Burning Question: Whether To Leather?

We’re back with our query o’ the week and this time we’re taking your pulse on sofa or sectional upholstery. Namely, do you prefer leather for its easy wipe and pet friendly benefits, slipcovers for their toss-in-the-wash simplicity, or some other textile like hardworking microfiber or a super soft velvet or chenille?


  1. says

    I have really bad allergies to dust mites, so I have to stick with leather furniture. I guess I could get slip covered furniture, but the thought of actually HAVING to wash them every week because of my allergies makes me just stick to leather. It’s a whole lot easier with our furry son too!

    • Peggy says

      Actually, I do live in Florida, and while you definitely stick to VINYL, leather is not that way at all. In fact, it feels cool in the heat. I love it, and have all leather furniture, even with 3 dogs, its perfect !

  2. says

    We have velvet now, and I would LOVE to get slipcovers. It seems like the velvet is a magnet to pet hair. I will admit it vacuums easily, but I also love the look of slipcovered furniture. It has to be a well made slipcover though, made specifically for that piece of furniture so it fits snug.

  3. says

    I can’t wait to see these poll results. We’re looking for a new sectional and it needs to be super durable and easy to clean. I wan’t a light color but hubby likes dark tones. The biggest problem we’re gonna have with light fabric is HIM! He’s always coming in from the garage and plunking himself down on the couch before he gets rid of all the grease, welding sparks, and grime. Drives. Me. Nuts.

  4. says

    Leather and microfiber for us. With a husky/shepherd mix who sheds like crazy, the leather was a must. We have a leather couch and chair that are kind of his. :D They are so easy to clean. Our sectional in the family room is microfiber and with a baby and a dog, any cleanup we have needed to do has been easy!…it is also easy to just vacuum the microfiber and throw pillows.

  5. says

    We have a 3-year-old leather sectional and 2 youngs boys. The sectional looks like we just brought it home. We love the practicality of leather and the way it feels/smells. My *dream* sofa would be slipcovered in linen…but that’s just not a good idea with our rowdy lil’ ones.

  6. says

    That’s a tough one. I like leather for it’s easy ‘spill proof’ reliability, however I also like the softness of a microfiber sofa. Our current sofa is not microfiber [I honestly don’t know what the material is] but it cleans up well with spills. In the end though, we really have to go with what works with our 2yr old… who seemingly always has ‘sticky hands’. –I would love for a nice slip covered sofa [preferably in a nice white] but between working full time, college, commutes and being a Mom and Wife, I just don’t have the time to be washing slip covers every time my son decides to have an all out tirade on our sofa, which is almost an everyday occasion lol. SO.. in the end we go with what works for the moment.

  7. Emily says

    I’ve found leather doesn’t hold up well to pet nails, especially cats, so we’ve stuck with microfiber, which is pretty stain resistant and the pet fur comes off easily.

  8. Alexandra says

    Currently we have a tan colored textured sofa which is impressively animal friendly — you cannot see pet hair, which I love. However after having done my research, my next couch will have a slip cover (designed speicfically for that couch), I long to be able to wash my couch easily and whenever I want.

  9. Annie says

    We recently had this debate when buying our new couch. While we loved the look and price of fabric options leather was much more practical for our lifestyle now with a busy toddler and plans to have a few more kids in the next couple of years. We agreed that once we had a family room (either by addition or moving) we could have a fabric sofa in the living room and stick with leather in the family room. It was a good decisions. There have been several occasions in the last 6 months I have found myself saying “I’m so glad we picked the leather, this would have ruined a fabric couch”

  10. christa says

    I don’t like leather, but now I have two dogs and feel like it’s such a struggle to keep the house clean….so I might go leather in the future….can’t get rid of the dogs!

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