Chihuahuas Give Terrible House Tours

Since there’s still a whole lotta action going on with this morning’s Pinterest Challenge (we’re completely blown away by all the projects you guys are sharing), we thought we’d post a crazy little Burger video like the ones we used to work in a while back (Clara and Burger are clearly the stars of this show anyway).

We thought it was hilarious that this random footage of the burgmeister actually included a decent amount of our house (and some great get-oriented flow thanks to him running around like a maniac). So without further ado, here’s Burger’s poor man’s (poor dog’s?) version of a house tour video (you can even catch some peeks at new yellow flowers in the kitchen and a big Clara mess on the office floor). Oh but to those who get motion sick, you might not want to push play…

Although it kept Clara plenty entertained (she was in my non-video-taping arm the whole time, hence the giggling/squealing sounds throughout), here’s why we won’t be asking Burger to lead a tour of our home again anytime soon:

  1. He was a bit rushed. Okay, a lot rushed.
  2. His narration was less than descriptive. Care to tell us what we’re looking at buddy?
  3. Could use a little less kitchen, a little more dining room, living room, bedrooms, sunroom… and a little less floor.
  4. The camera work was crazy shaky. Technically that was my fault, but I blame him for making me run.

Okay, so clearly Burger wasn’t really giving a house tour. But we figured you guys would enjoy a peek into life with our little nutcase roaming scurrying the halls. Do you have any random videos of someone in your family (animal or human) that happens to catch a bunch of rooms in the background?

Anyway, since this impromptu video reminded me of Sherry’s messy house tour from back in April, I figured I’d toss that in too, just for the memories:

Come to think of it, we should probably do another official house tour video for you guys since so much has changed since then. Maybe we should do one before cleaning up and one after, just so you can compare everyday vs. trying a little harder so you can see how rooms look at their best.

The hardest part about the clean-house video tours? All rooms have to be clean at once (so you can’t shove kitchen junk into the office, since the office ends up in the tour too). Boo. But maybe that’s a good thing because it forces us to get rid of piles of junk that accumulate and start fresh.

In other news, with a little walker on our hands, it was time to baby-proof the walls. So we pulled a little gallery frame wall switcheroo with the bean in mind. First we swapped out the glass in those bottom frames for plexi glass (or whatever the proper term for frames with plastic-y fake glass “panes” are called). As for how we did that, we were actually given some cheap-o 5 x 7″ and 8 x 10″ frames with not-real-glass for various birthday and holiday occasions as gag gifts. You know, those inexpensive ones from places like Target or Walmart or the dollar store that don’t necessarily match all the frames you have and might be filled with photoshopped pics of you and a celebrity you’ve never met or a printed application to the Dexter Fan Club (or is that just our quirky family?).

For a while they sat in the yard sale/donate pile (which overlaps with the gag-regift pile) but then we realized we could repurpose the not-glass-panes. So we just removed the glass from our Ikea frames and slipped in the plexi from the cheaper frames. It’s the best of both worlds – no glass but frames that were more well made and didn’t look as cheap and plastic-y.

We also secured them to the wall and added some fun “teaching art” while we were at it. More on that here on BabyCenter.


    • says

      She hasn’t really “discovered” them yet, so we’re good so far. But that doesn’t mean books don’t disappear off of other shelves around the house…


  1. Jessi says

    My husband and I are looking at building a home. I just realized, thanks to your video, that a house plan with room for our pup to run in circles is a must. Oh, the places we find inspiration.

    • Yulia says

      Just be careful because kids will run in circles too! I have two boys that scream joyously as they do this every day. Great fun for them, it but makes for a very loud and crazy house!

    • says

      Yulia, we love that the kids run in circles! Wears them out for naptime. They’re only little and loud for so long. :)

  2. says

    My dogs are so amused by Clara’s giggles and squeals that they both had to come to the computer to investigate. I love how Burger runs from room to room!

  3. Karla says

    I love this post! The video is great! I have a chihauhau named Sophie, and she does the same thing! So does her bud Santo, our Shi Tzu. I also love the fact that you didn’t take down the photos just because Clara was touching them. As a daycare provider I often get frustrated when parents put things up and take things away from their decor because it will never teach the kids to live amongst those things. I do agree however, if items are harmful to kids they should be taken out of reach. Keep up the awesome work! I love Burger posts! :))

  4. says

    oh i’m sorry– was i supposed to be looking at your house?? ’cause i couldn’t stop laughing at your too cute dog and and adorable baby squeels… that is almost enough for me to want a little burger. :)

  5. Molly says

    HAHA! My dogs do that too!! We call it the zoomies, only it’s less adorable with them since they are gigantic gawky lab-mixes and instead of cheerful giggling in the background it’s me frantically waving my arms and leaping to save falling glass things. Your little dog was a much better choice in that respect!

  6. says

    its nice to know that your place isn’t pristine 24/7. I get such a complex when i look at decorating mags and blogs because its hard not to think that it looks like that all the time. thanks for sharing.

  7. says

    It totally sounds like Clara is the one holding the video camera, so I picture her being a 5 foot + toddler who likes to run around and make squealing videos.

    • says

      Haha- they grow up so fast. I’m sure I’ll blink my eyes and she’ll be a five year old stalking Burger with the video camera. Just like her young-at-heart dad. Haha.


  8. Traci says

    I need to show this to my boyfriend, who still believes a house should look like no one’s ever been there. @@

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