Unexpected Source: PB Teen

Who knew PB Teen had so many punchy and fun pieces that definitely transcend the living-with-the-rents and dorm-decor category? Here are a few things- some on sale, some a bit pricey (but still quite cute)- that caught our eye:

  1. This cheerful organic duvet and pillowcase would definitely brighten up a guest bedroom.
  2. This coconut shell chandelier had us at hello- and just happens to be $100 off. We also adored this colorful capiz shell chandy.
  3. We can picture this smile-inducing organic pillow cover in front of two teal pillows on an all white daybed. So sweet.
  4. This ruffled tone on tone shower curtain reminds us of something from Anthropologie, but it’s happily about 20 bucks cheaper.
  5. Anyone who has looked for swing arm lamps knows that $59 is a darn good price- especially for something so full of personality with a chic industrial shape.
  6. These billowy patterned sheers come in a host of fun colors and would definitely add some effortless style to any space.
  7. These cheerful $29 lumbar pillows would instantly wake up a neutral slipper chair.
  8. This charming and beachy pillow cover is both organic and meaningful in message.
  9. These brightly hued chevron lovelies might be our favorite PB Teen find of all- and they’re just $19 a pop!
  10. These small but bold task lamps would complement any home office (and they’re on sale).
  11. This chic patterned toss pillow is both texture-rich and interesting in shape. Plus it looks oh so Anthropologie (where a $35 pillow would be a veritable steal).
  12. Both the teal and the pink versions of this punchy patterned rug would fun up any home office, den, or laundry room (not to mention a nursery or playroom of course).

So there you have it, a mood board-ish rundown of a few summer-tastic finds from PB Teen. Of course we don’t recommend piling all of them into the same space, but maybe adding a pink desk lamp to your home office along with the swirly rug would be fun? Or pairing the colorful duvet with the patterned sheers in a guest room? Have you guys seen anything surprisingly adult-friendly at PB Teen as of late? Or do you have another unexpected source where you shop for home decor? Do tell.

Note: PB Teen didn’t pay or perk us for this post, we just genuinely liked these items and wanted to share the goods.


  1. Elizabeth says

    I recently went to a Pottery Barn Outlet and spent most of my time in the PB Kids section….I questioned my taste…(I don’t have kids, it was for me)…but said what-ever, this stuff is cute! LOL

  2. says

    I have to confess I love PB Teen! Some of their things are so colorful :) I have four of their galvanized magnetic boards from my room in high school that are leaning against my desk waiting for me to find the perfect place to hang them.

  3. Susanna says

    What a timely post! I just received my first PB Teen in the mail on Wednesday and thought the exact same thing (that there is actually some cool stuff for adults). Who knew :o)

  4. says

    I adore that “love your ocean” pillow. My fiance and I bought a house last fall and I am used to decorating in bright, fun colors, so I still shop in the tween/teen section and sometimes even hit up the kids section, I look for anything indie and with a funky pattern. It will be interesting to see where the decorating goes in my adult home. I still plan on having color! Oh and that rug, how cute would that be in my office?!

  5. says

    That is a goregous rug. Great post. I don’t think it’s just for teens, definitely for adults too. I have to check more of it out. Thanks.

  6. Lindsay says

    I have a PB Teen bedspread that I love. The colorful quilt really brightens up my “apartment white” walls that I can’t change, and it doesn’t look to young when paired with the right accessories and furniture.

  7. Erin K. says

    I, too, recommend finding things like this at the Pottery Barn Outlet. The furniture there is still pretty pricey, but you can get some great deals on other stuff. They carry a lot of teen and baby items!

  8. says

    I do love my planet and my ocean but their prices are ridic! Our local PB kids sells its backpacks for $50 — holy moly. Agreed with you guys if we’re ‘looking and not touching’, though!

  9. says

    Pottery Barn Kids is another surprising source. I particularly like their lighting choices (and prices). I’d put one of these swing arm scones (maybe with a different shade) by my own bed http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/parker-shade-and-cortland-swing-arm-sconce/?pkey=dceiling-wall-lighting, and I’m really tempted to put one of these pendants in our kitchen http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/fisherman-ceiling-lamp/?pkey=dceiling-wall-lighting or http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/depot-ceiling-lamp/?pkey=dceiling-wall-lighting

  10. Diane says

    It’s a good idea to see it in person. In general, I’ve had good luck ordering PB Teen items from their catalog for my one kid’s room. But we did make the mistake of ordering one of the company’s rugs, which turned out to be a really cheap, shoddily made item. Still… it was just one disappointment, and the other four items we ordered were great! But in future, I will check things out in person if possible.

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