House Hunting: Pimped Out & Priced To Sell

This next house we toured was pretty sweet. The owners had just dropped the price nearly $40,000 which suddenly put it within our range. The sellers had already moved out and after having the place on the market for 4 months were quite motivated to sell. And perhaps that fact would motivate us to buy? Let’s meet the house:


  • Age: 1977
  • House size: 2,772 square feet
  • Lot size: 0.4 acres of land
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathroom: 2.5


  • Great deal
  • Beautiful exterior and landscaping
  • Polished details like crown molding, plantation shutters, and exposed beams
  • Tons of extras like a Wolf range, two outdoor deck heaters, a car lift in garage, and a full yard irrigation system
  • Kitchen needed lots of work (which we like)


  • Felt a bit too “fancy” for us
  • Didn’t need much work besides the kitchen
  • Schools and location were not ideal
  • Still priced at the top of our range even with the drop
  • Not as old and much bigger than we’re actually looking for

The funny thing about this house is that it’s actually one of the first we toured on the inside. And it initially wowed us so much that we actually did put in an offer  (shocker, we know) – mainly just to see what would happen. We figured with our lowball price (we dropped it another 20K) and our must-sell-our-house-first contingency that we’d get kicked out immediately. They ended up being fine with the contingency but weren’t willing to budge on the price (which is completely understandable given their recent drop) so we walked away. At least it was a good dry run for when we make and offer on a house that we really want. Especially because in hindsight we want waaaay more of a beater than this house. one that’s even older, more modestly sized, and just begging for a makeover. Are you out there perfectly imperfect house?


  1. Sarah W. says

    I love that you’re sharing your house hunt with us. We bought our house a year ago, but I still like to check out open houses in our neighborhood – I’m kind of addicted to the hunt, I guess.

    On a totally different note…Sherry – you were waaay too hard on yourself regarding your wardrobe choice for the Nate show. I thought you (both) looked fantastic, as well as coming across very smooth and natural on camera. Kudos to you both!

  2. says

    It’s only too easy to get sucked in to the “amenities” like size and deal. Good for you for walking away. Having recently sold and then purchased houses in the RVA, I really think it’s important to go slowly. What you think you want initially may end up being not what you really want. Our house hunt started with a house that was too big (nearly 3K sq ft!) in a neighborhood that wasn’t ideal, and was totally already rehabbed. We ended up with the proverbial “worst house in the nicest neighborhood” which leaves us lots of room to move up!

  3. says

    just reading your house hunt adventures makes me so excited to buy our own house. I also want an older house with southern charm that I can DIY until the dogs come home. Good luck with finding the perfect home! Sometimes the hunt is the best part of all :)

    • says

      Hey Karen,

      I guess so, but we were certain that our low ball offer and contingency would eliminate us. Although we initially adored the house (enough to put an offer in), within 24 hours we came to our wits and realized it wasn’t the right one. And thank goodness the universe agreed since they kicked out our offer pretty much immediately.


  4. Gordana says

    Your pros and cons list for this house looks a lot like the house which my husband and I ended up buying last spring. We definitely felt it was “fancy” in comparison to our needs and the other homes we looked at, but it’s potential (such as renovating kitchen and bathrooms) and a great price won us over. From your edited photo, this house looks very charming and cozy – does it actually feel like that on the inside?

    • says

      Yes, it was great inside. The only issue we had is that it would have been a hard layout to manipulate (we want something closed in that we can open up) and it was just too done for us. We get can’t-sleep-excited at the prospect of finding another house to lovingly bring back from the brink like we’ve done with our current house and this house just wouldn’t have made that possible since it was already pretty nice with the exception of the kitchen.


  5. says

    I love the phrase “perfect imperfect house.” I wish you luck as you continue to search. There are so many great opportunities for good deals on low maintenance homes right now, it’s hard not to be wowed by them. We’re holding out for a rambling ranch from the 1960s or very early 70s that has had minimal updating. It might just be a long wait.

  6. says

    A lift in the garage??? OMG, my husband might be willing to just pack it all in and relocate!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in our dining room window and looked outside into our driveway and watched him, laying on the ground, changing the oil in one of our vehicles, in the rain, or in the cold, or yes, in the snow…
    Heck, I might even be willing to relocate! We aren’t spring chickens anymore!!!

  7. Gordana says

    That makes sense! I’m glad you guys are looking for a house to transform – it makes it so much fun for the rest of us to follow along. :)Good luck as you continue your search!

  8. Elizabeth says

    Wow…that’s a big step up in size! My current house is very small and I find that not only do I enjoy that it doesn’t take long to clean, I also really enjoy my small utility bills!

  9. Molly P-H says

    YHL just wouldn’t be the same w/o a house that you four bring back from the brink (and I’ve only been reading YHL since THE NATE BERKUS SHOW … yeah, it’s still in all caps. it was that exciting.). Good luck with your hunt! Molly in Fla.

    • says

      Hey Mike,

      Yes, we have a SEP which we contribute to for retirement (since we’re our own business we don’t get one of those nice company matching 401Ks). We also have a 529 for Clara- gotta save those pennies for college!


  10. says

    I love these posts! The saddest thing about buying my house a year ago is that I don’t get to go house hunting anymore! It was certainly exhausting at the time, but it was so much fun exploring! I still haven’t canceled the real estate updates I get in my email. I figure it’s a good idea to know what’s going on with the market in my neighborhood, even if I really just like looking at the photos. ;)

  11. says

    I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the willpower to say not to this house. I would throw all logic to the wind & buy this sucker. It’s like, a dream. My heart was racing a bit when I saw this pic & read that y’all put in an offer! It looks a lot like the house in Father of the Bride, which is one of my all-time favorite movie houses. Seriously, y’all are setting SUCH a good example of how to NOT be impulsive. Cannot wait to see the house you choose!

  12. Sophie says

    I’m quite sad that this house was in too good of a state for you guys… It looks SO pretty!

    With you putting in an offer, I feel like you’re getting a lot closer to find the house that IS perfectly imperfect for you and your babies (furry or otherwise).

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