A Gust Of Gratitude

It’s time again to carve out some space for a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who makes Young House Love tick. This monthly burst of gratitude is aimed not only at you guys for reading, commenting, and encouraging us every day – but also at our sponsors who help us keep this site (and the family behind it) running. After all, they make the other 40+ posts that we write each month possible. So feel free to take a peek at what they’ve got and show them what the L in YHL is all about (and take advantage of a few exclusive YHL discounts while you’re at it).

Fresh Home is fairly new to the shelter mag scene, but it’s chock full of projects and inspiration that get us excited (after all, their tagline is “Easy Ideas For Hands-On People”). You can pick up this quarterly mag at your newsstand, become a charter subscriber for just $10, or even take advantage of their free issue offer to get started. Can’t beat free, eh?

Freshline is another “fresh” sponsor (see what I did there) who operates an illustration and design business where you can score custom pieces like graphics, stationery, textiles and more. So check out a bunch of her sweet wares (we’re especially digging the pillows) and take 10% off any orders with the code YHL10!

Dolan Geiman is a mixed-media artist that we’ve mentioned before, but now he’s back to mark his partnership with Fossil. They’re celebrating vintage-inspired art through store displays and product promotions as part of their “Long Live Art” campaign which feature Dolan and three other artists in cities like NYC and Dallas. Very cool.

WallQuotes.com wants your walls to say more than “I’m bored.” So browse from their collection of text-based, graphic, and nature-inspired vinyl decals (or even create your own personalized saying). They’ve got a photo gallery of inspirations if you’re stuck- and don’t forget to take 15% off of any order with the code YHL15.

The Tile Shop is filled with, you guessed it, tile. But they’ve also got all the tools, materials, and how-to guides to get your tiling job done with less- or even no- crying. It’s where we snagged the wet saw, grout, and sealer for our bathroom project earlier this year (after which they hopped on as a sponsor) and you lucky people can get 10% off when you use the code YHL10.

Shades of Light is always a pleasure to peruse, whether you’re looking for anything from a contemporary table lamp to a traditional chandelier. They’ve also got a wide range of furniture, art, rugs, and mirrors that you can browse online or in their store (we’ve got one in Richmond!) and also by catalog.

Design for Less goes by a few names: The Glass Mosaic Outlet (if you’re looking for colorful and stunning glass, metal, or stainless steel tiles) or The Natural Stone Outlet (if you’re more in the mood for a natural pebble, marble, or porcelain tile). Whichever route you go, you’re bound to find some great deals and some heartstoppingly beautiful design.

Z Gallerie is a great spot for a major dose of modern romantic style. With tons of options in glitzy metallic tones and pops of crisp white, it’s like a feast for the eyes (especially when your name is Sherry Petersik). Here are some of the items that have caught our eyes lately, but be sure to head over to their site for more Gallerie goodness.

Name Your Design is chock full of fun, personalized items to give your walls a punch of crisp modern art. Browse items for couples, little girls, little boys, and even whole families. Plus you can score free shipping with the code “freeship” through August.

Lisa Leonard Designs is not only full of handmade sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, and charms (many of which include personalized, whimsical, or touching references to family, love and, well, coffee) but also features earrings, keychains, and even ornaments to make you smile.

Ruby Plaza is a virtual marketplace where individuals can sell everything from vintage items to new and reproduced pieces for your home and you (i.e. jewelry). It’s a great spot to hunt for unique items that you might not find anywhere else- and you know what they say about the thrill of the hunt…

Frame The Date does just that – they take any date that’s special to you (an anniversary, birthday, or even the closing day of your first home) and commemorate it with graphic numerals in a stylish custom frame (seriously, check out the range of colors available). You can even include a photo of the special moment along with the special date.

Etsy Kids is in full swing with its summer shopping guide. Just take a breeze through their 26 alphabetized categories for a catalog of some of the best baby, kid, and even parent-related items on Etsy (it’s not just clothes and toys folks, there’s art and decor in there too!)

Heart & Stone is some of the best recycling we’ve seen in a while. They take old materials (like x-ray film) and turn them into meaningful silver charms and rings to commemorate loved ones and adorn your neck, finger, wrist (and more) with style to spare. Oh, and don’t forget to take 10% off with the code YHL10!

Vol. 25 doesn’t need much introduction, just take a peek below at some of the über sweet graphics she turns into prints, t-shirts, mugs, and anything else that needs a stylish pick-me-up. She’s got everything from romantic gestures to inspiring statements all captured in her charming illustrations.

Smock Paper rounds out our list of sponsors this month. They’re home to beautifully designed letterpress greeting cards, stationery, announcements, invites, and even business cards. Plus, their operation is 100% sustainably printed – so their work is easy on the eyes and the environment.

And our last big THANK YOU has to be directed at you guys. Thanks so much for dropping in to see what we’re up to here at Casa Petersik. We wish you nothing but the most amazing and DIY-filled weekend!






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