Our Lucky Charms

**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but every month on sponsor shout out days we double up. So we’ll be back in a few hours with Sherry’s Dude Get On That Already challenge.

It’s time for our usual monthly show of gratitude to our sponsors. You know, the people who make the other 30+ posts possible, and generally keep us feeling all happy go lucky (hey, St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, right?). So we decided to highlight a few green/luck/clover related items from our sponsors this month (none of which have been gifted to us – here’s our no-swag policy). And if you’re looking for a way to save some loot, check out the discounts listed at the bottom of this post. And happy early Saint Paddy’s Day to ya!

  • This WallQuotes’ take on luck (apparently it’s preparation met with opportunity).
  • Solids from FLOR, like “Making Waves” – which has subtle swirls and texture galore.
  • The Ameila Bow Tote from Initial Presents, which can also be personalized.
  • Customizable pillows from Sarah + Abraham (Clara’s starting to look like this one)
  • Funny finds at House 8810, like a “My Dysfunctions” journal. Might need two of these…
  • Bien Living Design‘s portfolio page. Because you know we love a mood board.
  • This “Hexagon Highway” design from Chic Shelf Paper, which comes in four colors.
  • Liberty Hardware‘s Homegrown artisan hardware, like this iridescent black gold knob.
  • Royal Design Studio‘s cherry blossom stencil gets us excited for DC’s blossoms.
  • Finds on Ruby Lane (don’t have much use for grinding compound, but the tin is cool).
  • Jenna Lou Designs‘ colorful and fun patterns for scarves, purses, and even wristlets.
  • This Jilly’s Happy Home vase. I don’t think we’ve ever met a glass vase we didn’t like.
  • Trendy Peas‘ invitations & announcements, like this cool monochromatic numbers guy.
  • Custom designs from Heart & Stone Jewelry like this one with a gold heart inset.
  • Smock Paper‘s collection of cheery, eco-friendly, and pattern-tastic boxes.
  • This round up on kitchen-friendly art from Dot Coms For Moms. Hello soda tops!
  • Ideas for spring that are popping up on Hometalk‘s boards. Like these moss planters.
  • Joss & Main‘s weekly deals, which are especially timely since “Joss” means “luck.”
  • Cute, simple, and one dollar (!) cards from Fabulous Stationery. Xo is right.
  • The bike art lover in me is digging this trike art from Name Your Design.

And now for those DISCOUNTS:


  1. Cydney says

    Have you checked out Pick your Plum this morning?? super cute knobs right up your alley, but they are going fast! There are some bird knobs I think you would love!!! :)

  2. toni from says

    I don’t know if you guys like hoops and yoyo but this video about home improvement is really funny (please watch together and tell me what you think..it is 2.5 minutes long, also Clara can watch it too.)

  3. Paula says

    Hey guys!

    From a regular reader in Ireland, it’s lovely to see mention of our national day of celebration! However….we kinda don’t love St Patrick being shortened to St. Patty. It never, ever happens here. This is because Patty is a woman’s name and Paddy (Patrick) was a man!

    Feel free to check this out for an explanation/giggle! http://paddynotpatty.com/

    Happy St Patrick’s day to you and all your readers!

  4. Rebecca says

    So this has nothing to do with today’s post. Last night, as bizarre as it sounds, I had a dream Sherry debuted a new hairdo- think cropped pixie cut a la Sienna Miller circa 2006(ish) and it looked AMAZING!

  5. Jessie W. says

    Just had to tell you that I just pre-ordered your book from Amazon! SO EXCITED! I really enjoy reading your blog everyday! Congrats on your success and all the best wishes for your future!

  6. Elizabeth says

    For some reason, that House 8810 website made me want to shop for you Petersiks…

    for John…


    For Sherry…


    For Clara…



    And growing up we actually had this phone…in avocado green…with a real dial on the bottom…ahhh…memories.


    I think I have met my quota of ellipses use today!

    And oh yeah…GO GATORS, BEAT VIRGINIA! ;-)

  7. Tasha says

    hey guys, long time reader here, love your blog. Very disappointed though! Just went to (the) Tile Shop here in virginia beach we are actually purchasing the same tile for our kitchen. Customer service had no idea how to process your YHL10 promo, going so far as to call the Richmond and Corp. numbers. No dice. They said they were going to have to work on getting it taken off your site. I purchased the tile anyway and had them note on my account that if they got updated they would take it off. I showed them your site and everything; again..no dice. Can you contact your sponsorship folks and give the readers an update? Thanks, Tasha

    • says

      That is crazy! We’ll email them. They send us a new code that should always be “active” (they set the code and the terms, but they have been a longtime sponsor and we have been offering that code, and hearing from folks who have used it, for years).


    • says

      Hey Tasha, here’s an update for ya from The Tile Shop: the code YHL10 should always work when you order online or purchase from their stores (they even sent an email around to all of their stores to remind people of this) so hopefully that helps!!


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