Infographing It Up

Back when we did this post full of fun charts and graphs (concocted from the results of our 2012 reader survey) we learned that you guys are just as into infographics as I am. So in that spirit, I tabulated and illustrated a bunch of random facts and figures that we never want to forget from our recent book tour. Sort of like an info-scrapbook that encapsulates that crazy time in our lives (in under 100 words) so we can always look back on it. So without further ado, here are all the places we went, the adventures we had, and even the pounds that we put on along the way. Enjoy!

* Each of the infograhics above were made in photoshop and the fonts that we used are: Ostrich Sans (free) , Fyra (free), and The Only Exception (we donated).

Oh but one thing that we couldn’t quantify or illustrate was how many fun, kind, and wonderful people we met along the way. We can’t say thank you enough to everyone who took time out of their busy lives to come welcome us to their city. It really means a lot. You made this whole wacky adventure (and all of those hours spent sitting in cars, taxis, and planes) completely worth it and then some.

How do you guys travel? Do you keep track of any stats, like a count of how many countries or states you’ve visited? My mom has a goal of seeing every state capitol in the US (I think she’s over 70% there). What’s the longest flight you’ve ever enjoyed / suffered through? Ever wear the same Target blazer to 22 events? I know some people wouldn’t brag about that, but as a husband I can’t tell you how much I love my lady for it.

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  1. says

    Please, please tell me that there was no sound involved with the freezing of “Gangnam Style” on the screens. O_O

    I’m just picturing, “Oppa Gan Oppa Gan Oppa Gan Oppa Gan Oppa Gan….”

  2. Christy says

    Oh man! I was scrolling through and got to the bottom fact and read… “one larger womb” !!! then I realized the picture of your blazer probably wouldn’t be representing a bun in the oven. :)

    • says

      I agree. Maybe people should re-read Clara’s birth story before asking if they’re pregnant again. They’ll tell us when they’re ready, give them a break.

    • MK says

      Sherry, I just have to say — I am SO sorry that you get this question pretty much every day. As a public service announcement to everyone — getting pregnant is something that is so incredibly personal and really, is just plan rude to ask of someone.

      Maybe you should all go back and re-read Clara’s birth story and you’ll realize that whether Sherry is or isn’t ready to get pregnant — she’s going to be SCARED and rightfully so… and probably doesn’t want to share it with her million closest fans. From someone that has tried to get pregnant for the last year, I can personally tell you that getting pregnant can be really, really difficult for some people. And if people asked me EVERY day if I was pregnant after dealing with month after month of disappointment — I would probably openly cry everytime someone asked me. None of you have any idea if she’s been dealing with losses or is just not ready! Can you imagine (God forbid) that she’s had an issue over the last year and the very next day someone asked her is she’s pregnant. Leave it alone, people.

      Again — so sorry Sherry for everyone’s awful comments. And no need to blow it off like it’s no big deal.

    • Kelly says

      Yeah, sorry you get these so often, Sherry, I think they’re creepy and very rude. Aside from it being a totally private matter, you’ve made your feelings on the subject (especially with Clara’s birth story) abundantly clear to all readers. Not sure why these kind of quips keep coming in.

    • holly says

      even for people who live their lives publicly, some things still deserve to stay private. the contents of sherry’s ladybits is just one of these things.

      one of the best tips for life that i ever heard was that you should not ask someone if they are pregnant unless you can see a baby coming out of their you-know-what.

    • Allison says

      As someone who has been trying to get pregnant for 2 yrs and about to start IVF, I totally agree with the replies here. I ruins my day when people jokingly ask me if I’m pregnant. BUT, there’s no need to be so harsh on the commenter. No body has ever said anything with the intent on being mean. They are just ignorant about infertility and obviously haven’t been through it, or a loss, themselves and are somewhat unaware it exists. IF Sherry is feeling the same way as I do, then it does suck to have these comments daily, but they don’t mean to be hurtful. People just need to learn to be aware and sensitive about very private and emotional issues.

    • says

      I agree that these types of comments are inappropriate. It’s also creepy for people to spend so much time thinking about the status of someone else’s womb. Is nothing sacred?

