Blogiversary III: The Y-O-U In Y-H-L?

As much as blogiversary week is an exercise in narcissism for us, we still like to carve out some time to talk about you guys. More specifically to ask you guys to talk about yourselves.

At the end of Year #1 we surveryed you and summarized the 199 responses. Last year we did it again, though the 1000+ comments proved too overwhelming to sort and calculate. So this year we’re breaking out the polling plug-in that we use on our Burning Questions to not only ask the questions, but also let you guys see some real time data as others weight in. Because surely I’m not the only numbers dork out there. Right? Anyone?

We’re only asking the basics this year since I can’t figure out how to make the plug-in allow for open-ended responses (and we figured questions with a million multiple-choice selections was overkill). But once you’ve clicked the buttons below feel free to comment to elaborate on the subject of who you are, leave a link to your blog, or tell us anything else about yourselves that you’d love to share. We can’t wait to learn a little bit more about who the heck we’re writing to each day! Let the polling festivities commence.

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  1. Gina M. says

    I live in a sh**hole, and love living vicariously through you two, filing ideas away in my brain for when I get back into a place I can terrorize with remodeling projects. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Beth says

    The question marked “Check all that apply” would only let me submit one answer. Is it my computer not allowing that, or something on your end?

  3. Lydia says

    to expand on the question of what i would like to do to my house….i would like to OWN one someday. my husband and i have been renting now for 10 years and i can not wait to buy a house that we can slowly over the years turn into OUR house. i am so excited for the day when we get to actually use some of your tutorials to change up our kitchen, or update a bathroom, or expand a smallish room into a huge storage closet! oh the possibilities! someday… right now we are living in south florida on a teachers salary…enough said right? hahaha but we are still hoping and staying positive. in the mean time i dream away by reading your site and i do little projects here and there to help make our rental feel more like a home. thanks for what you do. and fyi i would do the same thing you guys are if i ran out of projects… the idea of taking another drab to fab would be too much of a temptation! happy hunting!

  4. Julia says

    We just bought our first house, moving in in 3 weeks. I think reading your blog has given me the guts to go from renting to buying. (Our rent is actually MORE than our mortgage payment each month). So now my husband is reading your blog too, so he can visualize what I mean when I say, “Babe, let’s spray paint that giraffe statue.” or “Greta’s room would look SICK with a painted ceiling, too!” Apparently painting a ceiling a color is new territory for him. So, we are happy to join to home-owners club and I am thrilled to have a new blank canvas!

  5. Angela says

    Yay for being a numbers dork! I love surveys, especially when I get to see the results. And my dream home makeover scenario would include my backyard being transformed into an outdoor living room.

  6. Natasha says

    Yay, I’m the only Aussie reader (so far from your survey :)). Love your blog. Living through you until we build our next house :)

  7. says

    I loved this quiz I got to know more about your readers as well… I’m a 20 somthing, home owner, with a love for all things DYI, clean and simple lines… yeah pretty much in love with all things YHL :+)

    I am hosting “Project Halloween” on my blog each day I am posting new projects and ideas stop by and check them out :+)



  8. says

    … ah, I should have waited till it was fixed! As I had to choose only one, I went with the urge to dance. But I do have a husband and a plant, too. And Europe can be narrowed down to Germany in my case :)

    You guys are so incredibly motivating to get this apartment we’re renting fixed up for a big transition that’s taking place today – gulp: My husband quit his job to join me in full-time freelance design work (it was his last day at work today) and this place needs a change to feel fresh and inspiring to us again. We are allowed to paint the walls, so that’s what we’ll do, as well as shifting some furniture, de-cluttering, finding homes for things that are currently just floating around and getting some art up on our walls. Let’s just say – reading your blog has led to some serious planning already, and next week we’ll start off with getting our kitchen outlets ready for a dishwasher and exhaust hood. Hooray! I hope to document some of our progress on my humble blog and might just kick it of with a hymn about this site of yours:

    Have a great day!

  9. says

    Like Gina M., I’m experiencing the world of home-ownership through you guys’ blog. My husband and I currently live in a little apartment, which we love, but it doesn’t allow for much freedom when it comes to DIY overhauls. But it’s fun trying out new decor and dreaming about the day we’ll have a house of our own. Until then, thanks for letting us (virtually) enjoy and learn through your experiences!

  10. says

    I started reading a few months ago, seriously the week I found out we would be moving out of our condo and into our new house! I love having all the space but the house is so outdated and in need to TLC. Reading and referring to your projects has helped make things a little easier to accomplish. One project at a time! Thanks for all the time you spend on these posts! I use your advice and inspiration constantly.

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