Video House Tour 2010

We know you’ve seen lots of pictures of our house. But lots of video, not so much. In fact, we realized it’s been over a year and a half since we’ve posted a room-by-room tour of Casa Petersik. And in that time we’ve swapped a spare bedroom for a nursery, added a two-person office/playroom to our guest room, and totally gutted our bathroom. And although you’ve seen pics of those makeovers we know sometimes it helps to see ’em in 3D (and now in HD thanks to our latest purchase: the Flip Mino HD). So you can finally visualize how the rooms all connect. No breaking and entering required.

Plus we’re not gonna lie. We’ve been cleaning the house like crazy to put it on the market, so it’s as good a time as any to document this baby. Without further ado, we give you fine people The 2010 YHL House Tour (view it on YouTube here):

Yes Clara passed gas at the end of the video. How’s that for keeping it real?

And if you’re in the mood for a blast from the past or two, you can see our original half-house tour from November of 2007 (warning: the kitchen is mid-renovation) or the updated full-house tour from March of 2008. Oh, and there’s also the better production-quality version of the tour, shot by The Nest in November of 2008. So much self-conscious cringing, so little time.

Psst- What’s been around my lady’s neck lately?  Check out our BabyCenter post of the week for the scoop.


  1. Sophie says

    I totally didn’t just scream ‘Oh my gosh it’s John and Clara and my postcard all together!’
    … (:
    I love my postcard’s fame! That little red phone box from a small English town is going places in the blogging world.

    Also, love the tour… And I think Clara might hate you one day for that little baby accident at the end!

  2. Monica says

    Love the video and Clara’s little toot!

    I remember you got your master bedroom rug from World Market. Do you have a rug pad under it? We are thinking of replacing the carpet in our master with a pre-finished hardwood. Would this carpet damage the finish without a rug pad? I’d like to place it under our bed too. Thanks!

    Wish I could buy your house. I wouldn’t need to change a single wall color. It is perfect!

  3. Christa M says

    “Say bye Clara” “pfft” the look on John’s face…Sherry’s commentary of Clara’s Toot and then finally Clara’s precious face after releasing..HILARIOUS!

  4. Lauren says

    Yay for a new house tour! It’s so fun to see how your house is laid out since it’s hard to tell how the rooms connect through pictures. Your house looks great and I’m sure it you’ll have it sold in no time!

  5. Maryann says

    Beautiful home.

    For the showings it would be better to clear away some of the knick knacks and all of the personal photos, etc. Buyers will be ogling your Stuff instead of appreciating your house. Will make the space look larger too.

    From an overactive HGTV viewer…. :)

  6. says

    Does the master bedroom not have a built-in closet?

    I think that they way that you have decorated (specific to your tastes) actually shows potential buyers possibilities that they may not have thought of.

    It’s gorge and I wish you well on this new adventure!

    • says

      Hey GreeninOC,

      We actually also have a small standard closet in the bedroom (to the left of the bed, across from the window). Three closets definitely beat one!


  7. says

    love this! thanks for the tour. i love the layout of your house! our little place is basically a huuuuge open room for living, dining, and kitchen,and i miss having separate little nooks for separate spaces. you’re also inspiring me to open up the place a little bit. time to get my DIY on!

    and your daughter is SO GORGEOUS!

  8. trey says

    JOHN… you da man, bro! scoring major points with the misses with the green necklace. (trust me, i would know. 4 years ago when our little man was born, i surprised my better half with a string o pearls to mark the occasion, and she gets all misty-eyed when she puts them on. women are funny, reminiscent little people. gotta love that)…

    Good job!

  9. Denise says

    Your house looks great. It should sell in a nanosecond! Thanks for the tour. I love the shiny white gourds under the microwave – very clever.

  10. Tracy Lee says

    LOL @ Sherry’s fear of Clara microwaving the dog! It’s amusing what types of things we have to worry about once there are children involved, ha ha!

  11. dinah says

    Will you be covering in a future post about what you’ll be taking from the house? like your cool faucet or something that’s attached to the house that you can’t bear to part with?

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