Seven Minutes Of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back

I don’t know what possessed me to record nearly 10 minutes of mundane family time, but here’s Clara, Burger, John and my annoying behind-the-camera voice in all of their glory:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about losing seven minutes of your life watching something so painfully uneventful that it even bores the people it stars. Haha. But for anyone wondering how we spend our evenings, sometimes this is it.

Psst- My girl Amy tipped me off that Michael’s has a “25% off your entire purchase” coupon that’s good thru Saturday the 2nd. We scored a few giant canvases that were already 50% off for an extra 25% off. Just wanted to toss that out there before the coupon and the canvas sale expires.


  1. says

    haven’t looked at video yet but I JUST called Michaels to see if they had something I need to purchase today and they did and I was wondering if I could google a coupon and BOOM you’ve done it for me!!! Thanks!! now to watch this adorable video…

  2. Cara says

    How cute that Clara tried to throw her toy while you were throwing Burger’s toy! Just wait – she’ll be running after him before you know it! :)

  3. says

    Wow! Thanks for the coupon hint – What a great deal! Now I can go get something to work on over the weekend – Always looking for projects to add to my new blog! ( Thanks for being such an inspiration =)

  4. says

    It’s nice to see a little insight into what a “normal” night for you guys is like. It makes me feel more “normal”.

  5. Snickrsnack Katie says

    The crooked crawling is awesome! You can already tell that she is ingenious, like her mommy and daddy!

    I honestly thought that was a fun video. I guess my life is pretty mundane, too – I find adorable babies and funny doggies to be riveting! :)

  6. Kate says

    I love it. I have a daughter 3 weeks older than Clara, so I can watch videos like this for hours! I think Clara and my Mae would make great friends. :)

  7. Amelia says

    Has Clara said her first word yet? Because if she hasn’t, I would guess that it will either be ‘Uh-oh’ or ‘Doggie’ based on this video!

  8. Caroline says

    you should do a serious like what a typical evening, weekend day/night, sick, holiday is like for you guys. Personally, I like to be reminded that bloggers are real people like me

  9. Melissa says

    I’m assuming that with your life on the internets, you’ve seen this, but just in case, here it is (it’s a must-watch, especially with the little lady):

    Thanks for sharing the average night and above-average crawling technique :)

  10. Emily kidd says

    Thanks for the confirmation that y’all are in fact normal people :) and the rug is still so fabulous!