There’s A New Depot In Town…

Have you guys heard of Green Depot? We’ve been checking out their stuff for a few months and it suddenly dawned on us that we should post about them to spread the word since we’re so often directing people their way via comments and email when they’re asking where to find low-VOC primer or eco friendly polyurethane. Basically they’re the green version of Lowe’s or Home Depot and they even have eco friendly home accessories like rugs, table lamps and baby stuff. Plus they have a little key below every item that explains exactly “what makes it green” so you can immediately see if something is free of harsh chemicals, made from renewable resources, or 100% recycled. Good to know, eh?

And of course while some of their products are a bit pricier than other big box home improvement stores (which is usually par for the eco/green course) they still have some pretty great sales and definitely have their share of under $7 items, like these charming wood scrubbing brushes for example (many of which have bamboo handles and recycled bristles):

They also carry the Safecoat line of products, which means they have the polyurethane-ish Safecoat Acrylacq (which happens to be low-VOC and 100% non-toxic) that we used to seal our bathroom vanity along with our refinished nursery dresser. We love it because not only is it less fumey, it doesn’t cause the yellowing and other annoying discoloration that normal polyurethane topcoats can. Check it out here on the bottom left:

And because we know some people don’t get as excited by cans of eco sealant as we do, we whipped up a quick little mood board of sorts full of other Green Depot items that we’re loving:

1. For anyone who dreams of a green kitchen renovation, this recycled glass countertop material just might seal the deal. It’s extremely durable, VOC free and made right in Brooklyn, NY.

2. This fantastically sleek chalkboard pendant lamp is not only made from 95% recycled steel and manufactured right here in the US, it’s an awesome DIY idea for anyone who’s feeling inspired to create a message that hangs from the ceiling.

3. Have you ever seen a bathroom mold cleaning kit that looks so posh? The amazing thing is that it’s just $5.95 and doesn’t require any chemicals or cleaning products at all to get rid of mold. Just rub these textured pads over the green stuff and it’s gone. Plus it not only keeps bleach and other harsh stuff out of your house, it keeps it out of the water too (which is always a plus).

4. If you’re like us you’re probably always on the hunt for a good soy candle, and although the ones from Method at Target are great, we also love the luxe vibe that we get from these guys (which come packaged in chlorine free recycled paper and even have natural hemp wicks).

5. This designer dust pan and broom is beyond chic, and at $24.95 it would make a sweet little housewarming present (or a cute I-deserve-it gift for yourself).

6. Here’s where we get into the fun kids stuff. And it can actually be argued that adults could also enjoy this eco finger paint made from all natural ingredients like cornstarch, flour, and fruit & vegetable extracts.

7. These eco-friendly wooden rattles are a safe BPA-free alternative to plastic toys for babies, and they can even double as musical instruments (heck, they’d make for some pretty elegant looking paperweights on a grown up’s desk too).

Oh and they even have registries available. Funny right? And possibly convenient if you’re getting hitched and moving into a new house that you’re thinking of transforming with mother nature in mind. So that’s the deal on Green Depot. What do you guys think? Has anyone shopped there already? Do you know of other great online eco-related shops? Share and share alike.

Note: We haven’t been paid or perk’d in any way to mention Green Depot- we just like their concept and many of their offerings so we wanted to share the deets.






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