If Ever There Were A Month To Be Thankful

Sure, we do these public expressions of gratitude to our sponsors every month, but you gotta admit that November’s probably the most perfect time to be thankful for the folks who make our other 30+ posts possible (note: we usually share these monthly posts on a Friday, but we have a pretty crazy update to share tomorrow, so this guy gets to live here on Thursday afternoon instead). So we’ve highlighted things that caught our eye and reminded us of the season (they haven’t been gifted to us – here’s our no-swag policy) along with sharing a few sneak peeks for future posts at the bottom just for fun. Oh and be sure to catch the special discounts rounded up at the end for you too. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, guys!

And just for fun, here are a few sneak peeks that we’ll be over-sharing about soon…

  • How we secretly worked Burger (and not so secretly worked Clara) into a local mag.
  • A moose attack. Don’t worry, I survived.
  • Our semi-successful attempt not to make fools of ourselves on Canadian television.
  • And of course, Monday’s giveaway. Just in time for Thanksgiving…

And here are the deets on those DISCOUNTS:






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