Blogiversar-A-to-Z: Freebie Winners!

Back in May of 2009, Z Gallerie taught us that four digits don’t fit in our comment box when they were our first giveaway to break the 1,000 mark. Now they’ve taught us that our comment box doesn’t even show the fifth digit should that craziness occur. Yep, 11,688 of you entered to win the $500 Z Gallerie gift card this week. Insanity.

But the hullabaloo doesn’t stop there. Z Gallerie was so excited by the response, they’ve upped the ante. That’s right, they have generously added two $100 gift cards to the prize pot (which means we get to surprise two runners up with a pretty sweet consolation prize right here and right now- along with our big winner). Thanks Z!

So on to those three lucky random winners. revealed that our $500 gift card winner is… Kristen (of the blog LoveK, who’s considering some new accessories and art)! And our two $100 gift card winners are… Sheri (who wants to take her place from drab to fab) and Christina (who has artwork, pillows, more accessories, and chairs on her list). Congrats to all three of you! And please let us know if you need any suggestions for spending those gift cards (“cough… ceramic animals… cough” says Sherry).

And if you were hoping that this week’s giveaway would help you trick out your office (but didn’t snag the win) there’s always next week. Stay tuned…

Note: We weren’t paid or perk’d for hosting this giveaway, we just take them on to reward our lovely readers! See our Giveaway FAQs page for more info. Pics from Z Gallerie.


    • says

      Ooh I haven’t even seen the turkey! Lately I’ve been loving the big ceramic elk and moose heads for the wall! But John has firmly said “no” – at least for now…


  1. says

    They have the turkey in two sizes, and I think the smaller one is only $9. I haven’t seen the elk and moose heads, but I have a feeling that my husband would echo John’s “no”. If the cow from HomeGoods that I want to spraypaint white is still there I may be in trouble though, haha.

  2. Gaelle says

    I never win, really. No self pity, I just don’t, and it feels it could almost be proven scientifically!
    Yet I entered anyway… and seeing what the odds were, it actually just makes me feel much better than when I loose at the local raffle… believe it or not, those odds are way too high for me. I feel good, everything is how it should be!! :-D

    Congrats to the winners!

  3. says

    Wahooo!!! I’m so excited! I honestly cannot believe that I won! I’m definitely planning to pick up a few accessories and hopefully a new art piece for our dining area. I’ll be sure to share some pictures once I’ve made a decision! Thanks so much YHL and Z Gallerie!! This totally made my day!!

  4. Stephanie says

    ^^ I LOVE the moose heads….I definitely think you guys should do it. Perhaps they will find a way in to your new home :)

  5. Christina says

    I can’t believe I won with so many entries this week, that’s just crazy!! Shows how many people love your site! Thanks so much to you guys for your awesome blog and to Z Gallerie for their runner up prizes!!

  6. sonya says

    Sherry, you better be careful or someday you may end up being the old lady with hundreds of ceramic animals in her house! hehe! :)

  7. Jennifer says

    What wonderful prizes! Congrats to the winners!! I think I’ll be checking out Z Gallerie this weekend, even though I didn’t win.

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