Burning Question: Soak Or Store?

This week’s big query is all about priorities. If you only had room for a nice big bathroom with a soaker tub or a walk in closet adjoining your master bedroom,  which would it be, and why? Would you go for the bathroom since you love to unwind? Or the closet because you love to stare at your shoes? Do tell.


  1. Mandy says

    I’d prefer the big bathroom. My thought is that I can make space for my clothes, but I can’t make space as easily for a nice big bathroom! We went from having a huge one to a little one, and I really wish we had the bathroom now

  2. Kyle says

    The way I see it, there are many, many possible creative solutions for storage that don’t necessarily have to include an enormous walk-in but there is only one possibility for a soaker tub and that’s a soaker tub :).

  3. says

    That was a very hard choice! I went ahead and chose the big bathroom because I figure that you spend more time in the bathroom than in the closet and there are many implements to help maximize closet space. I guess I’d rather work to fit everything in the closet than have to work to fit things in a bathroom.

  4. says

    I’m living in a 3 bedroom 1 bath rancher style house without a soaker tub or closet space, funny. If I had to pick one though I’d definitely pick a soaker tub. I don’t have that many clothes and I know I can figure that out since I have for the last 4 years. But there’s no substitute for a long soak in a great bathtub. Preferably with candles, a glass of wine and some great music.

  5. ChristinaM says

    We have a giant soaker tub in our master bathroom and we never use it! It is currently our dirty laundry hamper unfortunately. We have another tub in our second bathroom so I’m thinking about ripping the giant tub out, moving and enlarging our shower, and putting in a linen closet for bathroom storage.

    I could never give up my walk in closet – I love it!

  6. says

    I guess I take it for granted that my bathroom is the size of a lot of people’s offices because I’d take the walk-in closet. We have a footed tub and while I use it every day for the shower kit, I bet I only take a relaxing bath about 1-2 times a year!
    Meanwhile, my closet is nothing more than a shoe box with a top pole and bottom pole that I switch out b/t seasons, my husband has a tiny pole in the linen closet and our dress up clothes are in the guest room closet!

  7. Kim says

    As much as I’d love a big walk-in, I would just buy and keep too many clothes. I feel better as a clothes-minimalist. (Shoes are a different story.) The soaking tub would help me stay relaxed and zen enough to be a minimalist :)

  8. says

    I chose the nice bathroom… my current bathroom is pretty small and the tub isn’t too good for soaking. But I’m also single and don’t have to share my closet space–my choice might have been different if I were married!

  9. Sharon L says

    The closet would be great, but since we are decluttering like crazy, it isn’t ideal. I would definitely go with the bathroom. My Hubs has been disabled for almost 7 years and it is such a chore for him to climb upstairs where we have our full bath. This would be filling a necessity and a want at the same time!

  10. Demetria says

    Hi There… I choose the bathroom becuase next to the kitchen and living room (den … whatever ya call it) its the next best place to be. I just cant see myself enjoying nice long look at my clothes, but I could definitely take a NICE LONG HOT BATH in the tub!!!!

  11. Caitlin says

    I try to keep my clothing to a minimum… I really don’t like having a full closet! Besides, a bathroom is a better investment in my relaxation!

  12. says

    This is such a hard question!

    I chose the bathroom (even though that appears to be the minority choice), just because there is no way I would spend a portion of my day or gain relaxation by having a big closet (but a tub, definitely!).

    I also don’t have nearly enough clothes to house a walk in closet, haha!

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