That’s Not My Signature

Knowing we’re always game for a decorating quiz (like these of the past), our Twitter buddy Shelley sent us the link to Ethan Allen’s “What’s Your Signature” quiz a few days back. It, like any other non-scientific “what’s your style” quiz, was a just-for-fun attempt to define your decorating personality – this time in terms of Ethan Allen’s “Signature Lifestyles.”

It was also remarkably speedy (style quizzes = fun, belabored twenty minute style quizzes = not fun). It just asked you to click one of two images based on what “grabs you first,” which was actually kind of a fun way to let your gut instincts take over. Heck, I even found myself randomly choosing a pearl necklace.

But look where all that jewelry-clicking got me. My diagnosis: Romance (?!?!?)

In a word: barf. Beg my pardon, that’s not very “romantic” of me. I meant: le barf.

No offense to this style or this style quiz (or Ethan Allen himself), but it is the COMPLETE opposite of me (just what every wife wants to hear, right? I’m 180-degrees from romance). But c’mon, just look at the description (curvaceous silhouettes? dressmaker fabrics?). If you know me at all, you know there is very little about this space that could be described as my “signature lifestyle.” Okay, maybe that map over the bed (I never met a map I didn’t like).

Speaking of maps, Sherry rubbed it in by getting Explorer as her result:

Probably not a perfect description of Sherry (her blank passport does not speak to “images of world travel”) but it was definitely a closer fit than mine (she loves natural fibers, textural variations, and we’ve definitely been embracing a bit more “relaxed eclecticism” in this house compared to our first one).

Feeling jealous of Sherry’s diagnosis, I took the quiz again (they have different image pairings each time). And even though I dared to click on the pearls again – I got a closer fit with my second result: Vintage.

Not that I’ll be wearing that outfit above anytime soon, but the rooms shown under this style diagnosis definitely felt more like moi me (sorry, that’s the “romance” sneaking back in).

Okay, your turn. Feel free to take the “What’s Your Signature” quiz (even twice if you have to) and share your results. Were they way off? Dead on? Inspiring in all the right ways? Or just nice for a good laugh? Oh, and if you feel like killing more time, you can find a bunch of the previous quizzes that we’ve test driven here.

Psst- In what can only be described as more-thrilling-than-90210 news, Tori Spelling herself mentioned us on her blog today (among some other great sites of which we’re humbled to be grouped). When I told Sherry she went into silent-freak-out-mode, which never happens. It was epic. I mean, when is Sherry silent?

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  1. says

    Neat! I’m “Vintage”, too – but I think mine’s more accurate than John’s. I second (or third, or fourth) that huge “congrats” on the Tori mention! How exciting!

  2. Chris says

    I took it twice, and got Vintage the first time and Explorer the 2nd try. I feel closer to vintage, but their images kill me (too many puffy shirts).

  3. hyzen says

    Well, being neurotic, I took the test like 5 times, and got either Elegant or Vintage each time, but mostly Elegant. Unfortunately, those rooms do little for me. They are generally pretty enough, but I wouldn’t choose to live in one. Vintage isn’t bad, and I also like Explorer, which I never got because I always chose the horsey options over the “exotic” looking ones.

  4. Katie says

    Why does Ethan Allen use Vintage to mean “country?” Some of it is true vintage, but some of it’s a little honky tonk for me.

    I was split between Vintage and Explorer. Love the wood beams with a bit of an international flair.

  5. Ashley says

    Haha I love the mental image of Sherry’s silent freakout. Do you remember The Office episode “Broke,” when David Wallace says Dunder Mifflin will pay $60,000 to buy out Michael Scott Paper Company? Michael’s expression is so hilarious and that’s how I’m picturing Sherry’s reaction.

  6. Manda says

    I took it and got Modern as well, which is totally correct.
    Although I think I took this a while ago and kept getting things that were totally NOT me.
    I guess it depends on what pics they happen to show you- most of the time I wouldn’t have picked either if I didn’t have to. :/

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