Bringing Stodgy Back

Get this. Apparently someone thinks we’re sexy. Well, technically they think we’re “stodgy.” But since they’re filming a series of short video profiles entitled Stodgy is Sexy, we’re gonna claim the sexy compliment as well… thanks to the transitive property of, um, compliments. Yeah, I just broke out “transitive property.” Guess I can’t stop the sexiness once it’s unleashed.

Here’s the scoop, back in January we were contacted by a documentary filmmaker out of NYC who was creating three minute video profiles of people who embodied a trend of folks returning to old school values like thrift and simplicity (aka, stodginess). They thought we fit the bill, so we accepted the invitation and soon we found them setting up shop in our future dining room for an afternoon. It didn’t even feel real. And four hours later they were gone without leaving a trace of evidence they had ever arrived. We almost thought we made it up, except for a few pictures like this on our camera:

It felt especially surreal since our brains were still scrambled from the move. We’d only lived here about a month (hence no dining table yet) so we’re sure the neighbors were wondering who the heck moved into their ‘hood with things like this hanging out on our front porch. What a letdown it’s gonna be for them when they meet us and we’re nobody interesting.

The crew was really nice and a good time was had by all. It was especially fun exposing Clara to some of the craziness that somehow finds its way into our house every once and a while. A window into her brain: Cameras and lights? Who cares. But blocks. Now those are exciting!

How do you answer questions on camera with a vocal baby singing in the background? We didn’t really think that through until they “landed.” Good thing the producer has a son about Clara’s age, so she was great at keeping our little bean busy while we blabbed our faces off to the cameras. Cheerios helped too. And here’s how they boiled down our afternoon into less than three minutes of stodginess sexiness:

You can also read more about the project as a whole and watch some of the other (under three minute) profiles by visiting their site. Or you can check out this teaser video about the whole project that they cobbled together with fellow Stodgies, like Chip Kidd, a book designer we’ve both admired for years (I even got his book from Sherry two birthdays ago). We’re honored just to share a one minute clip with him and the other greats of the group.

And for those of you who have a little stodgy in you (if you’ve got it, flaunt it), here’s how you could come to find a giant spotlight on your porch. The site is also welcoming entries to be part of their series, so if you think you fit the “stodgy” bill, join in on the fun. I mean who doesn’t want to be on a site that says “We Are The Revolution. We Are Boring.” in bold letters across the top? Amazing.

PS: Even though the Stodgy is Sexy project is sponsored, we’re not affiliated with their sponsors and weren’t compensated for our participation. We just did it to feel sexy.


  1. erin says

    Aww, makes me love you guys even more! Thanks for being such an inspiration on my own home projects and celebrating the Richmond community.

  2. Leilani says

    I love your site and the fact that you started it just as a blog to update your family and you turned up on the Nate Berkus show!

  3. says

    Love the videos! This interview (and entire concept!) is right up your alley, and the Stody is Sexy trailer is very well made. Did you have neighbors trying to peak into your windows for days afterwards? Hah!

  4. amber says

    That was a fun little treat! I enjoyed watching! I agree though. If you can learn to do something to benefit from (and have fun doing it) why not?

  5. says

    Stodgy is totally sexy. This is such a great little clip to show some of what makes you guys so loved by your fans.

    As for the neighbors being disappointed? I doubt it. Once they find out it is you guys, they may even be pounding on the door to beg you to makeover their homes. ;) Normal neighbors don’t have a few million people checking in on them monthly. You’re special little snowflakes, darn it!

    • Amy Wolff says

      I totally agree…. I wish you or Katie Bower lived next to me. I always think what it would be like to be related to you guys….. I would drive you both nuts!

  6. says

    Y’all are awesome. So enthusiastic and thoughtful. Although I love your house and ideas (and baby!) I think it’s the LOVE in young house love that keeps me coming back – it’s just so obvious that you love each other, you love clara, you love your house, you love what you do and, (going out on a limb here) you love us!
    Also – is this why those shelve backs got painted so early?

    • says

      We do love you guys! And as for those shelves, we had no idea they were coming when we painted them, but when they walked around our house, every room was a wreck except for that angle, so they said “we’ll film you in front of these” – hahahahaah.


  7. Joya says

    I’m mostly commenting since I wanted the fun of being your first comment on a post ;) But this was pretty neat that you got featured! Yay YHL!

  8. Amy says

    Young House Love gives me so much inspiration for my boyfriend and I who are just diving into our first home remodel. What you guys are doing is just simply amazing!

  9. Vicki S says

    I adore the look on Clara’s face as she is looking at the camera and you guys are holding her… she looks very mistrustful and has that eyebrow up look like, “Who are you to be in my house talking to my mom and dad? Who are you?”

    Hysterical. Congrats on being Stodgy…er…sexy.

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