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Reader Redesign: From Kitchen To Bedroom

You guys never cease to amaze us. And Cassity’s project is a perfect example. She and her husband needed a headboard, didn’t want to pay for one, had some scrap cabinet doors hanging around and… well, I’ll let her explain the rest:

My husband and I love to remodel too! Forget regular hobbies, let’s rip out a wall together (so romantic!). I wanted to send you a project that we recently finished. We haven’t had a headboard for years, and couldn’t swallow the going price for one.

So I finally decided just to build one. Now I have no idea why we waited so long! We used mostly recycled parts – namely some kitchen cabinet doors. That’s right: kitchen cabinet doors. They are pre-made raised panels, which removes the need for expensive router bits and table saws.

I’ve included a full tutorial on my blog Remodelaholic for anyone who wants to try it for themselves.

It really was pretty simple and the payoff was not having to spend a ton for the headboard that we had always wanted. Thanks for the fun! -Cassity.

Can you guys believe it? Genius! It looks so polished that it’s easy to forget that those panels were once cabinet doors. And a huge thank you goes out to Cassity for providing such a detailed step-by-step tutorial for everyone. Hopefully some other headboard-needing folks will consider tackling it too- maybe even this weekend. Happy building everyone!



Burning Question: Glass or Fabric?

When it comes to your shower or tub… do you prefer a shower curtain or a glass door? Do you love the easy and inexpensive function that a crisp cloth shower curtain can bring? Or do you long for the modern and open look of a seamless glass door? Does something else entirely tickle your fancy?