Giving Thanks

**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but today we’ll be back in a few hours with a post about the newest ceramic animal that we’ve added to our family. Not exactly cuddly, but cute.

It’s time for our monthly shout out to thank all of the lovely sponsors who make our other 30+ posts possible. And of all the times of the year, this one seems the most suited for our little thank-fest. So in that spirit, we’re highlighting a bunch of things that bring out our favorite parts of Thanksgiving – family, food, warm clothes, and warm colors. Not that we’ve been gifted anything (here’s our no-swag policy). Oh and there are some bonus discounts rounded up at the bottom for ya. Happy turkey day month everyone!

  • This mixed metal chandelier from Shades of Light (so great for a dining room).
  • Z Gallerie‘s proof that even your Thanksgiving table can rock some autumn-y sparkle.
  • A way to snag some of that sparkle: a $250 Z Gallerie giveaway from Hometalk.
  • WallQuotes‘ charming kitchen decals (just in time for all that holiday cooking).
  • Penny tile from The Tile Shop! But you already knew we were digging that these days.
  • SugarFresh‘s simply stylish rendering of one of Clara’s new favorite songs.
  • Great playful patterns from Chic Shelf Paper (like these lovely yellow leaves).
  • Tiny Tag birthstone charms from Heart & Stone Jewelry (for my fellow Scorpios).
  • Sustainably made cards from Smock Paper that give thanks for even the little things.
  • Sarah + Abraham‘s custom placements for your little Thanksgiving sous chef.
  • This other stencil from Royal Design Studio that we also considered for our office.
  • P.C. Fallon‘s selection of pepper mills (in case your turkey comes out on the bland side).
  • The warm color palettes at Lacefield Designs (even the soft and subtle ones).
  • This so-quirky-it’s-cool vintage planter on Ruby Lane (gobble gobble, baby).
  • “Homegrown” hardware from Liberty Hardware that’s all made by hand.
  • House 8810‘s Thanksgiving round up, including the coolest turkey platter ever.
  • The baking section of Dot Coms For Moms fall guide. Um… yum.
  • The fact that this “Stripe It Rich” pattern from FLOR comes in the color “Moolah.”
  • A Vintage Poster‘s playful prints, especially the ones that encourage more dessert.
  • This map print from Hoot Design Co. even if it is Missouri (and not Virginia) themed.

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:


  1. says

    Speaking of “Giving Thanks”, are you guys doing your thanks jar again this year? The one with the missing a-hole? (whenever I hear the term “a-hole” I think of you now, no offense). :D

  2. says

    I love when you guys go window shopping at your sponsor’s stores. You always find such pretty things :o) Good thing Christmas is right around the corner!

  3. Barb says

    My monthly reply of : without sponsors we would not have YHL. We appreciate them and you all.

    Off the subject but need an answer when you have time…What kind of fabric dye would you suggest I use to dye some fabric…light beige pillow covers to gray.

    Brand name
    Where do I buy it
    Anything else need to know on using it.

    Thanks Sherry and John.


  4. Beth W. says

    I’m glad you went with the stencil you did for the office- the other one reminds me a little too much of eyes staring at me (a la your kitchen cabinet knobs)! :p

  5. says

    Thank goodness for your sponsors(and other readers, and your imagination and drive) that allow you to do this DIY thing you do… I would miss seeing all of the transformations and would have to find other not so much fun ways of wasting time in the day ;) Really though, I don’t feel like I waste my time on here. All for a prupose right?

  6. Crystal G. says

    I thought a post entitled “Giving Thanks” posted on Veterans day would be about something else altogether. I’m grateful for your sponsors because I love you guys and your blog, but my thanks go to the veterans today (who deserve it every day)!

  7. Kristin H. says

    Am I the only one that read “home is where your mom is” as a ‘your mom’ joke?!?! Gosh I’m so inappropriate.

  8. snosie says

    I wanted to let you know that I love the way you do this post – I’ve been only reading for a week or so (best Fri night in ever – helped me beat my ‘I’m a loser’ blues).

    So many blogs turn into a full on sell fest cause of their sponsors, whereas this is tasteful, not overwhleming, not like an infomercial… All round GREAT! (I mean I’m aussie, so a lot of the vendors are not local for me, so delivery would be nightmarish, so I prefer the more low key approach).

    Keep up the good work – thanks to you, I enjoyed a browse of furniture stores in anticipation for the purchasathon once I have bought an apartment!

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