everyone else thinks on the subject.

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