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**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but Sherry will be back in a few hours with a big ol’ tool breakdown for everyone who requested some DIY-related holiday gift ideas. Does that get you as hot and bothered as it gets me?

It’s time for our monthly shout out to thank all of the Santa-esque sponsors who help make our other 30+ posts possible. Putting this jolly ol’ round-up of items together was especially fun, since we’ve definitely had gifts on the brain. So we’ve chosen things that feel seasonal-ish & festive (even if you just give ’em to yourself). Not that we’ve been gifted anything (here’s our no-swag policy). And of course there are some pretty sweet discounts to take advantage of at the bottom of the post for ya. Happy holidays everyone!

  • Simplify 101‘s organizing workshops for the scatterbrains on your Christmas list.
  • Chemical-free cleaning systems from Norwex consultant Heather Pheasey.
  • Hometalk‘s $200 HomeGoods giveaway this week. That’ll buy lots of gifts!
  • This faux gator tray in festive lime green from Z Gallerie (for the holiday hostess).
  • The Tile Shop‘s bold glass mosaic patterns, like these cool “cherry” ellipse guys.
  • This open-form star pendant (and other holiday lighting) from Shades of Light.
  • WallQuotes‘seasonal decals that get everyone into the spirit (they’re removable, btw).
  • New removable glue-free wallpaper in kid-friendly patterns from Trendy Peas.
  • Tons of holiday silhouettes at Le Papier Studio, like Santa hat kid plates. Cute!
  • FLOR‘s mix-and-match texture-filled patterns, like this one called “Rake Me Over.”
  • Custom holiday cards from Hoot Design Co. (though you might be cutting it close…)
  • A Vintage Poster‘s prints (they’re cool, affordable, & could make nice stocking stuffers)
  • Dot Coms For Moms‘ round up of DIY-able, gift-able, and decorate-able projects.
  • This pillow from Lacefield Designs (love the small-scale pattern & color gradient).
  • The fun vintage stuff that comes up when you search “Santa” on Ruby Lane.
  • Liberty Hardware‘s smart adjustable width hook rail (for thick & thin doors alike).
  • Vintage stockings, Christmas banners, and Santa plates at House 8810.
  • Smock Paper‘s holiday gift guide, including gems like this bright 2012 calendar.
  • Cute, custom pillows featuring your cartoon-ified kid from Sarah + Abraham.
  • Royal Design Studio‘s “Floral Fret” pattern (for holiday projects… and beyond).

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:


  1. says

    Yes! Maybe I can finally knock out my Christmas shopping for my hubby. We just bought our first house and I am totally unsure as to what to get him, but our house has been “well-loved” so we are working on putting a little love of our own into it!


  2. says

    Hello, I was just wondering if you did the drawing yet for the Seal Me house painting give away. I’m not sure if I missed it but I’m very excited about it so I just wanted to double check.

    • says

      Yup! Check out the very bottom of this afternoon’s post for the link to the winner! Or you can scroll back to the original contest post (our winner is written at the top).


  3. Rose says

    When was the last time you only posted once on a Friday? Not complaining…just saying I think I read that note every Friday morning :)

    • says

      No, I agree. I always love seeing as many posts as you guys feel like posting – the more the merrier!

      But I have to agree with Rose – I was thinking the same thing. I feel like your disclaimer about “usually only posting once on Fridays but today we’ll be back with more” happens more often than not.

      Like Rose said, not complaining :-) but maybe you don’t need that disclaimer after all since it feels to me like you usually end up posting twice on most Fridays after all.

      Are you sure you only post twice on Fridays during your once a month sponsor shout out? I mean, I’m sure you guys know better than I do, but I just feel like it’s more than that.


      Love the new rug in your living room by the way – the size of it fits so much better!

    • says

      Yup, we’re sure! If you scroll back though our posts you can see that we’ve posted once each Friday since our last sponsor shout out on November 11th. Last Friday’s post was our monthly superlatives post, the week before that was the quiz from Nate Berkus, and the week before that was Four Things (about our secondhand finds and piggy speaker from West Elm). So we like to give folks a quick heads up when we’re breaking the once-on-Friday routine each month (since we only do it once out of 4-5 weeks). Hope it helps!


  4. says

    I saw the shelf paper here and thought I pipe up with a suggestion for you guys – try cork! Of all the different shelf liners I’ve had, cork has been hands down the best and it looks great too!

    Happy Friday and Coutermas to you!!

    p.s. Like Hanukkah, Coutermas is celebrated over many days, however Countermas is a much longer holiday – something like 30 days!

  5. says

    So Excited!! Thank you for the coupon codes. Just got 2 amazing prints from Sugar Fresh for my daughters room! Can’t wait for them to get here. Thank you again!!

  6. says

    Quick question for John,

    What type of saw do you recommend for a just starting out newb home owner? Jig, miter, or any other types I’m not sure of? :)



    • says

      We started off with a miter saw (which can actually make straight or angled cuts very easily and cleanly) and eventually got a jig (which helps to join wood/make furniture) and then got a jig saw (which doesn’t make clean perfect cuts, so it’s better for demo). We’ll have more info in this afternoon’s post for ya!


  7. Elise says

    Thank you guys for 2 things.

    1. For motivating me to get started on home improvement projects again.

    2. For all these great places to buy Christmas gifts! (i.e. West Elm and A Vintage Poster)

  8. Kim says

    Thanks for the discounts – I could buy something from almost all of your sponsors if I had the money!

    BTW – this is totally off subject and related to a cleaning post from ages ago, but wanted to let you know how much that post helped us. It was about making all the homemade cleaners for your house with natural ingredients like baking or washing soda, borax, Dr. Bronner’s soap, vinegar, etc. I had been wanting to do this for so long but didn’t have the time (ok, or inclination) to go searching for cleaner recipes and try them out. But when you’re post so nicely included so many of them, I was ecstatic to try them (yeah, I’m weird like that). Well, I’m happy to say I’ve tried quite a few of them – glass cleaner, all-purpose spray, liquid cleaner (I use that for hand-washing dishes) and just recently made a batch of dishwasher detergent. And they ALL work wonderfully!!! I use the Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap to make the spray and liquid cleaner and it smells AWESOME while using it and afterward too. I was a little nervous on the dishwashing detergent, but it works really well too. Sometimes the glasses have a tiny bit of residue on them, but nothing horrible and I don’t mind rinsing them a bit since we’re saving so much on cleaning supplies and I feel loads better knowing it’s safer for our family and better for the environment. Thank you so much for that wonderful post – you guys have inspired me to do so much more than I would have tried normally and it’s all been for the better! Merry Merry Christmas to you!

  9. says

    Boo! And I just bought my stencil from Royal Design :( Wish I had known about the discount, however I know it will be worth every penny. Thanks for the inspiration guys!

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