An Ocean of Gratitude

**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but every month on sponsor shout out day we double up. So we’ll be back in a few hours with a bathroom-related before and after.

It’s time for our monthly showing of thanks to our sponsors (the folks who help make the other 30+ posts happen). And since we’re still hanging on to the memory of our recent beach vacation, we pulled together items from each sponsor that reminded us of the sand, surf, and other sorts of summer fun (oh but we haven’t been gifted any of ‘em – here’s our no-swag policy). And as always, if you’re looking to save some cashola, don’t miss the round-up of special discounts at the bottom.

  • Fun letterpress prints for every state (including our vacay spot) from 1 Canoe 2.
  • Earth (and therefore ocean) friendly eco-yet-still-stylish solutions from Naked Binder.
  • Mirror Mate‘s many frame styles (like “Waterside”) for updating your bathroom mirror.
  • Z Gallerie‘s many sea-inspired pieces, like this awesome framed shell print.
  • Joss & Main‘s “Best of DIY” curator event that includes some of our favorite picks.
  • This beachy and eco-friendly recycled glass jug lamp from Shades of Light.
  • Hawaiian-themed removable decals from WallQuotes. Oh to be there right now…
  • This glass and stone mosaic from The Tile Shop. I feel calmer already.
  • This summer vacation-tastic sentiment on a greeting card from Silhouette Blue.
  • Affordable wedding sparkle from Little White Chapel like this $22 blue pearl bracelet.
  • Nice Girl Notes‘ funny take on a summer family fun list. Yes that says “lab mice.”
  • Liberty Hardware‘s new collection with Delta that offers interchangeable designs.
  • Fabulous Stationery‘s fun and, well, fabulous selection of $1 greeting cards.
  • When Madcanvases goes beyond canvas, like these custom photo collage trivets.
  • Smock Paper‘s eco-friendly letterpress “”jotter” notepads, like this “Seersucker” pattern.
  • Heart & Stone Jewelry‘s endless combinations of sterling silver charm jewelry.
  • Professional-quality streek-free window cleaner from Fish Foam (fish are very ocean-y)
  • Mixing FLOR carpet squares for a unique (and in this case calming) color combo.
  • With that, we’ll conclude our look back on our beach vacation last week…
  • …and we’ll look forward to Monday’s big $3,000 giveaway (that image is a hint)

And here are the deets on those DISCOUNTS:


  1. says

    The only problem with your round up is that now I want to buy everything from these guys! Ha! I might have it in my budget to get a wall decal or two – and I love that you include discounts! :)

  2. Emma says

    I just saw the opportunity to be the first to write a comment so I have grabbed it! Great blog really enjoy following your DIY adventures from all the way over in Australia.

  3. says

    I Love that Pillow! Octopus, I love the colours!

    I love you Petersiks!
    hee hee

    -gina —> yes I am crazy gina on facebook!

  4. Brady says

    Hey guys – just wanted to let you know that I just tried to use YHL10 on 1canoe2 and it said the code was expired! It’s always possible that I messed something up but just wanted to give you a heads up!

  5. paige says

    Love how you guys still post **Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once** When you post twice almost EVERY FRIDAY.

    PS. It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Fridaaayyy….oh sorry was that out loud? You’re welcome!

    • says

      Other folks have said that but it’s an illusion! Haha. We always do just one post on Fridays except for sponsor shout out days (which happen just once a month). I promise :)


  6. Carra says

    Love the prints from 1canoe2!! I just checked out and it says that your promo code is expired though. Just FYI.

    Thanks ya’ll for all you do :)

  7. Jamie says

    I just tried the promotional code “YHL10” on One Canoe Two and it didn’t work. :'( Is it still valid?

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