Fab Freebie: Founding Father

My alma mater was founded by Thomas Jefferson who most notably was our 3rd President and wrote the Declaration of Independence. But he also authored a list of motivational maxims which Lauren Fritsch has turned into a chic, hand silkscreened poster. This week’s winner will get their choice of any of the five color combos (we especially love the metallic gold and black one) and…

… the winner will also score $150 to Citizen Native – a pretty web-shop stocked with cool American-made items. In addition to breezy and fun home stuff (I’ve never wanted a goat pillow more in my life), they’ve got awesome wares for pets and kids, as well as for us grown-ups.

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). Not only are both prizes available to residents of the US and Canada, both Lauren and Citizen Native are offering 15% off with code YHLOVE through August 4th. And for anyone who misses the freebie bonus question, we started one over here in Forums so you can sound off and see what everyone else thinks on the subject.

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  1. Olivia says

    Ooo! Between my husband’s love of all things Thomas Jefferson and my love of silkscreen typography, the poster would be a perfect addition to our home!

  2. Terri Simmons says

    Thanks for doing a great giveaway. Just wanted to let you know that http://www.thehomet.com is having their first ever 20% off sale until the end of July. No, I don’t know these people but I really, really like their shirts.

  3. Krista says

    Love the Thomas Jefferson poster. Even If I don’t win the raffle, I’ll most likely purchase one. :)

  4. Melanie P. says

    I work at UVa (My office is in the Rotunda) so this would be a perfect addition to my office space! LOVE IT!

    • Melanie P. says

      Lauren– It won’t let me reply under your response– but I wanted to say that’s awesome!! LOVE! I work in the Office of the Architect, so needless to say the Rotunda restoration is a big deal around here!

  5. Barbara says

    I love the rafflecopter way of entering. Thank you for offering the opportunity for giveaways and a WAY easy way to enter!!

  6. karla says

    i love you guys and dont mean to come off trolly or mean- but TF also said lots of bad things about black people.

    • says

      We love you too, Karla! We realize like many historical figures that he’s a complex character, so hopefully folks can appreciate this as the light-hearted design prize that it’s intended to be and not some sort of endorsement of a person’s whole belief system.


    • says

      Sometimes it takes a moment to load and on certain devices (it doesn’t show up right away) so maybe try a different phone or computer. It also doesn’t seem to show when the post is viewed through Facebook. But there are over 1500 entries so it seems to be working. Sorry for the trouble!


  7. Julianne says

    I am super stoked to check these guys out as soon as my ipad starts cooperating for me and the pics show up. I’m a sucker for anything made here at home in North America!! :0)

  8. Dinka says

    You had me at “Thomas Jeffer.”

    No, not “Thomas Jefferson.” Because by the time I got to “Jeffer-” I already knew who you were talking about and I was already like, “WHEEEEEE!!!”

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