Burning Question: Backsplash Backlash?

This week’s big question is: kitchen backsplash- yea or nay? Do you love the easy-wipe feature of a nice tiled wall between your cabinets? Or do you worry that something like tin squares, beadboard, or mosaic tile may look dated later on? Do you long for a glossy painted wall that you can easily change out instead? Do you prefer just a small lip of granite (or whatever your counters are made of)? Or do you think a kitchen without a full backsplash is a deal breaker?


  1. Jess says

    Am about to retile my backsplash, so very timely poll, indeed.

    Although, now I am thinking maybe a painted surface would be better — for fear the subway tile I picked (that is so trendy right now) will look dated in a few years. Eeeek!

    I know you guys have a painted backsplash right now & I’ve heard [read] your raves on how easy to clean & versatile it is. Do you guys have plans to tile the backsplash in the future or are you keeping the painted surface for reals?

  2. Annie says

    I like tile or something wipeable. The difference the mosaic tile made in our kitchen was amazing. It added so much color and I think is more interesting than just a painted wall. Plus the tile was so easy to put in it only took an afternoon.

  3. says

    Maybe I’m brainwashed by the traditional kitchens in magazine shoots, but I can’t see myself without my beloved white subway tile backsplash. Yeah, I know it might look dated one day, but I figure white tiles will always be neutral and easy to clean. That said, with the right kitchen, who knows? I might be open to a painted wall.

  4. Caitlin says

    My friends have a backsplash that I adore!
    Their cupboards are painted brown, their kitchen yellow, and they put a copper-colored tin backsplash behind their stovetop. It’s just so cozy looking!

  5. says

    i think the key to a permanent fixture that won’t get old is to just use classic colors. if your stainless steel appliances are going to be with you for some time, a stainless backsplash won’t look THAT dated. when i finally get to decorate my own kitchen, i’m going to just stick with soothing earth tones and/or white tiles. i think one only notices the material on a backsplash if the color calls your eyes to it first!

  6. sheila says

    Have you seen the Fasade backsplash “tile” at Home Depot? It’s around the kitchen department usually. It’s really amazing. Whole backsplash cost me $50 bucks, and using the double sided tape, easy to remove when I choose. I have it in copper, and people constantly touch it in disbelief. It’s really amazing.

  7. Pamela says

    I hate grout! I hate the dirt that catches on the edge of that four-inch lip! My walls are as wavy as the edge of a lasagna noodle! Stainless is not my style, so I covered those wavy walls with a sheet of corian from stone countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinets.

  8. says

    My husband and I are on the tail end of our own kitchen reno. We’ve done all the work ourselves and boy was the tile backsplash a load of work! I don’t regret it at all looking at it now, but will certainly consider the whole paying someone to do the work thing next time. We used design-4-less.com (thanks to YHL’s recommendation) and love the tile! Makes a huge difference in our kitchen. I cook a lot (seriously, a lot!) and it really helps to have a stain-resistant surface back there. The painted one was already struggling to not show the wear of wiping it down so frequently.

  9. says

    I just getting into the backsplash phase of my kitchen reno and have been asking myself the same question for weeks! I would love to keep it painted the way it is now (a blue-y gray that accents the cool tones in the granite we chose) but we had to tear down some of the wall board behind the vent hood during installation….so it just looks messy now. I suppose we could just tape and mud over the seams and then repaint, but it may be just as easy to do a simple white subway tile backsplash. Neutral, easy to clean, classic (yet a little trendy). Tough choice!! I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about this right now! :) Thanks for posting the poll.

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