Hot, Sticky, & Thankful

**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but today we’ll be back in a few hours with one more post for ya. Just because we kind of like (ok, kind of love) you guys.

Yup, it’s time again for our monthly “thanks y’all!” to our sponsors for helping us keep this ol’ blog up and running (and making our other 30-some posts possible). So although we’re doused in perspiration thanks to all of the hot weather, we’re also pretty soaked with appreciation for these folks. Hence the title. As usual, we’re sharing specific items that catch our eye – not that we’ve been gifted anything (here’s our no-swag policy). And of course there are special discounts listed at the end of this post for all of you deal seeking gals (and guys?). So happy hot & sweaty Friday to ya.

  • Bath & body products from P.C. Fallon (they make a dude want to type the word purty).
  • Studio Eriksdotter, who turns your bridal bouquet into fresh art (Sherry is enamored).
  • Sarah + Abraham, who can pillow-fy your child for a squeezable & personalized piece.
  • This bright & summery hooked wool rug designed by Trina Turk at Shades of Light.
  • Versatile raw cork tile from Design for Less (it can be even be poly-ed for bathrooms).
  • Celebrating the ones around you with some family-centric decals from WallQuotes.
  • Wow-worthy stone listellos from The Tile Shop that add spice and interest to spare.
  • Z Gallerie‘s daily $320 Facebook giveaway, so you can score goodies like these frames.
  • Playful double-sided wrapping paper from Smock Paper, like this “Pollen” print.
  • Royal Design Studio‘s Moroccan lattice stencil (kinda like our yellow rug in wall form).
  • Words to live by (in print form) from Freshline Illustration (the yellow is so cheerful).
  • This elephant trophy from Cardboard Safari, which is practically begging for a peanut.
  • Recycled sterling silver rivet rings from Heart & Stone Jewelry (they’re great for dad).
  • Free-standing 8×10 metal panels from CanvasRox – they’re a twist on the usual frame.
  • Vintage art and decor on Ruby Lane, like this old school Kansas license plate.
  • House 8810‘s fun stuff for summer, like this “magical” mason jar that captures the sun.
  • Functional finds in Liberty Hardware‘s catalog, like this stainless hanging kitchen rail.
  • Stealing color, furniture, and flooring inspiration from one of our favorite catalogs: FLOR.
  • The fact that Hometalk‘s giving away an awesome Weber Grill to kick off grillin’ season.
  • Retro orange drawer liner from Chic Shelf Paper (it has me craving an orangeade).
  • This monochromatic version of Hoot Design Co‘s signature Simply Baby print.
  • The Stylefinder quiz on My Design Guide, (you know we love a good design quiz).
  • And in case you missed it, Katie Bower did a lovely recap of our trip to Georgia…
  • …including some stellar photos. That girl’s got skillz (yes, with a Z, so we seem edgy… or prepubescent).

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:

Psst- We announced this week’s giveaway winner. Click here to see if it’s you.


  1. says

    Thank you! I was waiting on this to order my Flor tiles for our living room, but the code in the link doesn’t work. Says it’s not valid. Any suggestions?

  2. says

    You guys have the best sponsors ever, seriously. That stuff is all gorgeous.
    I’m currently on the hunt for a ceramic greyhound, like your old one, so if you see any (for a price that doesn’t induce nausea), please pass it along! I grew up with a greyhound, and the fiance is allergic to dogs, so that will sadly be as close as I get to owning another one.

    • says

      So sorry about that, they’re still running a sidebar ad with that code on it so we thought it was current. Here’s hoping they bring it back soon!


  3. says

    Hahaha I HAD to post a comment about this. Last night, I kid you not, you guys were in a dream I had. So weird, I know, but go with it. So, I was on the phone with John asking him some kind of complicated DIY question and he was pausing to check his phone because Sherry was in labor with baby #2! For the record, I told him to hang up with me and go to the hospital. Then later I was randomly hanging out with both of you (no baby…?… dreams are wacky) and I had taken some kind of antacid wrong (too much?) and to counteract it the bottle instructions said I had to consume 2oz of alcohol along with some fruit. LOL! Moral of the story? Apparently I need a drink. Anyway, thanks for the cameo, it was fun!

  4. says

    So sad about the FLOR, was going to get the Cayenne color to go with our new KARL! Still may do it though since the Fedora is on sale…

  5. Barb says

    We are thankful for the sponsors also….because without them…there would be no YOUNG HOUSE LOVE!! So just want you to know that:

    We appreciate them, but more important….WE APPRECIATE YOU BOTH!!!

    Have a great weekend! GREAT posts this week. And thanks for the gift of giving us one more.


  6. Becky says

    Oooohh!! I cannot wait to order the bridal boquet art and the pillow made to look like your child!! What cute ideas!! Thank you, Sherry and John!!!

    • Leigh Anne says

      I was thinking the exact same thing!! I emailed myself things to pin when I get home because I can’t access Pinterest from work:)

  7. says

    I have a quick question, after spending entirely too much time searching, I can’t find the stainless kitchen rail from Liberty hardware featured in the photo on their website. Can you tell me where you found it?

    • says

      Hi KLL,

      It’s actually from some images they sent me back when we did their giveaway last month, so unfortunately I can’t point you in the right direction online. But I’ve sent an email to my contact asking her to swing by this post and respond with any additional information she has. I do know Liberty is sold in most Wal-marts, Lowe’s, Home Depot & Ace Hardwares (so you might find it on one of their sites too).


    • Amy @Liberty says

      Hi KLL,

      That rail is called the Essick rail and you can find it at Target in their hardware department, or at most Lowe’s stores. Hope this helps!

  8. Lauren says

    Wow – the bridal bouquet art you showed off in this post is actually the bouquet of one of my friends from high school! :) She was just showing it off on Facebook recently.

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