Gratitude Is In The Air

**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but every month on sponsor shout out days we double up. So we’ll be back in a few hours with a post that has Sherry ready to wet her pants. Figuratively speaking.

It’s time for our monthly showing of thanks to our sponsors (the folks who help make the other 30-plus posts a reality). As you’ll see, we took Spring as an excuse to celebrate all the colorful things that our sponsors are serving up (none of which have been gifted to us – here’s our no-swag policy). And as always, if you’re looking to save some green, don’t miss the round-up of special discounts on the bottom.

  • Splashes of color in these black & white photo collages from  Madcanvases.
  • This garden-esque pattern from FLOR in names like Poppy, Marigold and Geranium
  • These fresh looking glass listello accents from The Tile Shop (Sherry’s in love).
  • These happy little Shades of Light sconces (for the wall or the ceiling).
  • The “burnt orange” color and modern pattern of this Moroccan rug from Z Gallerie.
  • WallQuotes’ collection of modern floral decals for a little (removable) garden inside.
  • A vintage watering can from Ruby Lane to add some rustic charm to a garden.
  • New gadget cases, like this colorful one for an iPad, from Jenna Lou Designs.
  • Scoring deals on Joss & Main (up to 70%) through events like their Earth Day collection.
  • A Spring-y round-up from Dot Coms For Moms, including a ton of party balloon ideas.
  • Nursery-ready artwork from Trendy Peas, like this Butterfly Bloom print.
  • Following the gardening adventures on Hometalk‘s boards and Facebook page.

Speaking of saving, here’s all the details on all those DISCOUNTS:


    • says

      So sorry about that! I keep thinking someone has to come up with a business called They Only Ship To The US that helps folks get items that don’t ship internationally (maybe by providing a US PO Box and then forwarding things on to other places?). I think it would be a hit!


    • says

      There are websites that do this! My boyfriend knows about them, I’ll ask him later and report back. Obviously not a cheap option but worth knowing about.

    • Jamie F says

      I live in Canada, not too far from the US boarder. But there is a store on the US side that will let you use their address to ship stuff to and they hold the packages for you. I think they charge a $3/package holding fee. Then all I have to do is drive down and pick it up when its convenient for me (its about an hour and a half round trip for me). I think they will hold it for up to a month! It works out really well for anyone in my Canadian town looking to order stuff that only ships to the US.

    • Julie says

      Can JamieF share info? I live in Canada, colse to the border as well! Maybe it’s nearby!

    • says

      We love Earth Day (it’s also my brother’s birthday!) so we’re doing some family stuff, but plan to do some outside stuff too (and get Clara involved if we can). Love your flower planting!


  1. says

    Super Fun – Flor is finally opening in Boston! we’re going to the grand opening party next Thursday to finally check them out in person (and hopefully find something we like for the living room)

  2. Jes says

    Sherry and Ainhoa, google for parcel forwarding companies-they basically do exactly what Sherry describes. There are heaps of them!

    I have no idea why some massive companies still won’t ship to Australia, it is very frustrating.

    (sorry I have no idea to comment on a comment, so I hope you understand what this is in reference to) xo

    • says

      Thanks for the tip Jes! There goes my big business idea. So glad it’s already something people do though! Although I’m not sure how expensive it can get…


    • Pam says

      Yes, there are lots of these forwarding companies, but you should choose one that’s located in a state that doesn’t have a sales tax. I use a company called AmForward (, they are in Portland, OR, so you don’t ever pay a sales tax. One think that I like about them that you can choose different shipping methods like USPS, FedEx, UPS. Personally, I prefer USPS because I usually forward small packages and the express carriers are just too expensive for a small package.

  3. Natalie says

    Curious…..I live in Canada but have a post office box I have things sent to in the States. Would I still qualify to enter? I ship to it all the time because we only live 30mins from the border so it’s a quick trip to pick up.

    • says

      Oh yes, anyone with a US shipping address is eligible for our giveaways! As long as there’s an addy to ship something to within the criteria of the donor, we’re happy to include as many folks as we can!


  4. says

    Could the pants wetting have anything to do with the Special Edition Domino that hit newsstands this week??? Can’t wait to pick mine up later today!!

  5. Momcat says

    Would you PLEASE just come to my house and make it look as cool and welcoming as your blog?! I just love your style and how you tie things together in such a cohesive way. Even your sponsor shout out’s look fantastic!

    Seriously you two need to go into home decorating. You could be the next Sarah Richardson (well, Mr. & Mrs. SR!)

    • says

      Aw thanks so much. You’re so sweet! We have always thought it would be fun to decorate other people’s homes, so maybe when Clara and hopefully-future-kiddo are older we can get into that? Blogging is our first love so we’d never want to let that go, so we’d have to find the time to do other houses too (hence the maybe when the kid(s) are older idea). Could be fun…!


  6. Sandra T says

    What a timely post! I have a question: have you guys started using something called “Text Enhance” on your website? Just this week I noticed these links popping up (for instance, in your post the word “Discounts” is linked to a website offering Walmart gift cards. This doesn’t seem like your style, and if it’s not from you, I would like to get rid of it. Any idea how I could do that?

    • says

      Oh no that’s not us – that’s a virus or spyware issue on your end. It happened to someone else and they said it was something with their spyware or they had a virus or something but they were able to get rid of it. Maybe try restarting your computer and then clearing your cache/data/cookies, etc. Hope it works. Anyone else know how to get rid of that issue for Sandra?


    • Sandra T says

      Sherry, just rebooted, and it went away. You were right, and thanks for recognizing it! Happy weekend!

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