Duvet On The Way

When we saw the amazing after Christmas sales at West Elm we had to spring for a new king sized duvet buddy for Ed the bed (get acquainted with Ed here and here). Even though Ed’s a queen sized bed, we wanted a king duvet cover because we thought it would drape a bit more over the sides (our old full/queen sized duvet cover was looking a little tight). Plus it’ll hopefully result in fewer sleep fights about who has more of the covers. So here’s what we got:

We love that it’s bright, bold, geometric, and full of energy. It just looks nice to wake up to. Plus it has a lot of the colors from our new house color scheme going on. And thanks to some huge holiday sales, the king sized duvet cover was marked down from $80 to $50:

Does anyone else love the red sale type as much as I do? I just get giddy when I click on something and those four little red letters (s-a-l-e) are there to greet me. And I’m greedy. So I googled around for a coupon code to knock those red numbers down to a little more.

It ended up being $42.49 after the discount I dug up (around $50 total with tax & delivery), which we’re pretty excited about since it’s king sized. For some reason that size always sounds like it should cost thirty gold bars or something- it’s just so regal and Henry The Eighth-esque. So while we wait the obligatory five-ish business days, we’ll be dreaming of Ed dressed in his new king-sized uniform.

Godspeed new duvet cover. Godspeed.


  1. says

    So FAB! My friend just got the same one and we (yes we, cuz we treat each other’s home design/decor as if they were our own) are so excited! Did you get the extra 20% off sale items? That’s what pushed “us” over the edge to get it. Haha!

    • says

      Hey Lani,

      We did get that extra 20%, although it was before they were advertising it on the site with that MORE20 code, so I googled around for a coupon code to knock down the price. Love a deal.


  2. danielle says

    that’s odd b/c i was checking the west elm site the other day and just knew you would get this – you mentioned you were in the market for something new esp with the current sales so i had a feeling this was going to be it. love it. i am tempted to get this myself to jazz up my room a bit (currently just have gray walls with a white comforter). my comforter isn’t tecnically down but it’s sort of fluffy like that – do you think that would work with a duvet cover? kind of hard to answer since you don’t know what i mean, just wondering if duvet covers only work with down.

    • says

      Hey Danielle,

      It should definitely work with a comforter! We don’t actually own down duvet inserts, we just have cheap-o Ikea inserts full of “down alternative” which means it’s just batting and stuff. And ours worked with the last West Elm duvet cover that we’ve had for the past 4+ years! Hope it helps.


  3. SHILOH SMITH says

    I love it! I am so excited to see your house come together! It has become an OBSESSION (LOL) of mine to look at your postings each day!! :) Thanks so much for sharing with us. I also love a good sale as well…and get that “giddy” feeling!

  4. Carmen says

    Lovely colors! A king duvet is a definate must! You don’t want duvet wars at night!

    I was wondering- with all your new plans and purchases for your new home, how do you budget and save for them? Do you use a budgeting program i.e quicken; YNAB etc? Also, do you have a rainy day fund?

    Thanks ;-)

    • says

      We’re pretty low tech. We keep track of what we’re spending and just try to pace ourselves. We’re really good at reigning each other back if someone gets too spend-happy. And we always pay our credit cards off in full each month, so that keeps us from buying anything we can’t afford. If we don’t have the money to pay for it within 30 days, we don’t get it. And of course we have a savings account that we don’t touch with emergency money since we’re both “self employed” and we have a baby now (we needed some mental security with such big changes going on). Hope it helps!


  5. Leigh says

    Love your new duvet! So pretty. Mu husband and I are constantly pulling the covers on our queen size bed because the other will steal them so a king duvet is definitely in our future.

  6. Caroline says

    Love the bedding, and what a bargain! We always go up a size in doonas/doona covers, they just look better on the bed :D

  7. Becca says

    So pretty! :) I made my husband drive about an hour out of the way during our holiday travels, just so I could go to West Elm

  8. Corinne says

    That’s really pretty! I was browsing through their site, which may have just become a new favorite. AND they have a store location out in my area. I must have walked past it every single time I went to that mall too and not realized what West Elm was because I would have definitely gone in if I had been paying attention!

  9. April says

    How funny, I was just looking at the West Elm sale catalog the other day and was thinking of getting the same one (but in a queen size) for my master bedroom!

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