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**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but today we’ll be back in a few hours with Clara’s b-day party-planning details (we’re in the middle of a DIY piñata and the jury is still out on it).

Yup, it’s time for our monthly “thanks y’all!” to our sponsors for helping us keep this ol’ blog up and running (and making our other 30-some posts possible). Plus, since this weekend marks our 1-year anniversary of both being full-time bloggers, we’re feeling particularly grateful to them (and to all of you!) for making that happen. If you told us a few years ago that our job title would someday be “blogger” we’d think you were coo-coo for cocoa puffs. So yeah, we’re thankful and happy to be here with you guys. As usual, we’re sharing specific items that catch our eye – not that we’ve been gifted anything (here’s our no-swag policy). And of course, there are special discounts listed at the end of this post for all you deal seeking mamma jammas. Enjoy!

  • Tons of ways to up your drawers’ style, like these zinnias from Chic Shelf Paper.
  • Quirk Gallery‘s fresh items like this felt hydrangea (which prove it lives up to its name).
  • This lampshade from Shades of Light, which oozes color scheme inspiration.
  • Z Gallerie‘s Collette wall vase, which is half the container but twice as unique.
  • The natural spa vibe of “Skipping Stones” pebble tile from Design for Less.
  • WallQuotes, who goes beyond words with graphic decals and modern florals.
  • The Tile Shop‘s online gallery, which has me itching to tackle our kitchen backsplash.
  • The fact that Hometalk‘s giving away $300 for those with the same tiling itch.
  • This simple and modern “Petals” print from the always charming Trendy Peas.
  • Hoot Design Co‘s cool collection of prints that complement their stylish stationery.
  • Design advice, mood boards, color help & more from the experts at My Design Guide.
  • That Lisa Leonard upgraded the traditional banner by making it in hand-stamped metal.
  • Heart & Stone Jewelry necklaces that work for Father’s Day (or belated Mother’s Day).
  • Contemporary photo display options from CanvasRox, like their Chromaluxe Panels.
  • Stumbling across vintage and antique art on the virtual streets of Ruby Lane.
  • Pillows with happy endings, like this whimsical option from Lacefield Designs.
  • The fact that this longhorn from Cardboard Safari is nearly four feet wide. Woah!
  • House 8810, who has these coloful swell sheet sets called, well, “Swell Sheet Sets.”
  • The fun interface for exploring fixtures on Liberty Hardware‘s site. Get ready to zoom.
  • Several kids-room-ready design from FLOR, like the playful and ever popular Flora set.

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:


  1. Kristen says

    I’m so excited for Clara’s party! It’s kinda crazy, considering I don’t really “know” you guys, but I can’t wait!

    • says

      Me tooooooooooo. Oh man I had no idea I would feel this excited and emotional. I keep looking at her like “Do you know you’re about to be one?! And we all can’t wait to celebrate you! Never mind, go back to eating your block- you don’t even care.” Haha.


  2. ursula says

    Clara is so cute…side note-are you guys excited about the new Home Goods opening in Chesterfield-May 25, can’t wait lol!

    • says

      Yes! That’s my mom’s birthday so I keep telling her it’s a tie between how excited I am for HomeGoods and her birthday bash. Haha. Maybe we should celebrate at HomeGoods?!


  3. Kana says

    I made a pinata for my Japanese friend who didn’t know what a pinata was and he loved it! He actually loved it so much he didn’t want to smash it.. since then, he went back to Japan, and his poor fiance is still keeping it in her tiny apartment. haha

    Anyhow, pinata’s are so much fun to make!! Can’t wait to read your Clara b-day post!

  4. says

    Could you do us a favor and post not one, not two, but seven or eight posts today … the rest of us are d-o-w-n with Blogger broken :( We’re depending on ya, Sherry – haha!

  5. AT says

    Happy blogiversary and happy birthday to Clara! When my oldest turned one, I went on an all-out DIY’ed party extravaganza that would’ve made Martha Stewart proud! Celebrating your first child’s first birthday is an event to cherish – six years later, it’s still one of the best days of my life!

  6. Cori says

    Are you still into Keys? (sounds weird) I get an email from pick your plum they have cool keys that they are selling.

  7. Laura Jinkins says

    I know a lot of peeps tell you “Don’t blink – it will go SO fast!” but I want to reiterate … DON’T BLINK! I just watched my 15 year old perform at her piano recital last night ( and wondered “Where did my baby girl with the HUGE blue eyes go?” She’s turning into a lovely young lady, but my heart aches a tiny bit that she’s almost grown. You are so fortunate to work from home and have all this Clara time … I’ve been fortunate that way, too. Happy wonderful day to all three of you!

  8. Morgan says

    Urgent question: who is the lemon and who is the lime in this relationship? And while we’re comparing your relationship to inanimate objects, I think John is the rock and Sherry the balloon in y’all’s love story. Although that may be unfairly biased by a certain someone’s recent patio exploits.

    • says

      Haha, I’m the lemon and John’s the lime. Wait, maybe I’m the lime because they’re smaller and round. And he’s sour sometimes. Haha.


  9. says

    We just had my neice’s 1st birthday a couple of months ago, who knew that 50 people would show up for a one year old’s birthday. :)

  10. Steph H. says

    Love that lampshade from Shades of Light! I want my sister to get it for her house, but she says it’s too feminine for her! I guess I just get it for myself then…hahaha! Also happy early birthday to Clara! My nephew’s birthday is today and he’s turning 7!

  11. April says

    I am right in the middle of planning my son’s 1st b-day party and while it is very fun…it is also stressful!! Was planning Clara’s stressful as far as deciding who to invite (not too many), when to have it, what to eat, etc….. I just hate hurting anyone’s feelings but our house is not big enough for 50 plus people!!

    • says

      We did have a hard time deciding how far to extend the invites, but we looked to other babies in the family and their parties (many of them invited around 20 people and didn’t include long-distance relatives) so we did the same thing. It definitely helped that those babies paved the way- haha. Good luck with everything!


  12. says

    This is unrelated but I’ve been slowly reading through your archives and I just got to the post where you two were tasting Vegemite for the first time. All I could think was that those pictures of John looked so much like Clara’s funny faces. Do you have a consensus on who she looks more like? I definitely see both of you in most pictures.

    • says

      Haha, that was so funny. And oddly enough I still eat Vegemite and Cheesymite all the time (John does not- haha). Our families definitely think she looks more like John but occasionally someone will say she has my eyes and I’ll beam with pride. Haha. Maybe once she gets more hair she’ll start to look more like a girl and I’ll hear it more! Here’s hoping…


  13. says

    Chic shelf paper? Really? Do you have any idea how badly I’ve been looking for some nice patterned paper for my kitchen cabinet other than the plain ol’ ugly ones? Thanks for that!!!

    • says

      Yay, right? I don’t know how I missed it until today’s post but I had never noticed this sponsor before. I’m so excited not find something that isn’t the drab green, plain white or the blue striped rooster one at Wal-Mart!

      Aaaaand, I clicked and found out they offer up to our free samples! I’m in love, and my samples order is already in.

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