Burning Question: It’s A Wash?

When it comes to your dream laundry scenario, do you prefer sleek front loaders for the countertop space that they provide or the stackable option that they afford? Or would you rather have one of those new larger high-tech top-loading washer and dryers? What about a steam washer? Or a set that comes in bright red or robin’s egg blue?


  1. says

    Top loading and steam wash allll thheee waayyy! I can’t help but sneak into the besy buy appliance section and swoon… one day.. one day soon..

  2. says

    I love the look of front loaders and hope to someday have them in my home! When my hubby and I bought our first home 3 years ago, they were just becoming the rage but due to our tight purse strings, we opted for the less pricey, plain top loaders. But now with a baby on the way and a plan to use cloth diapers, I’m wishing we had high energy front loaders!

  3. jody says

    front loaders. use a quarter of the water, a quarter of the soap, get the clothes super clean and the spin is fast – so that we can hang dry most of our stuff. wouldn’t trade our front loader – originally bought when we started washing cloth diapers by the pailful – for anything.

  4. Wendy says

    As it stands right now… as long as it washes and dries I’m good, but… if money were no object I’d love to have a beautiful pair of front loaders (elevated on drawer units) so I didn’t have to bend over to remove the items, of course.) The laundry room in your picture is beautiful…so much space and wonderful colors!

  5. says

    I have a tiny little laundry room and everything is white. So being able to purchase a colorful washer & dryer that can actually fit in such a space might make it a little more enjoyable.

    I would also enjoy some sort of machine that folds laundry and sorts socks. Maybe someday? :)

  6. says

    I’d love some stacked front loaders and I’m sure my hubby would like that much extra garage space. …maybe when the price goes down a little more.

  7. julie says

    oh…….to have a laundry room like that!! but i’m trying to figure out why there’s three machines…..

  8. says

    We have front loading, cherry red LG washer and dryer. We got them because of the steam washing capability because I have very severe allergies. The steam washing can kill dust mites when regular washes cannot (unless you use either bleach or very, very hot water). Our set has a a sanitary and an allergy cycle. We’ve enjoyed them since we got them back in 2008.

  9. Jen E. says

    I have a large top loader but would really love front loaders for the counter space. But at least I buzz right through laundry and with 4 kids that’s what counts!

  10. Leanne says

    instead of buying a ridiculously expensive washer and dryer, i’d rather get two sets of the cheap ones, and keep one set in the basement or master closet or something. Same goes for the dishwasher:)

  11. Agent Scully says

    There are new top washers available? I thought that not only are they going out of style, but more importantly, they are very wasteful when compared to front loaders. Huh. Color me confused.

  12. says

    My dream splurge right now is a nice, new laundry room complete with new front loading washer and dryer. My husband has promised to help me clean and organize our current laundry room this weekend (I’m about 8 months pregnant!) and I can’t remember being more excited about anything in awhile. Sad huh?

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