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We had a sad thought the other day: Clara probably won’t remember this house very much. Even though it has meant the world to Sherry and me, her six-month old brain might not log much of her life here into the ol’ memory bank. So we made her a video. Sure we’ve documented the heck outta this house over the last three years, so it’s not like we’d have trouble digging up pics for her, but we figured Clara deserved her own personal tour of the first place she ever called “home” with some details about what she loved and where she hung out. So we’re hoping this little Clara-centric tour of the house will jog her memory when she sees it a few years down the road. Originally we weren’t going to post it for all to see, but we figured what the heck. Why stop oversharing now? Watch it below on Vimeo or here on YouTube.

Have you guys ever done something like this to help your kids (or even yourself) remember a house? Or do you have any other suggestions when it comes to bringing the memory of a house with you to your next place? We’re definitely planning to hang the sketch of our current house’s lot, the framed key of course, and a few other “artifacts” from our life here.


  1. Candice says

    It’s great that you have so many photographs of Clara’s first home. I lived in my first home as a baby for a year and a half and, of course, have no memory of it at all.

    I also wish I had photos of my grandparents’ homes I visited as a child, but people just didn’t take photos of the interiors of their homes except where family get-togethers took place. No photos of the bedrooms or kitchen or upstairs.

  2. Jenn says

    We kept a photo album of all the major projects we did in our first house. We tried our best to remember to take before during and after pictures of the major renovations we did. We displayed it when our house was on the market, now it is our little keepsake of all the work we did. We did do a video of some of the nursery and house for our daughter just before she was born. I am so happy we have those pictures and movies to help us remember our first home.

    • says

      The same furniture will definitely end up in there, but we might change the wall color (and maybe even some small accessories like pillows/art/crib sheet/etc). You know us, we love a makeover. But we also love the original room so it’s going to be interesting to see how much we change…


  3. says

    This is such a sweet and sentimental video! Clara will love and appreciate it when she’s older! You guys are so creative with your weekly baby photos & videos. I’ll definitely be documenting with photos & videos when my hubby and I decide to have children. Good luck with the new place!

  4. says

    Ugh, another cute video for me to copy! I mean, ‘be inspired by.’ Can I also just say that I check your blog like 5 times a day while I’m at work and I’m always like ‘arrgghh’ when there isn’t a new post up. I’m so mean, but I love you guys! :)

  5. Anna says

    My husband is active duty military and plans to go career, so we have a couple of moves behind us and a TON ahead of us. One tradition we’ve started is to commission a local artist to paint our house for us (we’ve only done it for houses we’ve purchased, so we have two so far). That way, we have a piece of original art when we move and a great memory of each place we”ve owned.

  6. says

    My family moved out of our first house when I was about 9-10 years old, and while I have some faint memories, I don’t have much vivid detail about how it looked. It would be nice now to have some documentation of that original house.

    And John, it’s not like you guys haven’t shared almost all of your life with us crazy stalkers….ERRR….loyal fans. A few more minutes of video won’t matter…..



  7. Katie says

    Aww… When do you move into your next house? Just think of all the fun memories you’ll create for Clara there!!

  8. says

    I did a video tour of our current house after we got settled in. I was planning on doing another before we move out (it’s a rental) to see any changes that we made but it probably won’t be many.

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