Embarrasingly Enough…

Since we’re on vacay and the home-focused posts will commence when we’re back on Monday (more on that here), we thought we owed you a laugh at our expense in the meantime. That’s right, Sherry’s notorious “Care Bear Underwear Story” that so many of you requested more details about (mentioned here) is out. It actually came out during a comedy show that we attended a few weeks ago. Remember how we’re not famous, but we were invited to have some fun in that local improv comedy show (which we mentioned here)?

Well – it was AWESOME. The performers of the Richmond Comedy Coalition were crazy nice and pretty darn funny. The audience was quite full, quite lively, and more than quite flattering (you guys made us feel like rock stars as we stood up there with sweaty palms). It was a blast meeting so many of you, and we’re still sorry the show sold out before everyone could get in. But on the bright side, the RCC has posted photos and video so everyone can check it out (you know, if you’re into that sort of thing).

The format was basically us standing up, turning our awkwardness meter up to 11, and telling personal stories. Then the performers would take tidbits of our anecdotes to inspire completely new improvised scenes (they weren’t exact reenactments, nor were there any scripts). For example, they took the story of Sherry accidentally turning around in Target with two ornaments next to her face saying “It’s Christmas tiiiiiiiime” to a stranger (more on that here)…

…and turned that into a scene about a guy with two tree toppers stuck into the sides of his face.

You may have “had to be there” to get most of why they had us rolling. But just trust us that it was a lot of fun – and you should totally catch one of their shows if you’re a local. Just look at the good times…

Since I was in an improv comedy group in college, they even pulled me on stage to perform during the last act of the show. I was more than a little rusty, though I did get a few laughs when my “Knit Cop” character knitted a pair of handcuffs to capture a perp (weird, I know – maybe you had to be there for that too).

Actually, they did catch Knit Cop on video if you want to see it in action. Warning: some of the language is a lot more saucy than our usual Clara videos and fast-motion assembling-or-decorating-something vids.

And here are longer clips of the show if you’re interested enough to watch all three acts (again: saucy language alert). We chat at the beginning of each clip to kick each scene off, and the famed Care Bear Underwear Story is at the beginning-ish of the last clip.

It was so great to meet so many of you guys after the show. So glad we did it, sweaty palms and all.


  1. Julie Anne in Seattle says

    Awesome! As a former college theatre and improv person, my appreciation of both of y’alls hidden skills just went through the roof!

    (confidential to Sherry: All that, and he does comedy improv, too? You are one lucky, lucky girl!)

    (confidential to John: She’s willing to re-tell the Target ornament story in public for laughs, and has that killer smile? You are one lucky, lucky boy!)

  2. Kate says

    LOL. Oh, thats not so bad. I once had a McSteamy walk into my patient room at the doctors office. He asked, “What’s wrong?” And I said, “I dunno?… I don’t feel so good…”, made a dreadful face, then puked orange juice ALL OVER his nice white jacket. Yeah! Talk about dyyyyying of embarassment.

  3. Paola says

    Ha Ha, funny how no matter where you are from or your parents for that matter, they are always saying stuff like that.
    I am from Colombia and I remember my mom saying that to me when I was a little girl, hahah I may say it to my daughter now!!!
    Thanks for the clips, I had a good laugh!!!

  4. Susan says

    This is hysterical! Laughed out loud (or is it aloud?) hearing your Care Bears story!! Thanks for sharing!! Looks like it was a lot of fun. :)

  5. Ruth Abbott says

    Somewhere a Mrs McSteamy is watching this yelling “Honey, you know that story you always tell at the dinner parties about the girl with the underwear…”

  6. Kris says

    Just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate that your links open up to new windows. Not every blog does that, and I love that I can click on the numerous links on your posts and easily go back to the original one I was reading without having to hit the back button a million times. Thanks for doing that!

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