Giving Us That Warm Feeling

It’s time for our monthly shout out to thank our sponsors for making the other 35+ posts possible and keeping the lights on in our new house (how else could we check out our paint swatches at all times of the day and night?). They definitely make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside (or is that the eggnog?) so instead of just listing everyone, we like to pick something from each of them that makes us smile/drool/inspired/happy. Not that we’ve been gifted any of these things ourselves (see our no-swag policy here) but we did have fun trolling their sites on a virtual shopping spree of sorts. And as usual, there’s a little sump’in extra in it for you (you know we love hooking you guys up) so scroll down for some pretty sweet reader discounts. Here’s what we’re loving:

  • Metal photo panels from CanvasRox that even got the Nate Berkus endorsement.
  • The Tile Shop‘s website redesign – it’s making us crave a new backsplash. Stat.
  • These ornate two-toned Aeronaut monograms from  WallQuotes.
  • Shades of Light‘s awesome and exclusive collection of, what else, lampshades.
  • Tiles like we’ve never seen before at Design for Less (stainless steel penny tile!).
  • Three words: Starfish. Bowl. Z Gallerie. Two more: Bling-y Silver.
  • Custom designs from Heart & Stone Jewelry like this charming pendant.
  • Digital scrapbooking downloads from Ali Edwards to celebrate the new year.
  • Real life home design consultations from real live designers via My Design Guide.
  • This type map from Hoot Design Co’s, even if we don’t live in Columbia, MO.
  • Frame The Date‘s collection of 11’s – they make it easy to commemorate events this year.
  • Cards that say just the right thing (and in an eco-friendly way) from Smock Paper.
  • This graphic bird and leaves print from Trendy Peas that comes in 3 color schemes.
  • Freshline Illustration‘s super fun (and customized) family tree prints.
  • This cool sawtooth glass dish spotted in one of Ruby Lane‘s virtual antique shops.
  • These companion glass candlesticks from their companion site, Ruby Plaza.
  • A new website design and new jewelry offerings from Lisa Leonard Designs.
  • What else is making us feel all warm and fuzzy? Dreaming about summer fun…
  • …like Clara’s first trip to the beach last June…
  • …and Burger’s blissful “chewing on a stick atop a warm river rock” face.

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:


  1. says

    Gorgeous,inspiring things to tempt me. The photos get my creative juices flowing. Loved the photos of summer. Way too much snow here. Off to check out some of those sites! Susan

  2. says

    I think my first comment got lost in cyber space. Loved looking at all the goodies and am going to check out some of the sites. Great pictures of warmer days you snuck in at the bottom. Too much snow here in Ohio…brrrrrrrrrrrrr! susan

  3. Elizabeth says

    LOVE the picture of Burger…my dog loves him some stick chewing as well…and also looks adorable doing it! Cracks me up how they can hold anything between their doggy paws when they are determined to do so!

  4. says

    Not gonna lie, I tend to gravitate toward your sponsors because I know that’s what keeps you two in business. Not that your sponsors aren’t absolutely awesome, but I REALLY want you to be able to keep up with how things are–your blog rocks my world. I think a lot of people would agree with me! :)

  5. Katie says

    I agree Kari! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE YHL!! You guys rock!!! Im really digging all the glass (your blue and green bottles on your sun room at your 1st house has me in the collecting mood!). Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza have great stuff!! Thank you for the introduction YHL! Cant wait to see what you do next!

    • says

      Aw thanks guys! Well we definitely thank our lucky stars for amazing sponsors and readers like you! You guys keep us going and make us wanna wake up and paint something!


  6. Kim says

    LOVE the type maps from Hoot! We live in Columbia, MO so seeing that print and the fact that it is made right down the street from us made our day! How fabulous :)

  7. Kelly says

    Love the Z Gallerie starfish bowl!! And looks like they have it in white, too. Decisions… decisions!! Thanks so much for highlighting… I was thinking of doing some starfish in a glass bowl on a console table when it gets a little warmer, but this is much more interesting.

  8. LA says

    I saw a Z Gallerie frame and vase that I’ve been eyeing on Grey’s Anatomy last night. I can’t wait to get them this weekend!

  9. says

    I love the type maps. Ever since you showed off the Richmond one in a recent post. The tough thing is, they are impossible to google around for! I would LOVE a Philly type map. Any idea who else makes these things?

    Thanks for sharing your virtual shopping spree. You guys alwyas have great taste.

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