    • Lisa says

      I completely agree with the comments. I just found out this week that I am pregnant for the second time, and the day after the test, a coworker asked whether I wanted a second child soon. I had cried all night the night before because no I did not want this so fast. My son is 18 months. Now I was forced to think about it at work and keep it together and lie. No pregnant or not pregnant woman should be forced to lie about a pregnancy or admit something when she is not ready to tell or talk about the matter. I do not get why this is such a big deal. How is asking a stranger or someone who is not a VERY VERY CLOSE FRIEND not considered rude by everyone? How is pregnancy not a medical issue that you only talk about when someone voluntarily tells you? Would you ask a fat person whether they were already trying to lose weight? It makes me really mad on Sherry’s behalf. It must be horrible to have thousands of readers who feel they know everything about you and basically want to sit in the bathroom with you when you take a pregnancy test.

  3. JebberA says

    And which of those 17 books were highest on your list?

    I love that you had one blazer and three small pieces of luggage. Superb.


    • says

      We both really liked Room and Gone Girl (they were dark but we thought about and talked about them a lot – even weeks later). And the Mindy Kaling book was hilarious and fun to read in one sitting.


    • says

      This is kind of random/personal… but do you guys read to eachother or do you read it and then give it to John or vice versa? I ask because I want to read to/with my man but he can’t sit still while I drone on and on and I’m not an auditory learner, so I have to read the words myself. Just being nosy!

    • says

      In the case of reading books in flight, we just read them and exchange books when we’re done. But at home, ever since the good ol’ days of DIYing in our first house we realized that when someone’s doing a one-person job that’s tedious (like me painting the sunroom floor with a roller and painting my way out of the room) it helps the time go by if John reads to me. And although John has less of an attention span, it can work the other way around too. Mostly it’s John reading to me since I think it captures his attention more when he’s the reader. And that’s fine with me too since I sit there and gaze at him lovingly (or paint my nails, haha).


    • Kate in AK says

      Oh my goodness! I just finished Room last week and can’t stop talking about it, even though no one else I know has even heard of it. Fun to see it was in your collection and on the top of your list too!

    • Alex says

      I LOVE when my dude reads to me when I’m doing something (like painting or weaving) that takes my hands but not my attention. It is so sweet. We read in bed a lot, too, but if he’s not the one reading he falls asleep in 5 minutes, so we don’t do that as often! :) We’ll have to amp up the book excitement, like with some Anne Rice or Gillian Flynn. :)

  4. says

    I LOOOVE this post!! I’m a stats girl and visual too so this is right up my alley. I love the keychain collection, postcards to granny and the weight gained because it makes me feel less bad about myself when I travel! HA!

    I used to collect shot glasses from places but realized that was stupid for someone who isn’t a drinker. Now, I collect those pennies you brand with the crank at different places. I saw on Pinterest you can make them into a cool charm bracelet and I’d like to do that someday!

  5. Kate says

    I loved seeing you guys on tour!! RidgeWOOD, not “Ridgefield”. Just an FYI ;) (I know, its been a LONG tour!)

  6. Brittany D says

    Wow! Reading all the stats made me realize that waiting outside in the wind tunnel outside of FLOR (Atlanta signing) was not that bad! Seriously though, it was an honor to meet you guys because I became a DIYer after finding your blog. PS – I’m still working on convincing my husband to make that fabric headboard. Your note in my book made him laugh and say “we’ll see.”

  7. Anne says

    Well, my husband’s family drove all around while he was growing up, so once we hit up Hawaii on our honeymoon, he has now been to all 50 states!! (Yup, even Alaska)

  8. says

    I want to know what books you read!!?? I think we would have similar taste, and I am currently on a reading binge…Tell us!! Maybe over on Young House Life?

    Thanks!! Awesome job with the tour guys, you worked hard!

    • rachael says

      ME TOO!!! I would love to know! I’m always looking for new books to read, or even if they just have pretty pictures, haha!

    • maura says

      a book round-up would be great! i finished “heads in beds” not too long ago and after a summer of hospitality work i could relate to some of what tomsky wrote about but some stuff…was a little too crazy!

  9. says

    Wish I hadn’t had to work when you were in GA! My longest flight was Detroit > Los Angeles > Cape Town (emergency stop!) > Sydney: more than 24 hours in flight! But my longest time in the airport was January when we were stuck in the Honolulu airport for FOUR days!

  10. says

    As a quantifying traveler, I love this post! The visuals are extra sweet, too!

    Due to family being all over and my husband’s travel for school and work, I’ve got a little DIY electronic travel thingy in my fingertips ready to be made for our daughter.

    The hub and I figure she will have at least 10 states and 2 countries before 11 months of age. We had to scale back a trip overseas as it wasn’t best this year.

    I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that Susanna is living this life, as the hub and I are both Navy brats. We are not active military, but that she gets the same life that we had is a blessing and a joy to us!

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