Pop Quiz From Professor Berkus

We’re taking a break from nursing our turkey hangover to share that our buddy (not really, but we did get to meet him once) Nate Berkus has a style quiz on his website (thanks for the tip Lauren!). And you know we love a time-wasting style quiz (here are a bunch of others that we’ve shared). I was especially encouraged by this one because not only was it being served up by a dude designer, there’s even a dude in the graphic. Bound to be a pretty gender neutral decorating quiz, right?

Wrong. Before I knew it I was :

So I just took some guesses. Oh, and for the record – I’d go coral, buy the loafers, and I’m down with daisies.

But as quickly as I had begun to question this quiz, I gained all faith back when I saw the results. Nate pinned me as “Vintage.” In five measly questions it somehow detected my love of garage sales and thrift stores along with my appreciation for an aged look. Color me impressed… and apparently a shade of coral.

Only more impressive were Sherry’s results. She was a combination of Vintage and Modern. Basically a bit of me with a love of clean lines thrown in. Sounds about right, eh?

So if you guys have a moment between family stuff and scarfing leftover turkey we’d love to know how you did. Is the quiz as spot on as it feels, or did we just get lucky?

Psst- Nobody paid or perk’d us for mentioning this, we just love sharing quizzes (like these others from days gone by).






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