Blogiversary IV: You Time

We’ve blabbed on (and on) about ourselves this week, so we wanted to take a moment (as we usually do during these blogiversary weeks) to focus on you… and your feelings. Okay, not so much your feelings. Unless, um, you want to talk about them.

But seriously, you know so much about us, so we’d love to learn a bit about you (and no, this isn’t some not-so-cleverly disguised marketing research survey – it’s just us being nosy and wondering who the heck you fine people are). So just like last year, I’m breaking out our little polling plug-in to let you guys weigh in about yourselves. And just as you have in past years, feel free to expand on any answer in the comment section – or just use it to share something random (favorite food?), link to your blog, or tell us something else about yourself that you think we should know (anyone sporting a soda shirt?).

Darn, our polling plug-in isn’t playing nice right now (aka: it crashed our site four times in a row) so we spontaneously moved the poll party over to Facebook. Here’s that link for ya. Don’t forget after you submit your poll to: 1) scroll up and 2) click the “view results” button at the top of the page (to see where you fall into the mix). It’s so interesting for us to learn more about you guys! Oh and ignore the big ugly ad at the top of the poll, this was one of those ahh-we’re-crashing-and-need-another-quick-alternative kind of decisions.

If you’re not in Facebook or just prefer to sound off in the comments, here are some of the questions (we just won’t have the capability to tally those up like the Facebook poll automatically does):

Thanks for playing along!

PS: The collage of photos at the top of this post are some of your gravatars plucked from actual comments on our site (and what a good looking bunch you are). If you’re currently gravatar-less (or don’t know what one is) you can learn more about it here.


UPDATE: Now that it has been a couple of days, a few people suggested that we post the results of the Facebook survey for all to see back here (remember it’s not really a perfect representation of all of our readers because 5,000 people took the poll, but many others commented with their stats instead – and I’m sure a fair amount stayed silent altogether):

Thanks so much for the fun! It really is great to get to know you all a little more.






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