Burning Question: Neutral Or Not?

We know this question is sure to stir things up around here. This week’s query is all about wall color. Do you prefer a stark and clean gallery-ish white? Something soft and neutral? Something bold and enveloping? Or do you like a mix of hues (both soft and saturated)?



  1. Jessica M says

    Our ranch’s living room/kitchen/dining room/sunroom is an open floor plan and painted in the same neutral khaki color – but our kitchen has tiny red tiles on the walls above the granite countertops, and so I painted one wall in the dining room a deep red to match the tiles. Our bedrooms and office are all in the green-blue range – and in our full bath (circa 1957), we embraced the original yellow tile. :)

  2. Brien says

    I love the bold colors that I see in magazines….but in our house we are pretty boring. I am not talented enough to pull off the paint job or the decorating. I am trying to compensate by adding brighter throw pillows and art to our neutral house.

    PS – This month’s House Beautiful is all about bold color and it is amazing!

  3. says

    I prefer neutrals with pops of color using accessories. Although I do like the way that room in the photo is put together, a color like that would just annoy my eyes. After working 10+ hrs a day, I like to come home to a room that’s easy on the eyes and relaxes my mind.

  4. says

    I voted for mixed, but technically I guess the only neutral in our house is the hallway. But that depends on whether you are in the “yellow is a neutral” camp or not, because 4 of our rooms are yellow.

  5. Jill says

    Our kitchen used to be a kind of dingy greeny beige. I went a little nutso with the colour and it’s now a vivid turquoise (Tropicana Cabana) with bright white trim and billowy white curtains. We live across the road from a beach, and while it’s pretty foggy and cool (rural Nova Scotia), I still like the beachy vibe the kitchen colours suggest.

  6. Loren says

    I’m a fan of the ‘white’ look but don’t think I could ever be that coordinated.
    The neutral walls are cool too as long as there is something interesting going on in the room. But more often they remind me of my Aunts house in the burbs that I hated SO much. We were never allowed to really touch anything, or sit on some of the furniture. (Why have furniture that you won’t let people sit on?) It’s a negative connotation more than a genuine dislike.
    In my apartment? I love me some colored walls. I generally go for loud walls and more slightly more laid back accessories.

  7. says

    I love bold colors– and I use them! My apartment is open concept so I’ve painted the living room/dining room walls a dark khaki, but the kitchen walls are lime green!

    To balance it out, I tend to go more neutral on my accessories.

  8. Laura says

    I like to keep my walls and large furniture, to not neutral, but soft easy colors. Then I bring in lots of color with wall hangings, baskets, blankets, pillows, vases, etc. It allows me to easily change the accent color, changing the look of the room & integrate new pieces into each room w/o color clash. Then I have to repaint FAR less often!

  9. Rosi T says

    Living in an apartment stinks because I can’t color the walls, but I make pops of color throughout the apt with pillows and pictures. I wish to have a house soon so I can experiment with those subtle hues and pops of color :)

    I like painting with blues, even though green is my favorite color, weird eh?

  10. Patti says

    I love the bold look of the picture in this post but over the years, I realized I like that look in magazines and other people’s homes but not my own. I just can’t pull it off and end up hating any bold color I put on the wall. So I decided instead of stressing over paint colors, I’m happy with neutrals.

  11. Jillian says

    I love having a few bright accent walls. We have an open concept kitchen/living/dining with a long wall connecting all three. I painted it a nice, bright, lime/grass green and hung large frames w/ white matts w/pictures from our wedding. The white really pops on the green.

  12. says

    I really prefer soft and neutral on the walls and like to use colors like red for pillows, throws, candles, etc. It’s so much easier to switch accessories than repainting cause you get sick of the bright color. Plus, I just couldn’t relax in a room like the one above. Way too bright :D

  13. erin says

    Looks like I’m in the smallest group so far with the crisp white walls! I like to paint once and then be done with it. I tend to bring in a mix of shapes and textured neutrals (also love different wood tones and metallics) and add some color in with accessories, art, cushions/throws, fresh flowers, bowls full of fresh fruit, etc.

  14. Jessica Hogue says

    While I would have voted for “BOLD all the way!” about two weeks ago, after my brief experience with an orangey-red hue on the walls of my kitchen (similar to that in the photo,) I HAD to paint over it last night… so I ended up voting, “I’m a mixed bag- I prefer subtle hues and a few pops of serious color!” since most of my house is painted neutral with turquoise in the bedroom & a deep purply-red hue in my dining room.

  15. says

    I go for bold, rich, saturated jewel tones mixed with copious amount of white trim and dark wood floors. My front living room is this to die for dark blue which we call “LIe to me blue” since it matches the blue from the show. dining room is a dark teal, bedroom is BLACK! and I’m working on painting my kitchen this really pretty dark jewel toned intense purple.

    the darker colors really make my art and furniture (and clutter lol) pop. I can get away with dark colors though because the house has so many windows and tall ceilings.

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