May-ny Thanks

**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but today we’ll be back in a few hours with Clara’s b-day party-planning details (we’re in the middle of a DIY piñata and the jury is still out on it).

Yup, it’s time for our monthly “thanks y’all!” to our sponsors for helping us keep this ol’ blog up and running (and making our other 30-some posts possible). Plus, since this weekend marks our 1-year anniversary of both being full-time bloggers, we’re feeling particularly grateful to them (and to all of you!) for making that happen. If you told us a few years ago that our job title would someday be “blogger” we’d think you were coo-coo for cocoa puffs. So yeah, we’re thankful and happy to be here with you guys. As usual, we’re sharing specific items that catch our eye – not that we’ve been gifted anything (here’s our no-swag policy). And of course, there are special discounts listed at the end of this post for all you deal seeking mamma jammas. Enjoy!

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:






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