Pop Quiz: Shingle Shades

Thinking about roofing isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Mostly because we’re in need of a new roof (but it’s not the cards right now) so thinking about it just kinda aggravates me. But one thing that I’ll put my frustration aside for is a free online decorating/personality quiz. Enter this Roofing Color Compass Personality Quiz, stage left.

I was a bit skeptical about spending my time to find out my “roofing color personality,” but the quiz is pretty well done as far as these things go. The questions are unique and the interface for answering them has nicely mixed things up from your usual check-the-box format. For example, you can drag a stamp that represents your favorite type of vacation into a passport…

…and sort a crayon box to indicate your favorite colors by order of preference…

In the end, I was told that my roof color personality was brown and gray (which, btw, I put in the middle of my crayon box- so the results weren’t that predetermined). They’re fairly traditional and safe as far as roof colors go, but I’d say that the description sounds enough like me to be considered moderately accurate. Hopefully people agree that I’m a “down to earth person with a subtle sense of humor.” And even though I’m not a wine drinker, I guess I could entertain the idea of installing the “Merlot” colored roof that they suggested.

Sherry’s results, on the other hand, had us laughing out loud. Not because purple and red are terribly inaccurate (although they were Sherry’s last two selected crayons) or because the description was particularly off base (she was described as highly creative and artistic- and she did get a bachelor of fine arts). But we have this running joke about purple and red being Sherry’s favorite pre-teen color combo because she often built outfits around these hues in grade school. Think purple leggings and a red bodysuit. Awesome, right? She doesn’t pair them so boldly anymore, but her closet does still feature a few deep purple tops (and she recently picked up a red bathing suit). As for the “Summer Harvest” roof suggestion, Sherry pleads the fifth (she dreams of a slate roof, a metal roof, or even a recycled tire roof, which looks surprisingly slate-like).

But enough about our results. We wanna know what you guys think. Was the quiz dead on? Completely and utterly wrong? Oh, and if you’re in the mood to explore other decorating quizzes of yore, you can find links galore right here.

PS: We were in no way paid or perk’d to mention this quiz- we just like free online entertainment (and talking about leggings and bodysuits apparently). But speaking of free, if you’re so excited by your results that you order a new roof, be sure to enter your before & after pics in the That’s My Roof contest for a chance at $500 or a full roof cost reimbursement. Not too shabby, eh?


  1. says

    I took the quiz and my results were sooo WRONG! The colors it gave me were also my last 2 in the rankings. Also, when I read the descriptions of people that like those colors, it couldn’t have less me if it tried. Makes me wonder about whoever made this quiz up!

  2. Jenna says

    Uh, yeah, not so much. It picked black and orange – two of my least favorite colors. It said, “The person who chooses black may have a number of conflicting attitudes.” Lol! That is so NOT me. And the roof choice was so-so. Oh well, you win some, you lose some – it was still fun to do!

  3. says

    I’ve taken similar quizzes before and I always feel like they get me mostly right, but I always have a hard time choosing colors from best to worst…too many choices and not enough shades!

    Thanks for the link, definitely know my next procrastination website :)

  4. Elizabeth says

    Yikes…the last color in my crayon box (and the color I’m trying to get off the walls in my house) was the first color they tagged me with!


    Then again, I did have a yellow bedroom when I was a youngster…maybe our choices as children (I can only hope there’s a picture somewhere commemorating Sherry’s leggings and bodysuit combo) are more organic to who we are than the choices we make as adults after being swayed by sylists and trend-setters?! Or maybe the quiz is just full of it.

  5. Natalie says

    My 2 colors were orange and brown…which happen to be my least favorite colors. It picked the roofing called “storm cloud”, which is a far cry from the green roofing that we actually have!

  6. says

    I was just writing a post about this! Seriously, I just opened a new tab to see if there were any news posts in my reader and there you are beating me to the punch. Glad I saw this first before I posted it so it doesn’t come off looking like a copy cat. Great minds quiz alike, I guess! :) I thought my colors were off (yellow and brown are so not me!) but I liked the description that came with it.

    We actually have roofers coming by our house tomorrow to give us estimates which is how we came by the website…they have a really fun virtual design program that lets you see their products on you house. So fun!

  7. Lisa says

    I think the quiz may automatically pick the two crayon colors you like least…which makes no sense to me whatsoever. If I don’t like it as a crayon why would I want it on my roof?

    My colors: yellow and purple. Sorry folks, I’m not the Easter Bunny.

    That said, amusing quiz.

  8. Rebecca says

    That was great! We just replaced our roof, yesterday in fact. I picked out the roof couple weeks ago. I took the test today just for fun and WHAM!- it matches my roof exactly. Glad I trusted my intuition! Too fun!!

  9. Eileen says

    It gave me Gray and Black, the last two crayons I picked too! I wonder if that’s how they choose your roof colors? Fun quiz though, I liked having to think about some of the questions, especially where I wanted to go on vacation!

  10. Shannon says

    This post is so fitting! We just got a new EcoStar Roof last week! We opted for gray. It looks just like real slate, but costs MUCH less! Very happy with it.

  11. Pamela says

    Diverting quiz, but I wouldn’t put much credence in it for selecting a roof. Seems to me that what your house looks like, and how much you want to spend, would be more useful criteria. Your brick rambler and my 3-storey Victorian probably wouldn’t look quite right with the same roof. And my bank account does not stretch to slate or copper.

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