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Falling For Our Sponsors

Fall is definitely in the air- and we’re feeling full of gratitude. So we’d like to take a moment to toss out a heartfelt “thanks” to all of you lovely folks for reading as well as send some serious appreciation out to our awesome sponsors in this monthly shout-out post (after all, they make the other 40+ posts that we write each month possible). So feel free to take a peek at all they’ve got to offer… along with a few exclusive YHL discounts for you guys to cash in on. Yay discounts!

BULX serves up home improvement essentials the way we like ‘em: deeply discounted. After you sign-up for a free membership, you get access to limited time sales on fixtures, furniture, and accessories at up 75% off retail (we sadly missed out on a $1000+ Henckels kitchen knife set that BULX was selling for $250). Plus you earn a $25 credit when a referred friend orders- and the discount code YHL gets you $20 off your first order.

Trendy Peas is a terrific source for kid-friendly but still oh-so-modern decor and art. They’ve got a variety of cool clean canvas artwork as well as whimsical fabric decals for your walls. It’s a must stop shop for anyone with a nursery on their to-decorate list (or even if you’ve got a baby shower on your calendar).

Design for Less is home to The Glass Mosaic Outlet and The Natural Stone Outlet, both of which boast a collection of drool-inducing glass, metal, natural stone, marble, and recycled tile. There are definitely some killer styles to be found – even in the sale section!

Z Gallerie is loving gray – and gray is loving ZGallerie right back. This collection is sleek & sophisticated as always, and includes crisp white furniture, strong black accents, and comfortable bedding and accessories of every shade in between. We’ve got more from the Z coming up later this month, but don’t hesitate to poke around on their site in the meantime (especially in the sale section!).

The Tile Shop is more than just purveyors of all things tile-related, they’re also an awesome source for gaining the know-how and the confidence you’ll need to tackle a tiling project. Their website is stuffed with tutorials for every type of tile job and even common troubleshooting issues, plus they host free in-person seminars each Saturday morning. And don’t forget to take 10% off when you use the code YHL10.

Shades of Light has home decor items in every style from traditional to modern and offerings in almost every home decor category. For example, if you’re digging damask lately you can find it on a pendant, a rug, and even – you guessed it – a lamp shade. Be sure to check ‘em out online or via their catalog (and you fellow Richmonders can browse in person, of course). has been mentioned a few times before, but we just have to call out their awesome custom design tool this time. It’s a fun interface that let’s you style any quote with different fonts, colors, and even embellishments which you can then order right away. And when you do, don’t forget to take 15% off with the code YHL15.

Hoot Design Co. has always had a place in our heart for their one-of-a-kind graphic posters and greeting cards, including their signature Simply Baby poster that brings the alphabet to life in a fun and personal way. And now there’s one more reason to love ‘em – you can get the Simply Baby poster in a horizontal 34″ x 18″ format so you can now enjoy it if that’s the size your blank wall craves.

Heart & Stone is custom silver jewelry that’s not only made from recycled materials, but is no doubt full of beauty and meaning at the same time. Each piece is handcrafted and with a range of charms, rings, and stones to choose from you can create a personalized piece to honor your kids, your true love, or even your favorite four legged friend. And it can all be done to the tune of 10% off with the code YHL10!

Vol. 25 has a way with words. Her shop is chock full of charming little sayings made even more charming by the graphic illustrations she uses to transform those quaint quotes into wall-worthy art. Whoever thought a T.S. Elliot quote about spoons could look so sweet?

Lisa Leonard Designs is another sponsor who knows her way around a beautiful quote. She spins thoughtful words into gorgeous sterling silver jewelry that she crafts herself – like her latest creation featuring a hope-filled and feather-inspired quote from Emily Dickinson.

Ruby Plaza is like a virtual flea market. It’s a place where you’ll find tons of vintage, antique, reproduction, and bandspankingnew items that you won’t spot at your usual shopping haunts. And just like a real flea market, there’s a certain excitement about browsing around for some diamond in the rough item that’s looking for someone to take it home with them.

Frame The Date takes any special date and lets you commemorate it in a stylish custom frame. And speaking of custom, the process of actually personalizing your piece is pretty cool. You even get a bunch of photo options when it comes to deciding exactly how you want that special month, day, and year to look.

Name Your Design‘s creator Stacey is clearly a woman with style (as evidenced by the crisp, modern, and personalized designs that she whips up for kid’s walls – including Clara’s own customized giraffe growth chart). But did you know that her son Parker’s nursery was even featured on Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh? Check it out on Stacey’s blog. Oh, and get 10% off orders this month with the code SEPT10.

Freshline‘s playful illustrations grace pillows, prints, fabrics, and even invitations – and of course they’d love to grace your home as well. Check out Freshline’s Etsy shop for an assortment of designs or contact ‘em for some custom work as well. Be sure to take advantage of 10% off any orders with the code YHL10 when you do!

Fresh Home dished out a sweet prize in a giveaway last month, and you can still get your hands on a subscription to this “fresh” shelter pub – or even score a free issue if you wanna take it for a test spin. We think you’ll be just as charmed by the colorful and do-able projects and inspiration pics filling each quarterly issue as we were.

Smock Paper and their 100% sustainably printed letterpress designs got you all excited last month with their giveaway. In case you missed it, be sure to check out the greeting card and invites we’ve talked about before (as well as their new line of pads, sticky notes, gift boxes, and gift wrap). Plus we’re working on having a discount ready for you guys next month once the Smock founders are back from their vacay.

Now that we’ve shared all those words of thanks we have one more huge THANK YOU to sling at you guys, our amazing readers. Thanks for dropping by everyday, every week, or every “I’m bored, let me check up on that blog I heard about” moment. We appreciate it immensely!



Adding Wall Interest With A Bunch Of Paint Swatches

John and I were both staring at our stack of Martha Stewart paint swatches and almost simultaneously the light bulb went on. Why not have some fun with them on our postcard wall in the office? One of our favorite features about that wall is how easily it can be switched out at a moment’s notice. So here’s what the ol’ postcard wall looked like before we went swatch crazy:

And here it is now, after we added some fun rectangles of color for a nice change of pace:

MMmmmm, I just love staring at all of those rich hues. Seriously, we’ve never been so inspired.

Of course the postcards will be back soon, since we love to rotate things around and keep it interesting in there. But for now we’re loving all the delicious hues that we stuck up for our enjoyment (for $0, which is always a plus).

Oh and we just leaned them against the wall (and thanks to the notch that John routed with his Dremel they have stayed put) but you could also use white sticky-tack to keep them in place if you’re taking on a similar project and worry that they’ll blow around.

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite color out of the bunch? Have you created any free art or other home decor with paint swatches from your local home improvement store? Share and share alike.

Psst- Wondering how we made our post card shelves? Learn how here. And check out the full office makeover reveal here.