Some Ho-Ho-Holiday Love

It’s time again for our monthly shout out of gratitude to our sponsors for making the other 40+ posts possible and helping to keep food on the table (even if that table is covered with moving boxes at the moment). And in the spirit of the season, let’s focus on another kind of box – the gift box. Instead of just listing everyone, we’ve whipped up a little roundup of our favorite gift-worthy things. Not that we’ve been gifted any of these things ourselves (see our new no-swag policy here) but we did have some fun trolling around their sites on a virtual shopping spree of sorts. And as always, there’s something in it for you (you know we love to hook you guys up) so scroll down to the bottom for some wallet friendly discounts. Oh and stay tuned for some pretty crazy moving pics in a bit. Our house is actually starting to echo!

  • A vintage atomic tree topper found in one of Ruby Lane‘s virtual antique shops.
  • An unapologetically preppy set of recipe cards plus apron from Sarah Langley.
  • Dolan Geiman‘s richly layered and textured mixed media art prints.
  • Totally distinct and amazingly eco-friendly coconut tiles from Design for Less.
  • Adding some sparkle with a mercury glass pendant from Shades of Light.
  • The Z Gallerie color-coded gift guide, featuring some incredible icy blue gifts.
  • A gift card to the The Tile Shop (for filling up on tile, tools, & free tips).
  • Free downloadable holiday gift tags from the folks at WallQuotes (yay free!).
  • Hoot Design Co’s print that brings fun & personalization to the ABCs.
  • A virtual design consultation from one of My Design Guide‘s interior designers.
  • Durock‘s Tile Membrane “Project In A Box” that’ll simplify your honey’s next project.
  • Pretty and eco-friendly paper and other letterpress goodies from Smock Paper.

  • A custom photo canvas from Trendy Peas. After all, it is Christmas, baby.
  • A pop or three of color with this hand crafted Mexican pillow found on Ruby Plaza.
  • To get you into the spirit, here’s Burger in his holiday best (it has a trap door).
  • And we can’t forget the beanette with a festive reindeer on those buns of hers.

And now for the JUICY DISCOUNTS:


  1. says

    hey there!

    I’m trying to locate the “free downloadable” gift tags from WallQuotes… that link takes you to their site, but I’m not sure where to go from there? Do you have to order something first? thanks for any suggestions. And merry merry Christmas to all the Petersiks!

  2. says

    hi again…

    OK.. i figured it out! the link that you have just takes you to their site, but the if you click on the IMAGE of the red gift tag, that takes me to where I need to go. thanks; others might miss it, too?

  3. says

    Best part of your shoutouts is seeing your fave products that the company offers. Ruby Plaza’s pillow is something I don’t think I’d ever have found myself.

  4. Elizabeth says

    I bought one of the rhinos from Cardboard Safari, but I haven’t put it up yet…and now you are making me want the deer!

  5. says

    thanks sherry! I just printed out a bunch of the tags on cardstock.. I LOVE them!! Also left a thank you note on their blog… so kind of those folks over at Wall Quotes to share them! Happy Move, and Merry Christmas!

  6. Larissa says

    Please tell me you’re using that awesome picture of Clara for your weekly photos?! She’s so photogenic!

  7. Elizabeth says

    Sherry…my rhino would be HONORED to be friends with the YHL rhino!

    I recently bought a painting of a donkey and the artist referred to the donkey by name…I think I may have to name all the animals in my art and decor!

    And FYI to anyone looking for a capiz treetopper (just noticed that out to the side)…they had some at my local WalMart, two different styles for only ten bucks and I just saw them this week (hadn’t seen them earlier and I SCOUR the decorations every time I am in there). They were quite nice, but didn’t match my tree decor.

  8. Melissa Irvin says

    Thank you for introducing me to shops I would have never found otherwise! I am in love with Dolman Geiman’s art! Cardboard safari is so fun – I can see spray painting one of the heads bright yellow or hot pink.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  9. says

    i just bought a cardboard safari deer for my secret santa exchange at work. it was *slightly* over the budget, but absolutely perfect for my co-worker who is very metrosexual and just went hunting for the first time last week!