Our Four-Leaf Clovers

Top o’ the, um, Wednesday to ya. With St. Paddy’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s time for our monthly shout out to the folks who help make the other 30-ish posts possible. So we’ve highlighted some green stuff from each one that tickles our fancy (that’s a Leprechaun-expression, right?). And don’t forget to scroll on down to the end of the rainbow post for a pot ‘o discounts.

  • This cool and colorful twist on a wedding guest book from Textured Ink.
  • Jeweler Lisa Leonard‘s awesome selection of metal items for your home.
  • Eco cleaning supplies from Norwex seller Stacey S. Who doesn’t like a good dryer ball?
  • Kendra Scott‘s sale jewelry section. These guys are marked down by $30!
  • Tons of stuff from this “sunny” sale going on at Joss & Main, like this patterned rug.
  • The WallQuotes blog which, among other things, features inspiring customer photos.
  • The Tile Shop glass mosaic options, like this awesome Kirkland Glass brick pattern.
  • These modern cylinder lamps from Shades of Light (Sherry loves this grellow guy).
  • Freshline Illustration‘s graphic prints & pillows. What’s not to love about lovebirds?
  • This glass clover candy dish on Ruby Lane, which is currently 66% percent off!
  • Fish Foam glass cleaner, since it’s almost outdoor car washing season again. Woot!
  • This stencil from Royal Design Studio. Oh how we love us some scallops…
  • Smock Paper‘s “Festoon” gift/storage boxes (the pattern’s especially cool up close).
  • These birthstone charms from Heart & Stone Jewelry, shown here in peridot.
  • The greenest organizers around: Naked Binders (which come in several colors).
  • 1 Canoe 2‘s fun and beautiful collection of patterned greeting cards.
  • Mirror Mate‘s entire makeover page, which are full of before and after pics.
  • This stunningly colorful “Migration” painting by Cozamia. Talk about impactful art.
  • Home From India‘s luxurious curtains (made from authentic Indian silk).
  • Browsing all of the fun custom orders from A Vintage Poster.

And here are the deets on those DISCOUNTS:


  1. Wendy says

    Just snapped up the candy dish(es–there were four in the set). I collect that particular pattern and these will be a great addition!

  2. Taya says

    Love all the neat green stuff you posted!

    Just a note though from a hard core Irish girl: 4 leaf clovers aren’t Irish, Shamrocks are and they only have 3 leaves. Shamrocks are associated with St. Patrick’s day because they only grow in Ireland and St. Patrick used them to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people when teaching them about the Catholic faith.

  3. says

    From home to decor to pretty jewels, I’m loving all of your green picks! It’s such a pretty and fresh color, can’t go wrong! Thanks so much for the love!


  4. says

    I LOVE Kendra Scott earrings and actually posted about them today too.

    Perhaps my most favorite thing about them is that Jenna Dewan Tatum has been photographed wearing them which I can only assume means that they attract Channing Tatums.

  5. says

    Thanks for posting that Liberty Hardware app! We’ve been thinking about new knobs in the kitchen, and I’m going to try it out to see what looks good in there. Prefect timing! :)

  6. Johanna says

    Soo…. Your new beautiful blue kitchen inspired me to go back and read all of your old kitchen reno posts… Its awesome to see the transformation!!! Anywho, was just curious if you still love your white Corian counter tops? Are they easy to keep clean? And do they have any scratches, cracks, etc? I LOVE them and was just curious how they’ve held up so far for you guys :)

    • says

      Yes, they’re awesome! No scratches or cracks and they’re easy to wipe down every night. We love that they’re such a pure white color because we no longer find a week-old ice cream smear like we did in our granite (things used to hide like crazy).


  7. Lezlie says

    Unrelated question about your lighting line – is the Tangerine Red an orangy red or more of a true red? Hard to tell from pics. Love them!

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