A Lesson In Thanks

**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but every month on sponsor shout out day we double up. So we’ll be back in a few hours with a post about an inexpensive project that Sherry whipped up thanks to a pretty delicious “material.”

Happy Friday everyone! We’re kicking off the day with our monthly “thank you” to our sponsors, since they help make our other 30+ posts possible each month. And in honor of the start of the school year, we thought we’d highlight items that have an educational spin to them, even if they just remind us of some of our favorite – or most dreaded – subjects in school (none of ’em have been given to us – here’s our no-swag policy). As always, you can find some great discounts at the bottom of the post, too!

  • This lovely framed exhibit in entomology from the curated collection at My Art Habit.
  • FotoBella‘s vast collection of scrapbooking items on all topics (including school themes).
  • Admiring the technology (and sleek look) behind this cool Oreck air purifier.
  • Learning about other cultures while vacationing in a stunning home found on Rentini.
  • Studies in coordinating patterns with custom crib bedding from Dandelion Baby.
  • Boning up on geography with Z Gallerie‘s graphic type map of the world.
  • This coil pendant from Shades of Light, which I’m still wrapping my brain around.
  • Definition wall decals from WallQuotes (some are serious, some are definitely not).
  • This regal stencil from Royal Design Studio fit for a (homecoming) king or queen.
  • The Tile Shop‘s grout selector, which already makes me feel smarter for my next tile job.
  • Eco-friendly Naked Binders. ‘Tis the season for binders, after all. Why not go green?
  • Mirror Mate‘s easy to follow guide for ordering the perfectly sized mirror frame.
  • 1 Canoe 2‘s presidential letterpress poster (a killer way to absorb American History).
  • Learning about Courtney Cox’s style through her curator’s collection on Joss & Main.
  • Getting astronomical with Madcanvases‘ photo collage of the oldest planetarium around.
  • Heart & Stone Jewelry‘s awesome charm necklace that benefits families with Autism.
  • Nice Girl Notes‘ educational and hilarious lesson on Lincoln (aka: a “baller of history”).
  • This chance to win $250 worth of handmade, artisan hardware from Liberty Hardware.
  • Getting a Fish Foam window cleaning from the folks who know it best.
  • This print from Silhouette Blue, which is my kind of venn diagram.
  • Smock Paper‘s letterpress spiral notebooks. I actually brought this one and I love it.
  • Getting the kids to the bus on time thanks to this wood clock from Jilly’s Happy Home.
  • This geek-chic personalized crossword wedding print from Nella Designs.
  • Finds like this on Ruby Lane: vintage school chairs for $28 a piece!
  • ***And since you guys love a riddle, let’s just say that Monday’s giveaway, like school, will be good for you – er, your home.

And here are the deets on those DISCOUNTS:


  1. Sloan Chang says

    Love all the things!

    Your Nella Designs link takes you to a strange site. You forgot the ‘s’! Just thought I’d help. <3

    • Lisa says

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed :) Same for freebies haha. Maybe I should do some digging? :)
      Ah what really stings is we can’t get the awesome Campbell’s soup cans. My husband and I love Warhol and pop art and have been to many exhibitions. If you should feel like sending four empty cans to Germany let me know ;( I just showed him the pictures and he almost started crying with me haha.

    • says

      Aw man, I wish those would get brought overseas!!! Warhol would want it that way. Anyone feel like starting a shipping company to Germany? Might be nice to send them some USA love ;)


    • Lisa says

      Haha you’re sweet. There is no need for a shipping company, a package via the post office would suffice. ;) just kidding. I think.
      Maybe I’ll send you a German package for christmas! :D

  2. Katie says

    Just wanted to let you know — the link for Nella Designs under the Discounts heading is broken… it’s fine up above, but where you have the discount code it seems not to work. Thanks for the great discounts!

  3. Karin K says

    “•Learning about Courtney Cox’s style through her curator’s collection on Joss & Main.”

    Her $3,000 gray sectional has NOTHING on your Karl. :)

  4. audra says

    Just a little off topic, but I happened to go over to Hooked on Houses and she posted a link to HomeGoods Stylescope quiz. My answer was Sassy with a touch of Urban Funk. But the kicker was, at the bottom of the page it says “Who is Blogging Sassy?” and your blog is shown! Which I find ironic, because your blog is the first blog I read everyday.

  5. Meredith says

    I’m a little disturbed that I know this, but “Courtney Cox” actually spells her name “CourtEney Cox”. I think I should now probably go into some sort of celebrity information detox…

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