Blogiversary III: The Y-O-U In Y-H-L?

As much as blogiversary week is an exercise in narcissism for us, we still like to carve out some time to talk about you guys. More specifically to ask you guys to talk about yourselves.

At the end of Year #1 we surveryed you and summarized the 199 responses. Last year we did it again, though the 1000+ comments proved too overwhelming to sort and calculate. So this year we’re breaking out the polling plug-in that we use on our Burning Questions to not only ask the questions, but also let you guys see some real time data as others weight in. Because surely I’m not the only numbers dork out there. Right? Anyone?

We’re only asking the basics this year since I can’t figure out how to make the plug-in allow for open-ended responses (and we figured questions with a million multiple-choice selections was overkill). But once you’ve clicked the buttons below feel free to comment to elaborate on the subject of who you are, leave a link to your blog, or tell us anything else about yourselves that you’d love to share. We can’t wait to learn a little bit more about who the heck we’re writing to each day! Let the polling festivities commence.

[poll id=”27″]

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