Blogiversary IV: You Time

We’ve blabbed on (and on) about ourselves this week, so we wanted to take a moment (as we usually do during these blogiversary weeks) to focus on you… and your feelings. Okay, not so much your feelings. Unless, um, you want to talk about them.

But seriously, you know so much about us, so we’d love to learn a bit about you (and no, this isn’t some not-so-cleverly disguised marketing research survey – it’s just us being nosy and wondering who the heck you fine people are). So just like last year, I’m breaking out our little polling plug-in to let you guys weigh in about yourselves. And just as you have in past years, feel free to expand on any answer in the comment section – or just use it to share something random (favorite food?), link to your blog, or tell us something else about yourself that you think we should know (anyone sporting a soda shirt?).

Darn, our polling plug-in isn’t playing nice right now (aka: it crashed our site four times in a row) so we spontaneously moved the poll party over to Facebook. Here’s that link for ya. Don’t forget after you submit your poll to: 1) scroll up and 2) click the “view results” button at the top of the page (to see where you fall into the mix). It’s so interesting for us to learn more about you guys! Oh and ignore the big ugly ad at the top of the poll, this was one of those ahh-we’re-crashing-and-need-another-quick-alternative kind of decisions.

If you’re not in Facebook or just prefer to sound off in the comments, here are some of the questions (we just won’t have the capability to tally those up like the Facebook poll automatically does):

  • how old you are
  • your gender
  • where you live (state, country, or continent)
  • who you live with (better half, kids, pups, imaginary friends?)
  • if you own/rent/live in dorms/live with rents, etc
  • your idea of a good Saturday afternoon (working on a big reno? a small craft project? watching design shows?)
  • what reality show you’d like to be on (Design Star? Project Runway? Amazing Race? Jersey Shore?)

Thanks for playing along!

PS: The collage of photos at the top of this post are some of your gravatars plucked from actual comments on our site (and what a good looking bunch you are). If you’re currently gravatar-less (or don’t know what one is) you can learn more about it here.


UPDATE: Now that it has been a couple of days, a few people suggested that we post the results of the Facebook survey for all to see back here (remember it’s not really a perfect representation of all of our readers because 5,000 people took the poll, but many others commented with their stats instead – and I’m sure a fair amount stayed silent altogether):

  • AGE: 63% are twenty-somethings, 29% are thirty-somethings, 4% are forty-somethings, 1% are fifty-plus and 1% are teens 
  • GENDER: 99% are women, 1% are men (are the guys just being quiz-shy or something?)
  • LOCATION: 87% live in the USA, 5% in Canada, 4% in Europe, 2% in Australia, and 1% in Asia
  • HOME: 61% own their home, 31% rent, 6% live with parents, and 1% live at school
  • OTHER: A majority of readers are married, have pets, and a winning smile (these percentages were off because Facebook tallied it out of total answers to the question, not total respondents)
  • FAV AFTERNOON ACTIVITY: In order of popularity (most to least): fun family outing, reading blogs, doing small craft, shopping, working on big makover, watching design shows, decorating for a party, and last but not least: going to open houses.
  • REALITY SHOW: In order of popularity (most to least): Amazing Race, Design Star, Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model, American Idol, Jersey Shore, Cops (yes, 166 people would like to be on Cops).

Thanks so much for the fun! It really is great to get to know you all a little more.


  1. says

    Just started doing my blog again after a year of CRAZY, but just wanted to say that you all inspire me when it comes to working on my home! I used to always be in the mindset that either the changes or the cost or both had to be major or else I wasn’t doing something spectacular. Y’all dispelled all of that for me! Thank you!

    • says

      So now that that’s out of the way…I will tell you about me:
      I blog, design (graphics), (wo)man an Etsy shop, and do a little semi-pro photography…and work full time outside the home. Somewhere in there I find time for my wonderful boyfriend and darling daughter. We love to garage sale and we’re very slowly decorating the house he bought 8 months ago and you guys are a great source of inspiration.

      And I have a shirt that says “California” in the Coca-Cola font style. Does that count? Am I cool like John?

    • Stefanie says

      Ooh, I have one that says “Ciao-Ciao!” in Coca-Cola script – I’m totally pretending that’s cool enough to be in the club. Plus, it’s Italian, like Sherry! … okay that was a stretch.

  2. NatalieM. says

    Only cause you guys mention turning 30 in the interview and I just did in August. So I had to choose my age starts with number 3, which now puts me in the minority … ok slight depression creeping in LOL (i mean kinda sad face)

    • says

      Don’t worry! The dirty thirties aren’t so bad! ;)

      I recommend coconut oil around the eyes, some extra-high heels, and attitude out the wahzoo. Everything else will fall into place.

      (Just don’t start talking about Charles in Charge or The New Kids on the Block around them youngsters. Crickets. You will hear crickets.)

    • says

      Haha well I’m 24 and I know the Charles in Charge theme song… I never saw the show, but a punk band I like did a cover of the song a few years back =p

    • Harinee says

      Oooh I’m 29 now(for a few more months – and I intend to milk every last moment!). This thing happens a lot to me when I’m filling out a form – my hand goes automatically to the first checkbox (usually an 18-somthing one), then I move to the next box and it’s still not it!! Then I move to the nexxt one after that… I always tell this story when age discussions happen :)

    • Molly P-H says

      Could be worse. You could be like me — one of the 3% of 40 year olds reading the blog ;}. What do I care?! A great DIY home dec blog with an adorable chihuahua is a tough one to beat in my book! Molly in Florida

    • JennyB says

      I’m with you, Molly my 40s. But I really feel like I’m still 30!! I’m also a late bloomer. I have a 2 year old and pregnant with bambino #2. You’re only as old as you feel.

  3. Meredith says

    All I’ve got is a winning smile. And a killer Scrabble game, but that wasn’t on the survey. But I’ve got that and I’m counting it!

    In your “Fuzzbuckets…” sentence I think you mean that you “didN’t ask this one” not that you did. :)

  4. Laura says

    Just wanted to comment in and add that I love your blog. You have inspired me and the hubs to make our rental apartment feel like our own with a few DIY projects. Also, I’m a fellow Jersey girl who logs in daily from my Parsippany office. Your the first web address I type in the morning. Even before checking my work email!

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