Baby’s First Halloween – A Little Handprint Pumpkin

Even though we made four puffy painted pumpkins already (one for each family member), we knew we couldn’t let Clara’s first Halloween go by without some traditional pumpkin carving action as well. And last weekend’s trip to the pumpkin patch definitely got us in the mood. Here’s the queen of our world flinging her arms out as if to say “I’m the queen of the world!”

And we even gave our royal highnesss the option to choose her very own pumpkin for herself, and she quickly picked this one out:

Ok, so maybe “picking out” meant more like touching one of the pumpkins we sat her next to. But she truly couldn’t keep her hands off of that one in particular, so we brought it home for a mere $2 (she’s already thinking frugally!).

We knew we wanted to keep the carving simple, since we don’t always have time for complex around here anymore. And thinking about how Clara was getting all hands-y with the pumpkin back at the patch sparked an idea. All it took was Clara keeping her hand still long enough to get a good tracing.

Maybe “good” is a stretch, but we deemed the one of the left “workable enough.”

We traced it on cardstock, so cutting it out left me with nice template to trace onto Clara’s pumpkin.

The plan had always been to use two handprints as the pumpkin’s eyes, but the fact that the fingers made them look like feminine eyelashes was a happy accident. An accident we then ran with by adding some puckered lips for the mouth and a wavy hairline at the top. Guess our baby girl is getting a girly pumpkin!

Some careful cutting later, we ended up with this:

And with the addition of a flameless candle votive we’ve got our traditional jack-o-lantern with a first-year-of-parenthood twist. Simple, but we quite like it.

Oh, and speaking of Halloween, check out how we’re embarrassing dressing our kiddos this year for their first hurrah together.

Yup, Clara’s a hamburger (in honor of her bro) and Burger’s reprising his role as a hot dog to complete the theme. Both are store bought (Clara’s from Old Navy, Burger’s from Target). Somehow I feel like our little lady’s gonna give us a hard time about this when she’s 16…

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  1. Ashley says

    Clara always looks so calm in pictures. She really does have a serene disposition. I can tell she will be a go with the flow, down for whatever kinda girl. And Burger is a pro with the look over his left shoulder! Looks like tons of fun. Where did you all find a REAL pumpkin patch? All I see around here is road side “patches”.

  2. says

    Embarassing? Possibly (but not really. even though i pretend that i hate it, i am completely grateful that my parents loved me enough to dress me up in, erm, unique costumes and take photographs of me to share at embarassing moments like graduation parties. Actually embarassing would be if Clara WAS 16 and you attended her high school halloween party as some form of processed food).

    Are there plans in the works to make Clara-Hand-Print jack-o-lanterns every year as she grows up?

  3. Megan says

    Oh my gosh, I got that same costume for my 1 year old little boy, it is the cutest thing ever, and she looks sooo cute with Burger as the hot dog!

  4. Mandy says

    OMG, I love everything about this post. Clara takes amazing pics, love the one of her and John, and her and Burger are just too cute for words!! You are seriously tempting me to start thinking about having a baby, but I know mine won’t be nearly as cute as yours! And that pumpkin, what an awesome idea :) You guys rock!!

    And Mrs Hermit Crab posted today about Almost Dr Dan’s wedding, in case you didn’t know

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