Day Fifteen

Yesterday marked two weeks of being in our new house, so we thought it warranted an updated glimpse into each room’s progress… or lack thereof.

On one hand we feel very accomplished for having already tackled things like painting Clara’s room, buying and assembling a new bed, removing a bunch of bi-fold doors, raising our shower curtain, and unpacking everything – especially considering we were tied up with family stuff for a few days over Christmas. On the other hand, we’re still feeling pretty unsettled. Most of the important stuff has found a place in our new abode (not that it will necessarily stay there for the long haul), but the house is still riddled with piles of things waiting for a home (think picture frames, tools, rugs, etc). Here are some of the rooms that are looking the most presentable so far.

The living room (aka the future dining room) is finally cleared of boxes and we even organized some storage in the base cabinets of those built-ins (although the objects on display are just shoved there, so don’t judge the arrangement just yet):

Here’s the kitchen:

And the family room:

Next we have the sunroom:

And Clara’s room (curtains are up, but there’s no art or new light fixture yet):

Here’s the hall bathroom:

And the guest room bath:

The master bathroom:

And the main hallway:

Then there are the rooms that are semi-functional, but still feel pretty darn disheveled. Like our master bedroom (we have yet to organize the closet, work out a nightstand solution, purchase another dresser, etc):

The office (see that pile of tools in the corner, yeah- they need a home):

And the laundry / mudroom (which is in desperate need of some more built-in storage and a few organizational solutions):

Then there are the close-the-door-when-people-come-over rooms that are basically not at all useful yet… and therefore have become dumping grounds for items in limbo. Like the guest room that we revealed this morning (who wants to stay over in there?):

And the playroom / future kids bedroom (yikes- not so kid friendly yet):

So that’s how things are looking two weeks after moving in. Clearly there’s lots left to tackle and we’re actually working on a giant to-do list to share with you guys (and to help my type-A wife feel more organized). Then it’s off to Home Depot for some supplies…

Psst- You can check out Day One pics here, you know, just for fun.


  1. Johnna says

    Eeeeeee!!!!! I can’t WAIT to see what you guys do!!! Your house is ADORABLE even as a semi-functional space! I can’t WAIT to see it assembled!!!!!!!!

  2. laurajane says

    I think you two have done a remarkable job in just 15 days. Between Christmas celebrations, Clara (!!), and constructing a bed you can colour me impressed!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the place! Are you planning to tackle one room at a time, or start painting the rooms, and placing things as you go?

    • says

      Hey Laurajane,

      We definitely plan to skip around and do things in real time, so instead of working on one room for a month straight we’ll bounce around and do things that are higher on the priority list (or things that we’re just in the mood to tackle). Keeping things fun and taking on small bite-sized tasks really keeps us motivated and helps us to feel less overwhelmed, so we definitely recommend that approach!


    • says

      Hey Laura,

      Yes! Gotta get that solved… someday. We’re upgrading to a sectional that we’ll probably float a bit closer to the tv. And maybe down the line we’ll get a slightly bigger tv and craigslist the current one.


  3. Kali says

    You make my Type A personality very happy! You also make me very motivated. Thanks for continuing to inspire… seriously.
    And you must have quite a faithful following if you receive so many comments on hanging a current rod for crying out loud! I mean that in the nicest way possible! Well done peeps!

  4. Kayakgirl73 says

    Your doing fine. I moved in with my husband over a year ago and we are still organizing and rearanging. We haven’t done any renos. It all takes time. I now the frustrated feeling of just wanting to get something big done.

  5. says

    My first comment. Yay! First let me say that your new house really has a lot of potential! I’m very excited for the fresh start you have given yourselves. My question though is very past due… the floor cushions you have in your new sun room and have had for a while: where did you get them? I am looking for some floor cushions for my house and have been unable to find pretty/functional/awesome/cheap ones. Any ideas? Thank you!

    • says

      Hey Amanda,

      We got the floor cushions at Target and eventually replaced the original tan covers with chocolate brown ones from Bed Bath & Beyond (we just go square shams and stuck the inserts inside).


  6. Jennifer says

    Not to detract from all of your hard work (great job guys!), but do you find your new washer and dryer clean Clara’s cloth diapers as well as your set in the old house? Just curious…

  7. Kayla says

    Now this is what I call real life. Love it! The posts might not be as substantial as us YHL fans are used to….but all the reasons we love you guys (the hilarious banter, the 90’s references, and the jokes) are all still there, along with the work with what you have and get ‘er done attitude! Way to go! =)

  8. Bobbi says

    Looks great! With running your business/blog, taking care of the family and enjoying the holidays, you seem to be moving right along!! Thanks for keeping us inspired!

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