Fab Freebie: Infrared, White, And Blue

Tis the season for watermelon slices, corn on the cob, and good stuff on the grill. Which is why Char-Broil is hooking someone up with one of their top commercial-grade gas grills this week. This 4-burner baby sells for nearly $500 at Lowe’s and is built with their exclusive Tru-Infrared cooking system, which comes with a bevy of benefits: more even heat, juicer foods, and faster cooking times. It’s putting me in the mood for kebobs already…

Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget right here (it might take a second to load, but it should pop up right below this paragraph). This prize ships anywhere in the United States and Canada (so Happy Canada Day to you guys!).

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  1. Andrea m says

    Our plan was to buy the $300 one at lowes over Father’s Day….yeah still hasn’t happened :)

  2. Nicole K says

    I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for making an entry to your giveaways simply that, an entry. I read your blog everyday, among others, and it’s nice that I’m not asked to tweet, follow, facebook other blogs in order to enter. Of course I’d read you without the giveaways, but knowing you give these opportunities for simply being a loyal reader means a lot when I know the trend is so different these days. You two are awesome!

    • says

      Oh no! Anyone else having this issue? It’s loading for us and there are almost 1000 entries so it seems to be working for other folks. Maybe try a different browser or just try refreshing/restarting?


    • says

      So sorry Terese! I think if you refresh or try another browser (or even your smart phone) it’ll hopefully pop right up. If you don’t see it at all and you’re at work it’s possible that it’s blocked by your employer.


    • Heather says

      Hummm, not working for me either. The last few Rafflecopter give aways haven’t loaded….but this one I’m seriously about getting to work. Hubby has been begging for this!

  3. says

    I second what Nicole said. I read your blog every day….and have for years and years (hello, first house and pre-Clara). I absolutely love that I can enter without having to go through a huge rigmarole. :)

  4. Kara says

    I heard these are pretty stellar in the grilling world! I am in need of a new grill. Ours shoots flames only on one side :/

  5. Amy B. says

    I literally squealed when I saw this giveaway!! Our gas grill died a few weeks back, and we’ve been making due by temporarily converting it to a charcoal grill. My husband would be thrilled if I scored this for him. *crossing fingers* Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  6. Greg Meyer says

    I was a skeptic of the infrared grill when I initially purchased one last summer. I have to say it has far exceeded all expectations. I recommend them to everyone I know and I use mine 3-5 times a week. I will never buy another type of grill. They are well built, get super hot for searing, the grates are high quality, and there are no flare ups.

  7. Scott says

    Just like last week, here is my question that relates to the giveaway.

    Have any plans for 4th of July or the weekend?

    Me – Finally stay up/out to watch fireworks! Years past have been spent at home with a child too young to be out past 8:00. Fireworks on TV are not the same as fireworks overhead.

    Your turn to answer :)

    • says

      Haha! We’re going to a few parties and hopefully hitting the pool to cool off. Might be Clara’s first year watching fireworks if she can stay up late enough :)


    • Janey says

      I miss those questions too, and reading lots of fun answers from other younghouselovers. So I hope you don’t mind if I include mine:

      We’re going to a friend’s 4th of July party. They and their neighbors close off the cul-de-sac, rent a bouncy house, and grill up a yummy potluck BBQ. Usually it includes a nice view of the city’s fireworks show too, but it’s relocated this year because of construction.

  8. Brandi says

    My husband and I have a Char-Broil grill that we’ve loved for the last 6 years. We got it as a wedding gift. Sadly – she’s tipped a few times in some nasty storms and she’s on her last leg. We were just talking this weekend about how we need a new one. This one would be amazing!

  9. says

    Thanks for offering such awesome giveaways each week! I, too, appreciate that it’s one chance per person (as opposed to do these 10 things to earn 10 chances). Thanks for all you do for all your readers. You really are awesome!

    • Donita says

      Thank you, love the looks of that grill. You guys are the best. If we don’t win, *one can always hope, right. :-D* I might check this out at Lowes. Our BBQ has been around, and the burners are burnt out. Have a great 4th of July Petersiks. What will your little family do for the 4th?

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