House Crashing: Graphic & Fun

When Courtney of Little Glass Box sent us photos of her amazing 105 year old row house in Baltimore, we knew we had to house crash the heck out of her, so here we go. First lets meet the fam (there’s Courtney, her son Olly, and her hubby Ryan):

How funny is that photo? You can already tell their house is going to playful and charming, right? Here’s the dining room, full of geometric pattern and rustic elegance thanks to the mix of the stenciled wall (Ryan did it himself) and the reclaimed wood table (Ryan built it himself). Notice a theme here? Ryan is handy. And guess who’s obsessed with the big wood horse on the table and the white deer head from ZGallerie on the wall? Hint: me.

Here’s the lovely kitchen that overlooks the dining room. The island was scored at Target (for just $75, down from $300!) and the chandelier was from Home Depot (they tweaked it by adding a gray shade). Their counters are concrete to continue Courtney’s love of gray.

And here’s the living room, complete with a fun photo collage flanked by sconces…

… and a pretty vanity (which used to be her mom’s) that Courtney revived and repurposed as a desk. Oh and the curtains are from West Elm (scored on sale).

Their master bedroom is gorgeous too, with more fun patterns and colors coming into play (note: not only is Ryan handy, he’s down with pink and florals – what a guy). The curtains are actually shower curtains and the pink dresser was $50 from craigslist (Courtney painted it Coral Gables from Sherwin Williams). And I have two words about the gold rhino head on the wall: I die.

But easily the most playful and graphic room of the bunch is little Olly’s nursery. See that amazing geometric wall on the right? It’s actually another…

… stencil! Yup, they DIYed that whole thing a stencil and some paint over two months of on and off labor (clarification: Courtney wasn’t in labor for two months, the wall stenciling process was two months of manual labor).

Look how amazing that is! It looks so sweet with their painted four poster crib (how elegant is that by the way- they found it on craigslist) which happens to have a little homemade no-sew crib skirt just like Clara’s. Oh and as for the crib decor, the pillows are removed before bed and the garland has since been relocated (safety first).

Here’s another angle of Olly’s room complete with giant horse art and a big white resin rhino head (from ZGallerie). Yes, I am also obsessed with those. And Courtney found that amazing yellow mantel for just $50 (marked down from $200) so she knew it was perfect for the room.

And because sometimes the details do it for me, I thought I’d leave you with this pretty little tablescape from the kitchen. How sweet is that cheese cutter? Courtney found it at a store in DC called Trohv. Love it.

So a huge thanks goes out to Courtney, Ryan, and Olly for letting us share their gorgeous and oh so creative home. You can check out Courtney’s blog for more photos and info, but first lets play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. I’m obsessed with the wall stencils in the dining room and Olly’s room along with the huge rustic wooden horse on the dining room table. Yes please. Oh and that gold rhino in the bedroom? Saweeeet. And John loves the rustic dining table that Ryan built along with that hilarious cheese cutter. And he wants to know why we don’t have a mustached family photo of our own. Good question indeed.

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  1. Haley says

    Great shout out to Trohv in this post! The original store is in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore and the new store is in DC! Check them out…great fun store and wonderful people that own and operate it!

  2. says

    I’m so glad I saw this post. I’ve been wondering if I can use shower curtains for actual curtains, but I was afraid. I love their bedroom! It is laid out a lot like mine, so it gives me some great inspiration.

  3. holly says

    i love the master bedroom most! i like how everything is not too matchy matchy and so it doesn’t look like they are trying to hard. and olly’s room is rad! i like when baby’s rooms are not so sticky sweet.

  4. says

    Wow!! I’m not a big commenter but I had to jump in on this one. That nursery is incredible. What a fun family. I will definitely be subscribing to their blog!

  5. Carol N. says

    Oooh, my favorite part is the painted dressers (coral in master and yellow in nursery). I’m in love with yellow right now though and am trying to fit it in with my grays for a touch of summer. I’ve just finished up all of my furniture painting but now I’m wanting to find more goodies and do them in coral and yellow. Love them!

  6. says

    I think I might be obsessed with their bedroom; probably because I’m mid-way in re-doing our bedroom in my brain. I really, really wonder if I can get away with moving our bed and having it slightly cover the windows like theirs does.

  7. Diane says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE – I live in Baltimore as well and the row houses are such a trademark of good old b’more! That stencil must have been a pita – but what a result! I’m thinking about trying it on one wall of my half-bath. I’d love to know more about how it’s done, the pitfalls, tips, etc…

  8. says

    Hey Kenley! I got the painting from Trohv it is amazing. They can probably still order one for you and have it shipped ;.)
    Hey Jenny B!! I got the heads, at zgallerie and at Homegoods. The wall color is Ralph Lauren’s broom ;.) Kim I got the rocker at Trohv (of course) and the rocking horse at Sam’s believe it or not ;.) & I agree Ashley Trohv is AMAZING!
    Thanks for all the compliments you guys are too sweet ;.)

  9. Amanda says

    Just loooove the colors in their house! So beautiful!

    Maybe are u interested in virtually house crash a home in São Paulo, Brazil?

  10. says

    Love the fun & modern flavour of this house.

    Just a question: I live in a smallish, narrow infill house too, with a toddler…I don’t see a play space here. Any comments on how they solve the kids toy clutter?

  11. says

    OK, this confirms it… I’ve been pining for months whether to wallpaper or stencil an accent wall in the dining room. After seeing these pics, stencil it is!!!!! So gorgeous!

  12. says

    What a pretty and cheery home! This kind of home is always my favorite because of the fun and happy details. And they did an amazing job on the stenciling. Hats off to them for their patience and precision.


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